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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Elamite"
God Name: Huban Elamite Supreme god of the Elamite.
God Name: Huban Elamite Iran A tutelary god
God Name: Hurabtil Elamite The god in charge of the Tablets of Destinies Elamite/Iran
God Name: Hurabtil Elamite Iran A god known only from being mentioned in Akkadia texts
God Name: In-Shushinak Babylonia The supreme god of the Elamites. East of Babylonia
God Name: Jabru Elamite/ Iran A sky god, a rather minor one
God Name: Lahurati Elamite/Iran A solar deity. Appears to have been the counterpart of the Akkadian god Ninurta. Elamite/Iran
God Name: Lahurati Elamite Iran Yet another god
God Name: Nachunde Elamite A sun god
God Name: Nah-hunte Elamite God of the sun. Elamite
God Name: Napir Elamite God of the moon. Elamite
God Name: Napir Elamite Iran The moon god
God Name: Ninsusinak Elamite National god of the Elamite Empire and consort of the mother goddess Pinikir. Ninsusinak was god of oaths and judge of the dead.
God Name: Ninsusinak Elamite Iran The National god
God Name: Pienenkir Elamite Goddess of fertility, nurturing and motherhood. Elamite
God Name: Pinikirz Elamite Iran A mother goddess
God Name: Susdinak Elamite Local god, the god of Susa. Elamite
God Name: Susdinak Elamite Iran A local god, the god of Susa