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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Inuit"
God Name: Aakuluujjusi Inuit The great creator mother among the Inuit people.
God Name: Agloolik Inuit Good spirit that lived under the ice and helped with hunting and fishing. Inuit
God Name: Aipalovik Inuit Evil god of the sea that liked to chew wooden boats. Inuit
God Name: Akycha Inuit Goddess of war in Alaska, god of the sun. Inuit
God Name: Alignak Inuit A lunar deity and god of weather, water, tides, eclipses and earthquakes. Inuit
God Name: Anguta Inuit Gatherer of the dead. Anguta carries the dead down to the underworld, where they must sleep with him for a year. Inuit
God Name: Aningan Inuit The moon, brother to the sun whom Moon chases across the sky. Aningan has a great igloo in the sky where he rests. Irdlirvirissong, his demon cousin, lives there as well. The moon is a great hunter, and his sledge is always piled high with seal skins and meat. Inuit
God Name: Arnakua'gak Inuit The old woman of the sea, an animalistic spirit
God Name: Asiaq Inuit Goddess of weather. Inuit
God Name: Aukaneck Inuit God that lived in the sea, whose movements created the waves. Inuit
God Name: Aumanil Inuit God that lived on land and controlled the movements of the whales. Inuit
God Name: Erkilek Inuit Malevolent hunting god. Inuit
God Name: Idliragijenget Inuit Goddess of the sea. Inuit
God Name: Idlirvirisong Inuit Demonic cousin of the sun Inuit
God Name: Igalilik Inuit Hunting spirit who travels through the icy wastes. Inuit
God Name: Igaluk Inuit God of the moon Inuit
God Name: Ignerssauk Inuit God of the sea, generally benevolent Inuit
God Name: Ignirtoq Inuit A god of light and truth. Inuit
God Name: Immap Ukua Inuit Goddess of the sea, mother to all of the sea creatures Inuit/Greenland
God Name: Inuat Inuit These are the spirit beings that reside with all living creatures & maintain the lamp of life
God Name: Issitoq Inuit A deity that punishes those who break taboos. He usually takes the form of a giant flying eye. Inuit
God Name: Ka'cak Asiatic/ Inuit A sea spirit & of rather unpleasant habits
God Name: Ka'cak Asiatic Inuit Sea spirit and of rather unpleasant habits Inuit
God Name: Kadlu Inuit Thunder spirit[female] Inuit
God Name: Kigatilik Inuit Delightful fanged demon who has no love of priests Inuit
God Name: Kiya'marak Inuit Supreme being from he remains out of touch, and distinct and remote as regards ordinary mortals Inuit
God Name: Mallina Inuit Goddess of the sun Inuit
God Name: Nanook Inuit Nanuq, the master of bears, meaning he decided if hunters had followed all applicable taboos and if they deserved success in hunting bears. Inuit
God Name: Nanook/ Nanuq Inuit The bear god
God Name: Negafok Inuit Cold weather spirit who lowers the temperature in winter. Inuit
God Name: Nerrivik Inuit Goddess of the sea Inuit
God Name: Nerrivik/ Sedena Inuit The sea goddess
God Name: Nuli'rahak Inuit Sea Spirit, she lives in the ocean depths, owns all sea creatures, and feeds off the bodies of drowned a fisherman Siberia/Inuit
God Name: Nuli'rahak/ Arna'kuagsak Inuit/ E Siberia The Sea Spirit, she lives in the ocean depths, owns all sea creatures, & feeds off the bodies of drowned a fisherman
God Name: Nuliayoq Inuit The Queen of the deep who became a goddess of rivers and inlets. Inuit
God Name: Pana Inuit She cares for the souls of the dead
God Name: Pinga Inuit A goddess of the hunt, fertility and medicine. She was also the psychopomp, bringing souls of the newly-dead to Adlivun, the underworld. Inuit
God Name: Pukkeenegak Inuit A goddess of children, pregnancy, childbirth and the making of clothes. Inuit
God Name: Sedena Inuit Sea-mother and provider of food for the Inuit people. She was the patron of fisherman and hunters.
God Name: Sedna Inuit Queen of the monsters and demons of the Underworld. Inuit
God Name: Sila Inuit God of storms. Inuit
God Name: Silma Inua Inuit Supreme god, rarely invoked or prayed to. Inuit
God Name: Sinnilktok Inuit Goddess of healing Inuit
God Name: Tarquiup Inua Inuit A lunar deity. Inuit
God Name: Tekkeitserktock Inuit God of hunting and the earth. Inuit
God Name: Tootega Inuit Tootega is a wisened old goddess, who lives in a stone hut and has the ability to walk on water. Inuit
God Name: Tornarssuk Inuit A god of the underworld and head of the protective gods known as the tornat. Inuit
God Name: Tornat Inuit Tornat are a group of protective gods, led by Tornarsuk. Inuit
God Name: Torngasoak Inuit A very powerful sky god, one of the more important deities in the Inuit pantheon.
God Name: Tulugaak Inuit The creator of light. Inuit
God Name: Tunek Inuit God of seal hunters. Inuit