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List of Gods : "Navaho"
Bikeh Hozho Navaho The personification of speech. Navaho
Dsahadoldza Navaho Fiery god of earth and water. Navaho
Estsanatlehi Navaho Vegetative, fertility and creator sky goddess. Navaho
Ganaskidi Navaho God of harvest, plenty and mists Navaho
Glispa Navaho Spirit who gave the healing chant to the people Navaho
Hastbaka Navaho Oldest male of the spirits Navaho
Hastebaad Navaho Chief of the female spirits Navaho
Hastehogan Navaho Chief male spirit of the house Navaho
Hastseltsi Navaho Male spirit of racing. Navaho
Hastseoltoi Navaho Female spirit of hunting Navaho
Hastseyalti Navaho Talking God, God of the dawn and the eastern sky. Navaho
Hastsezini Navaho Male spirit of fire Navaho
Hatdastsisi Navaho Benevolent male spirit who helps cure disease Navaho
Koyote or Coyote Navaho At the time Coyote danced to make the corn grow, the story of the Great God Coyote commences. This is where Coyote first used his power given to him by the gods. At a Yeibache, ye’i·bicai, the people will dress up a poor man to look and act like Coyote. First Man told him to do many things. The other gods had the power, but they did not have the knowledge. First Man and First Woman were jealous of the others trying to grow corn and did not give them the knowledge to grow corn. They sent Coyote to go and make the corn grow. First Man and First Woman are themselves not to do such things, but they will have a hand in such things and send Coyote as their representative. Towards the end of the life of Coyote, he became almost mad with his power and it was taken from him because of this. Navaho
Nayenezgani Navaho The most powerful war god
Tienoltsodi Navaho He is the god of oceans & fresh water to, he controls all waters that fall on the earth but none of those in the heavens
To'nenile Navaho God of rain. Navaho
Tobadzistsini Navaho A Minor war god
Tobadzistsini Navaho God of war. Navaho
Tobadzistsini Navaho Child of Water and son of Tsohanoai, the Sun god. Minor war god. Navaho
Toneili Navaho this is the rain god in charge of all water from the skies
Tonenili Navaho Rain god the controls waters from the skies. Tonenili saved the people from the water monster Ticholtsodi. Navaho
Tsohanoai Navaho God of the sun. Navaho
Yeba Ka Navaho Male leader of the gods Navaho
Yebaad Navaho Female leader of the gods Navaho
Yeitso Navaho Child of the sun, a giant in Navaho legend Navaho
Yolkai Estsan Navaho Goddess of war, the dawn, fire and the moon Navaho