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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Welsh"

Demon name "Addanc aka adanc" Welsh Addane, afanc, avanc, abhac, abac, a lake monster that also appears in Celtic and British folklore. It is described alternately as resembling a crocodile, beaver or dwarf, and is sometimes said to be a Demon. The lake in which it dwells also varies; it is variously said to live in Llyn Llion, Llyn Barfog, near Brynberian Bridge or in Llyn yr Afanc, a lake in Betws-y-Coed that was named after the creature. Welsh
"Aderyn y Corph" Welsh A supernatural bird which appears as a foreteller of death. Welsh
Goddess name "Aerten" Welsh/Cornish Goddess of fate who presided over the battles of several Celtic clans. She is often equated to the Three Fates of Greco-Roman mythology. Welsh/Cornish
Goddess name "Agrona" Welsh A Goddess of strife and war worshipped in Britain. The river Aeron in Wales comes from her name. Welsh
Goddess name "Arianrhod" Welsh Arianrod, Welsh Moon Goddess and one of several children of the mother Goddess Don. Her home was in the constellation Corona Borealis.
God name "Bladud" Welsh God of the sun Welsh
Goddess name "Blathnat" Welsh Maiden form of the triple Goddess Ireland/Welsh
Goddess name "Brangwaine" Welsh Goddess of love. Welsh
King name "Breasal" Welsh/Cornwall A legendary High King of Ireland of the 2nd or 3rd century BCE. Welsh/Cornwall
"Bug or Bugbear" Welsh Any imaginary thing that frightens a person. Welsh
"Bwca" Welsh The Welsh version of the Brownie with slightly nastier tempers and have tantrums if their work is criticized. They despise tattletales and people with long noses.
Goddess name "Carridwen" Welsh Goddess of the moon Welsh
Goddess name "Ceridwen" Welsh Goddess of inspiration and the hag aspect of the mother Goddess Welsh
Goddess name "Cerridwen" Welsh A Goddess of education & healing
Goddess name "Cerridwen" Welsh/Scotland Moon Goddess, Grain Goddess. Welsh Bards called themselves Cerddorion (sons of Cerridwen). Welsh/Scotland
"Coblyn" Welsh A Welsh Goblin reputed to haunt the mines.
"Coblynau aka Koblernigh" Welsh Welsh mine faeries
Goddess name "Condwiramur" Welsh Goddess of sovereignty. Welsh
King name "Creiddylad" Welsh Originally betrothed to Gwythr ap Greidawl, she is abducted by Gwyn ap Nudd, causing the two rivals to go to war over her. In the early Arthurian tale Culhwch and Olwen, King Arthur settles the feud by arranging for the two to battle every May Day until Doomsday. Welsh
"Cwn y Wybr" Welsh "Dogs that haunt the air." Welsh
"Cyhiraeth" Welsh A disembodied moaning voice that sounds before a person's death. Welsh
Goddess name "Cymidei Cymeinfoll" Welsh Cymidei Cymeinfoll (big belly of battle), was a Goddess of the Mabinogi. Cymidei gave birth to one fully-formed and armed warrior every six weeks. Welsh
"Cyoeraeths" Welsh Welsh Banshees, horrible weeping women with emaciated faces and black teeth announce the approach of death.
Goddess name "Dana/ Donu/ Don/ Ana" Welsh/ Irish The mortal Celtic race are her descendants, she is a Goddess
Goddess name "Don" Welsh Goddess who is called a god of death Ireland/Welsh
"Ellyllon" Welsh The souls of the ancient Druids, which, being too good for hell, and not good enough for heaven, are permitted to wander upon earth till the judgment day, when they will be admitted to a higher state of being. Welsh
"Elyll" Welsh A hairy, clumsy creature, the same as a brownie. Welsh
Goddess name "Esme" Welsh Minor Goddess of wealth, also seen as a gracious protector. Welsh
"Fuwch Frech" Welsh A fairy cow who gave milk to anyone in need until a witch milked her dry. Welsh
"Goewin" Welsh Was Math fab Mathonwy's foot-holder; she was raped by Gilfaethwy. Learning that she was no longer a virgin, Math punished Gilfaethwy and his accomplice Gwydion, and married Goewin himself. Welsh
Goddess name "Goleuddydd" Welsh Goddess Welsh princes who was frightened by pigs
Goddess name "Govannon" Welsh A smith and the son of the Goddess Don. He killed his nephew, Dylan Eil Don, not knowing who he was. One of the tasks given to Culhwch if he were to win the hand of Olwen was to get Gofannon to sharpen Amaethon's plough. Welsh
Ghost name "Guinevere" British Legendary queen consort of King Arthur. The Welsh form Gwenhwyfar can be translated as The White Fay or White Ghost. British
God name "Gwendion/ Gwydyon" Welsh A God of war
King name "Gwethyr aka Gwyrthur Ap Gwreidawl" Welsh King of the Upperworld. Welsh
God name "Gwyddno" Welsh At one time was a sea God. Came down in legend as a monster or faery of the ocean. Welsh
"Gwyllion" Welsh "The Dark Ones" fairy women who lead travelers astray. Welsh
God name "Gwyndion" Welsh A multi-taking God: A warrior-magician, Prince of the Powers of Air, the greatest of the enchanters and a shape-shifter. He also brought pigs to mankind. Welsh
King name "Gwynn Ap Nudd" Welsh King of the fairies and the underworld. Welsh
God name "Havgan" Welsh Minor Welsh God who vied for the kingship of the Otherworld
Goddess name "Henwen" Welsh A sow Goddess. Welsh
God name "Hu The Mighty" Wales Aka Hu Gadarn, Hugh Guairy. Father God of the Welsh who came to Wales and became part of the Welsh deluge myths.
