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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Brazil"
God Name: Apolonia Brazil Goddess of healing and dentists Brazil
God Name: Araua Brazil Mother to the stars and the moon. Brazil
God Name: Asima Si Brazil Goddess of water and fish. Brazil
God Name: Badb Brazil A much feared serpent goddess
God Name: Badb Brazil Much feared serpent goddess. Brazil
God Name: Bahyra Brazil The creator god of the heavens and the earth who "expressed his wrath by thunder and lightning." The Apiaca, Brazil
God Name: Beru Brazil The butterfly demon who appears at the female puberty rites
God Name: Calounger Brazil Death goddess and/or Goddess of the sea Brazil
God Name: Ceiuci Brazil Star goddess who created all animals. Brazil
God Name: Iae Brazil God of the moon. Iae and his brother, Kuat, stole the light from the vulture god Urubutsin. Kuat became the Sun god and Iae god of the Moon. Brazil
God Name: Ituana Brazil Goddess of the afterworld Brazil
God Name: Itukoviche Brazil A somewhat shy god who is responsible for the existence of the world. Brazil
God Name: Jacy Brazilian Moon god and the creator of plant life. Brazilian
God Name: Jamaina Brazil Goddess of the ocean and is often represented as a mermaid. Brazil
God Name: Jandira Brazil Goddess of the sea. Brazil
God Name: Jarina Brazil Tree goddess, well known for her capacity for drink. Bakairi, Brazil
God Name: Jubbu jang sangne Brazil The goddess of the Jurema & a sacred tree
God Name: Jubbu-jang-sange Brazil Goddess of the jurema (a sacred tree). The tree provides a narcotic used in inducing visions. Bakairi Brazil
God Name: Jurupari Brazil A god limited to worship by men, generally limited to isolated tribes in Brazil
God Name: Kuat Brazil God of the sun and war. Brazil
God Name: Luandinha Brazil Goddess of water pictured as a snake. Brazil
God Name: Mair Brazil The demiurge of the Urubu. Brazil
God Name: Maira-Monan Brazil Maire-Monan. Among the Tupinamba, the creator god. Among the Tupi, a culture hero. Brazil
God Name: Mariana Brazil Goddess of love Brazil
God Name: Orekajuvakai Brazil The demiurge who vomited forth men from the bowels of the earth. The Tereno, Brazil
God Name: Oshala Brazil In Brazil a god of creation.
God Name: Perimb Brazil Goddess of the moon and supreme being. Brazil
God Name: Por Brazil God of the moon. Brazil
God Name: Rainha Barba Brazil Goddess of thunder and lightning. Brazil
God Name: Saci Brazilian An impish mythical character of Brazilian folk tales.
God Name: Schetewuarha Brazil Goddess rain Brazil
God Name: Top'tine Brazil Goddess of fire Peru/Brazil
God Name: Uarahiulu Brazil A stone being who was the wife of Darukavaitere and the mother of the sun and moon. Brazil
God Name: Waptokwa Brazil The sun and creator god. Shavante, Brazil
God Name: Yansa Brazil Goddess of fire Brazil
God Name: Zume Brazil Chief god and god of storms, thunder, and lightning. Topana Brazil