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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Iran"
God Name: Agas Iran Demon of illness, especially the eyes. Iran
God Name: Allatum Iranian Underworld goddess Iranian
God Name: Apam Napat Hindu/Persia/Vedic Child of the Waters. One of the Ahuras in Old Iranian religion, a beneficent god who is the giver of water to man. Hindu/Persia/Vedic
God Name: Buriyas Iran God of war Iran/Kassite
God Name: Buriyas Kasite Iran A war god
God Name: Dur Iran Underworld god Iran/Kassite
God Name: Dur Kassite Iran An underworld god
God Name: Fravasi or Fravartin Iran Denotes the spirit of the pre-existence of the believer who watches over him as Protective spirit. Iran
God Name: Fravasi/ Fravartin Iran Interesting - The concept denotes the spirit of the pre-existence of the believer that watches over him as a protective spirit
God Name: Geus Tasan Iran A cattle god accused of creating the cattle
God Name: Geus Urvan Iran God who created and protected cattle Iran
God Name: Geush Urvan Iranian "Soul of The Bull", the power of Mother Earth. Iranian
God Name: Haoma Iran A plant that suffered the indignity of being deified, its sap was an intoxicating drink used in a sacrificial ceremonies
God Name: Huban Elamite Iran A tutelary god
God Name: Hurabtil Elamite Iran A god known only from being mentioned in Akkadia texts
God Name: Hvar Iran God of the sun Iran
God Name: Jabru Elamite/ Iran A sky god, a rather minor one
God Name: Lahurati Elamite Iran Yet another god
God Name: Nairyosangha Iran God of fire Iran
God Name: Napir Elamite Iran The moon god
God Name: Ninsusinak Elamite Iran The National god
God Name: Ormuzd Iran Ohrmazd, a later form of Ahura-Mazda, creator god of Iran.
God Name: Pinikirz Elamite Iran A mother goddess
God Name: Rapithwin Iran The goddess of the warmth of the earth. She dominates the evil frost and encourages regrowth. Iran
God Name: Susdinak Elamite Iran A local god, the god of Susa
God Name: Tishtrya Iranian A god of the sea & water
God Name: Trita Iranian Goddess of the heavenly waters. Iranian
God Name: Verethragna Persia Iran The god of victory, he is perceived to be present in the wind
God Name: Zam Iranian The Indo-Iranian concept for "earth", prototyped as a chemical element in ancient philosophy, and as a minor divinity in Zoroastrianism and later Persian mythology.