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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Russian"

Goddess name "Azer Ava" Russian Ancient Russian Goddess, the name Azer-Ava translates into "forest mother" or "the friendly tree goddess". Azer-Ava lives in trees and welcomes those who venture out to pick berries and mushrooms. She is known as a goddess of fruitfulness who brings rain and corn, and oaths are taken in her name.
Spirit name "Chlvnik" Russian A household Spirit who lives in the cattleshed. Russian
Goddess name "Dali" Russian/ Georgia A Goddess of the hunt
Demon name "Dobrochot" Russian A Demon, especially a domestic spirit. Russian
Spirit name "Dvorvoy" Russian A household Spirit who lives in the yard. Russian
Spirit name "Ignis Fatuus" Russian According to a Russian superstition, these wandering fires are the Spirits of still-born children which flit between heaven and the Inferno.
Spirit name "Khitka" Russian Kidnapping Spirit; an aspect of the Rusalka. Russian
Goddess name "Koshchei" Russia The Deathless, a powerful wizard or demigod who kidnapped Marena (Mara, the Russian Goddess of death. Koshchie is the son of Vij, lord of the Underground, and travels on a war-horse or as a whirlwind. Russia
Goddess name "Kostroma" Russian Benevolent and malevolent fertility Goddess; like the Greeks' Persephone, she is a dying and reborn daughter. Russian
God name "Kostromo" Russian Kostrubonko - A dying-and-ressurecting spring fertility-God. Russian
"Krasnyi" Russian 'Red' or 'Beautiful'. Russian epithet to a girl and the sun.
Goddess name "Kupal'nitsa" Russian Russian Mother Goddess of the southwest, consort of Ivan Kupalo. She seems synonymous with Kubai-khotun and Kupalo/Kupala.
Goddess name "Kupalo" Russian Russian and Balkan midsummer Goddess associated with water, magic, fertility, trees, flowers, and herbs.
Hero name "Munchausen" German The Hero of a volume of travels, who meets with the most marvellous adventures. The incidents have been compiled from various sources, and the name is said to have pointed to Hieronymus Karl Friedrich von Munchhausen, a German officer in the Russian army, noted for his marvellous stories.
Hero name "Sadko" Russian A legendary Hero of a Russian epic tale.
"Sirin" Russian A mythological creature with the head and chest of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird. According to the myth, they lived near Eden or around the Euphrates River. Russian