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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Gnostic"

Deity name "Abracax" Greek Also written Abraxas or Abrasax, in Persian mythology denotes the Supreme Being. In Greek notation it stands for 365. In Persian mythology Abracax presides over 365 impersonated virtues, one of which is supposed to prevail on each day of the year. In the second century the word was employed by the Basilidians for the Deity(god); it was also the principle of the Gnostic hierarchy, and that from which sprang their numerous Жons.
God name "Adam[m]as" Nassenes The parental Godhead of the gnostic movement
Spirit name "Archer" Gnostic/Christian A governing Spirit of Aquarius. Gnostic/Christian
"Astapaios" Gnostic Christian The Prime parent ruling the seven heavens of chaos in gnostic mythology
Angel name "Barbeliots" Greek A sect of Gnostics. Their first immortal son they called Barbeloth, omniscient, eternal, and incorruptible. He engendered light by the instrumentality of Christ, author of Wisdom. From Wisdom sprang Autogenes, and from Autogenes, Adam (male and female), and from Adam, matter. The first Angel created was the Holy Ghost, from whom sprang the first prince, named Protarchontes, who married Arrogance, whose offspring was Sin. Burnt by the Christians
"Demiurge" Platonists The mysterious agent which made the world and all that it contains. The Logos or Word spoken of by St. John, in the first chapter of his gospel, is the Demiurgus of Platonising Christians. In the Gnostic systems, Jehovah (as an eon or emanation of the Supreme Being) is the Demiurge. Platonists
"Demurge" Gnostic "artisan" or "craftsman" the Creator or Maker of the world. Gnostic
"Ee-A-o/ Yao" Gnostic Christian A primordial being
Demon name "Glykon" Gnostic-Mitharic The reincarnation of Asklepios, a Demon with a human head & body of a snake
Spirit name "Iadalbaoth" Gnostic Child from the egg of Chaos; the Spirit of matter, the chief of the lower elohim and father of the six dark stellar spirits. Gnostic
"Iao" Gnostic 'serpent-faced' Archon. Gnostic
God name "Logos" Gnosticn Christian The word coming from the mind of their God
"Lucifer" Gnostic The morning star. Venus is both an evening and a morning star: When she follows the sun, and is an evening star, she is called Hesperus; when she precedes the sun, and appears before sunrise, she is called Lucifer, the light-bringer. Gnostic
"Naas" Gnostic Uses several tactics, including sexually pleasuring both Adam and Eve, to gain power over and destroy Adam and Eve. Naas is said to have "had Adam like a boy". Naas' sins were called arsenokoitai. This suggests arsenoskoitai refers to a male using superior power or position to take sexual advantage of another. Gnostic
"Pistis/ Pistis Sophia" Gnostic Christian The primordial female force
"Propator" Gnostic The Forefather, the primordial or First Logos as distinct from that from which it emanates. Gnostic
Planet name "Sabaoth" Gnostic The genii of Mars, one of the Planetary regents of the seven sacred planets. Gnostic
Deity name "Samael" Platonism / Gnosticism The Demiurge, The Craftsman or Creator, the Deity(god) responsible for the creation of the physical universe. Platonism and Gnosticism
"Sophia" Greek/ Gnostic Christian The primordial female force of the cosmos
"Sophia Achamoth" Gnostic In the Gnostic Pistis Sophia, the second or inferior Sophia, the personification of the productive force in nature. Gnostic
"Yao" Jewish The name of the demiurge in Gnostic scripture.