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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Georgia"

God name "Aralo" Armenia Agriculture "the beautiful one", God Georgia/Armenia/Crimea
God name "Aralo/ Aparajita/ Aray" Georgia/ Armenia/ Crimea A God of agriculture
God name "Armazd" Georgia Creator of the universe and the God of wisdom. Georgia
Goddess name "Dali" Russian/ Georgia A Goddess of the hunt
Goddess name "Dali aka Deyla" Georgia/Russia Dalila, the hunt Goddess and ‘lady of stones and animals’. Georgia/Russia
"Ibofanga" Creek Aka Hisagita-Imisi, Hisagitaimisi. The Master of Breath, created the world and all other things. The Creek, Georgia
God name "K'pop'ala" E Georgia A protective God
God name "Mirsa Georgia" Caucasus God of light and responsible for fire Caucasus
God name "Mirsa Georgia/ Mingrelan" Caucasus A God of light & responsible for fire