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List of Gods HURRIAN
A'as Hittite/ Hurrian The god of wisdom
Alalu s HurrianThe first heavenly King who lasted for 9 years
Arma Hittite/ Hurrian A minor moon god
Astabis/ Zamama/ Ninurta Hurrian/ Akkadia A warrior god
Hannahannas Hittite/ Hurrian the mother goddess
Hasamelis Hittite/ Hurrian He is a god who can protect travelers
Hazzi Hittite/ Hurrian A god invoked in a Hittite treaties who was a mountain & weather god
Hedammu Hurrian He is a snake demon that resides in the sea and he is constantly hungry
Inara Hittite/ Hurrian A minor goddess
Kasku Hittite/ Hurrian A moon god known from inscriptions
Khipa Hittite/ Hurrian A tutelary deity
Kumarbi[s] Hittite/ Hurrian The creator/ father of the gods
Kusuh Hittite/ Hurrian/ Anatolia The moon god
Lelwani Hittite/ Hurrian A chthonic underworld goddess
Rundas Hittite/ Hurrian A god of fortune that is associated with hunting
Sarruma Hittite/ Hurrian A god
Shaushka Hittite/ Akkadian/ Hurrian A powerful goddess Ishtar
Sutekh/ Hurrian . A weather god
Tarhunt Hurrian/ Anatolia A weather god
Taru Hittite/ Hurrian A weather god
Tasmisu Hittite/ Hurrian An attendant god
Telepinu[s] Hittite/ Hurrian The noble god & fertility
Tesub Hittite/ Hurrian The storm god
Tilla Hittite/ Hurrian The bull god