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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Kafir"
God Name: Arom Kafir/ Afghanistan A minor goddess contracts
God Name: Dagan Kafir/ Afghanistan A local supreme god that it bears no relation to be Semitic god Dagan
God Name: Duzi Kafir/ Afghanistan a local god known only from of an altar stone, but he did like male goats as a sacrifice
God Name: Imra Hindu/Kush The chief pre-Islamic god of the Hindukush Kafir people. He was worshipped as the god of creation. By his breath, Imra created other gods of Kafir pantheon. Frequent sacrifiices were made to Imra, sometimes for recovery from sickness, seasonable weather, or other material benefits, sometimes from motives of simple piety. Imra was more honored than the other gods at the religious dances. Hindu/Kush
God Name: Imra Kafir/ Afghanistan A creator god that is still worshipped today
God Name: Kshumai Kafir/ Afghanistan A beneficent fertility goddess
God Name: Kshumai Kafir Afghanistan Beneficent goddess of fertility Afghanistan
God Name: Lunang Kafir/ Afghanistan The patron goddess of the Prasun river
God Name: Lunang Kafir Afghanistan Patron goddess of the Prasun river Afghanistan
God Name: Marmalik Kafir/ Afghanistan A chthonic underworld god
God Name: Marmalik Kafir Afghanistan Chthonic underworld god Afghanistan
God Name: Mon Kafir/ Afghanistan/ Hindukush A warrior god & hero from prehistoric origins and around today
God Name: Mon Kafir Afghanistan Warrior god and hero from prehistoric origins and around today Afghanistan/Hindukush
God Name: Munjen Malik Kafir/ Afghanistan A chthonic earth god
God Name: Nirmali/ Shuwi Kafir/ Afghanistan A goddess of childbirth
God Name: Nong/ Zuzum Kafir/ Afghanistan The god of winter & cold weather that lives in a glacier, he does not like women
God Name: Paneu Afghanistan Seven divine brother gods. Kafir, Afghanistan
God Name: Poloknalai Kafir/ Afghanistan A goddess of animals
God Name: Poloknalai Kafir Afghanistan Goddess of animals Afghanistan
God Name: Prakde Kafir/ Afghanistan A local deity
God Name: Prakde Kafir Afghanistan Local deity Afghanistan
God Name: Sanju Kafir/ Afghanistan A harvest goddess
God Name: Sanju Kafir Afghanistan Harvest goddess Afghanistan
God Name: Sanu Kafir/ Afghanistan A god
God Name: Sanu Kafir Afghanistan God Afghanistan