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List of Gods : "Latvia"
God Name: Auseklis Latvia Goddess linked to fertility, involved in the heavenly bathhouse. Latvia
God Name: Auseklis Latvian A Latvian god, and the personification of Venus. He is third most popular deity in Latvian mythology after Saule and Me-ness.
God Name: Cerklicing Latvia God of fields and grain. Latvia
God Name: Darzamat Latvia Goddess of the gardens. Latvia
God Name: Deive Latvia The supreme god. The same word refers to the Christian deity in modern Latvian. In ancient Latvian mythology, Dievs was not just the father of the gods, he was the essence of them all. Latvia
God Name: Dekla Latvia One of a trinity of fate goddesses that included her sisters Karta and Laima. Latvia
God Name: Deving Iching Latvia God of horses. Latvia
God Name: Dieva-deli Latvia Heavenly beings, 2 sometimes 3
God Name: Dievas aka Dievs Latvia The supreme god in the pre-Christian religion of Lithuanians, where Dievas was understood to be the supreme being of the world. Latvia
God Name: Dievini Latvia Group of minor gods. Latvia
God Name: Dievs Latvia A pre-Christian sky god
God Name: Janis Latvia Summer Solstice Deity and a fertility god. Latvia
God Name: Joda mate Latvia Mother of the evil one Latvia
God Name: Jumis Latvia Deity of the Fields and fertility. Latvia
God Name: Juras Mate/ Jurasmat Latvia A goddess of the sea
God Name: Jurasmat Latvia Goddess of the sea and of healing who fell in love with a mortal called Kastysis. Latvia
God Name: Kapu mate Latvia Mother of graves, presided over cemeteries and graves. Latvia
God Name: Karta Latvia One of a trinity of fate goddesses that included her sisters Dekla and Laima. All three may have been aspects of Laima. Latvia
God Name: Krumu mate Latvia Mother of shrubs, presided over bushes, shrubs and saplings. Latvia
God Name: Laima Latvia And her sisters, Karta and Dekla, were a trinity of fate deities, part of a widespread European and Aegean conception of Destiny in the hands of three ageless ancient women. Latvia
God Name: Lauka Mate Latvia Laukamat, Goddess of agriculture Latvia
God Name: Majas Gars Latvia Household god Latvia
God Name: Meness Latvia God of the moon as well as the guardian of travelers and military expeditions Latvia
God Name: Mezamat Latvia Goddess of all forests Latvia
God Name: Mezamat/ Mezamate Latvia She is the goddess of all forests
God Name: Mezamate Latvian Goddess of the woods. Latvian
God Name: Mezavirs Latvia God of all forests Latvia
God Name: Mezavirs/ Mezadeva Latvia He is the god of all forests
God Name: Moschel Latvia The deity in charge of cows, feminine duties and patroness of economic activities. Latvia
God Name: Nelaima Latvia Goddess of destiny whose name means misfortune. Latvia
God Name: Perkons Latvia God of thunder who brings beneficial rain and is Fertility god. Latvia
God Name: Piluitus Latvia Fertility god. He was originally a sky or rain-god responsible for bountiful crops. Latvia
God Name: Udens Mate Latvia Mother of water, presided over small bodies of water such as wells and ponds. Latvia
God Name: Upes Mate Latvia Mother of rivers, presided over rivers. Latvia
God Name: Veja Mate Latvia Goddess of the wind was also responsible for birds and the woodlands. Latvia
God Name: Velu Mate Latvia Chthonic underworld goddess and the queen of the dead Latvia
God Name: Zeme Mate Latvia Creator of earth Latvia