Goddess name "Le Fay" Welsh Goddess of the sea and of the Isle of Avalon Welsh
God name "Llasar Llaesgyfnewid" Welsh Battle God. Welsh
Spirit name "Llew Llaw Gyffes" Welsh His mother would not name him; cursed him never to marry; and that he could only be killed a certain, secret way. The Celts equated the name with a Spirit essence and true being. Llew turned into an eagle and flew away. Welsh
God name "Llud" Welsh A death God. Welsh
God name "Llyr" Welsh God of the sea and water Ireland/Welsh
God name "Luchtar Lud" Welsh Chief God Ireland/Welsh
God name "Lud" Welsh Chief God Ireland/Welsh
God name "Lyr" Welsh LLyr, a God of the sea. Welsh
"Mab" Welsh The faries' midwife. Sometimes incorrectly called queen of the fairies. Welsh
"Mab" Welsh The "fairies' midwife" i.e. employed by the fairies as midwife of dreams to deliver man's brain of dreams. Welsh
God name "Manawydan" Welsh God of the sea. Welsh
God name "Manawyddan" Welsh A sea God
King name "Math fab Mathonwy" Welsh A King of Gwynedd who needed to rest his feet in the lap of a virgin unless he was at war, or he would die. Welsh
God name "Mathonwy" Welsh A benevolent ruler of the underworld akin to Beli, or perhaps that God himself under another title, for the name Math. Welsh
Goddess name "Modron" Welsh Divine Mother, one of the most powerful of the Celtic mother Goddesses. She may have been the prototype of Morgan le Fay from Arthurian legend. Welsh
God name "Nuada" Irish "Silver Arm" a king of the Tuatha De Danann. He is cognate with the Gaulish and British God Nodens. His Welsh equivalent is Nudd or Lludd Llaw Eraint. Irish
Hero name "Nudd or Lud Lludd Llaw Eraint" Welsh Nudd or Lud Lludd Llaw Eraint, "Lludd of the Silver Hand", son of Beli Mawr, a legendary Hero. Welsh
Goddess name "Olwen" Welsh A daughter of the king of the Giants and Goddess of summer and war. Welsh
God name "Pen Annwen" Welsh An underworld God almost synonymous with Pwyll & Pryderi
"Pryderi" Welsh The personification of anxiety and a custodian of the cauldron of reincarnation in Caer Pedryfan in Annwn, the Welsh underworld. Welsh
King name "Pwyll" Welsh In the tale of Pwyll, the earliest reference to Annwn, the Welsh mythological otherworld, occurs. It is ruled by Arawn, at war with Hafgan. Arawn obtains the help of Pwyll by exchanging Kingdoms with him for a year, and Pwyll defeats Hafgan. Welsh
Nymph name "Rhianon" Welsh Nymph wife of Pwyll Pen Annwn. Welsh
"Taliesin" Welsh A mystical and Druidical poet who was born from a hen. Welsh
Goddess name "Tegid Voel" Welsh Goddess of water who was identified by the poet Taliesin. Welsh
Goddess name "Vaga" s "Sabra, Goddess of the Severn, being a prudent, well-conducted maiden, rose with the first streak of morning dawn, and, descending the eastern side of the hill, made choice of the most fertile valleys, whilst as yet her sisters slept. Vaga, goddess of the Wye, rose next, and, making all haste to perform her task, took a shorter course, by which means she joined her sister ere she reached the sea. The goddess Rhea, old Plinlimmon’s pet, woke not till roused by her father’s chiding; but by bounding down the side of the mountain, and selecting the shortest course of all, she managed to reach her destination first. Thus the Cymric proverb, "There is no impossibility to the maiden who hath a fortune to lose or a husband to win."" Welsh
"Winifred" s Patron saint of virgins, because she was beheaded by Prince Caradoc for refusing to marry him. She was Welsh by birth, and the legend says that her head falling on the ground originated the famous healing well of St. Winifred in Flintshire. She is usually drawn like St. Denis, carrying her head in her hand. Holywell, in Wales, is St. Winifred's Well, celebrated for its "miraculous" virtues.