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List of Gods NAVAHO
Ahsonnutli Navaho Chief god
Bikeh Hozho Navaho A goddess of happiness
Dsahadoldza Navaho A fiery god of earth & water
Estsanatlehi Navaho A goddess of change, fertility & the sky
Ganaskidi Navaho a god of harvest, plenty & mists
Glispa Navaho The spirit that gave the healing chant to the people
Hastbaka Navaho The oldest male of the spirits
Hastebaad Navaho The chief of the female spirits
Hastehogan Navaho The chief male spirit of the house
Hastseltsi Navaho The male spirit of racing.
Hastseoltoi Navaho The female spirit of hunting
Hastsezini Navaho The male spirit of fire
Hatdastsisi Navaho The benevolent male spirit that helps cure disease
Iyatiku Navaho/ Pueblo sheet is the mother of maize & humans
Nayenezgani Navaho The most powerful war god
Tienoltsodi Navaho He is the god of oceans & fresh water to, he controls all waters that fall on the earth but none of those in the heavens
To'nenile Navaho The rain god
Tobadzistsini Navaho A Minor war god
Tobadzistsini Navaho The god of war
Toneili Navaho this is the rain god in charge of all water from the skies
Tonenili Navaho The rain god the controls waters from the skies
Tsohanoai Navaho The god of the sun
Yeba Ka Navaho The male leader of the gods
Yebaad Navaho The female leader of the gods
Yeitso Navaho The child of the sun, a giant in Navaho legend
Yolkai Estsan Navaho A goddess of war, the dawn, fire & the moon