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List of Gods INUIT
Aakuluujjusi Inuit The great creator mother
Akycha Inuit The sun god
Alignak Inuit A god of the moon, storms, earthquakes & tides
Anguta Inuit A god who lives under the sea and drags down the dead
Aningan Inuit A moon god called Igaluk in Alaska
Arnakua'gak Inuit The old woman of the sea, an animalistic spirit
Asiaq Inuit A goddess of weather
Erkilek Inuit malevolent hunting god
Hila Inuit A god of weather
Idliragijenget Inuit A sea goddess
Idlirvirisong Inuit The demonic cousin of the sun
Igalilik Inuit A very tough hunting spirit
Igaluk Inuit The god of the moon
Ignerssauk Inuit A sea god, generally benevolent
Ignirtoq Inuit The goddess of lightning
Immap Ukua Inuit/ E. Greenland A sea goddess, moma to all of the sea creatures
Inuat Inuit These are the spirit beings that reside with all living creatures & maintain the lamp of life
Issitoq Inuit This god looks for those that break the rules
Ka'cak Asiatic/ Inuit A sea spirit & of rather unpleasant habits
Kadlu Inuit The thunder spirit[female]
Kattakju Inuit A goddess of healing
Kigatilik Inuit A delightful fanged demon that has no love of priests
Kiya'marak Inuit A supreme being from he remains out of touch, and distinct & remote as regards ordinary mortals
Mallina Inuit The sun goddess
Nanook/ Nanuq Inuit The bear god
Negafok Inuit The cold weather spirit
Nerrivik/ Sedena Inuit The sea goddess
Nuli'rahak/ Arna'kuagsak Inuit/ E. Siberia The Sea Spirit, she lives in the ocean depths, owns all sea creatures, & feeds off the bodies of drowned a fisherman
Nuliayoq Inuit A goddess of rivers, Inlets
Pana Inuit She cares for the souls of the dead
Pinga Inuit The goddess that takes souls of the dead to heaven
Pukkeenegak Inuit A goddess of childbirth & clothes making
Sedna Inuit The goddess of the sea
Sila Inuit A god of storms
Silma Inua Inuit The supreme god, rarely invoked or prayed at
Sinnilktok Inuit A goddess of healing
Tekkeitserktock Inuit A god of hunting & the earth
Tornarssuk Inuit The supreme being & master of the Tornat[the controlling deities]
Tunek Inuit A god of seal hunters