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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Zimbabwe"

Goddess name "Bomo Rambi" Zimbabwe Goddess of the moon. Zimbabwe
Goddess name "Bomo Rambi/ Bomu Rambi" Zimbabwe A moon Goddess
God name "Chikara Korekore" Zimbabwe Sky God. Zimbabwe
God name "Leza" Bantu/ Zimbabwe A creator God
God name "Leza Bantu" Zimbabwe Creator God Zimbabwe
Goddess name "Massassi" Zimbabwe Goddess of the morning star Zimbabwe
Goddess name "Mella" Zimbabwe Goddess of healing, sorcery and shamanism. Zimbabwe
Goddess name "Morongo" Zimbabwe Goddess of the evening star, gave birth to the animals of creation and then went on to create humans. Zimbabwe
"Nosenga" Zimbabwe The sun, the primal source of light, has to be captured so that people may have light to live by. The secret of the sun is that its light penetrates even in the darkest room, just as a swallow can fly through a house before anyone can catch it. Nosenga caught the sunbirds in his trap, and so day broke. Zimbabwe
God name "Nosenga Kotrkore/ Shona" Zimbabwe A tribal God that requires an oracle