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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Tanzania"

God name "Djua Mulungu" Tanzania The sun God. Tanzania
Supreme god name "Ilanzi" Tanzania The Supreme God and creator. Tanzania
"Indeesa" Tanzania The creator gooddess who caused no afflictions and is invoked for inner reflection. Tanzania
God name "Irioba" Tanzania Iriuba, Enokwe. The sun, the sky, the only real God who created the world and all that it contains. Tanzania
God name "Isewahanga" Tanzania The creator God of the Zinza. Tanzania
God name "Ithuwa" Tanzania The sun and creator God. Tanzania
God name "Izuwa" Tanzania Izua, Izuva. Another Creation and sun God, this time from Tanzania
Demon name "Katavi Ntamwezi" Tanzania And in a Demonic being who is chief of the water-spirits Tanzania
God name "Kazyoba Nyamwezi" Tanzania God of the sun-held to be the creator and tutelary deity of the tribe Tanzania
"Kyumbe Zaramo" Tanzania He created all living things on the earth
Goddess name "Mhaya" Tanzania Goddess of deserted lovers Tanzania
God name "Mulungu" Africa A creator God of the Nyamwezi people of Tanzania in eastern Africa. Despite being the creator and protector of the world, he is distant and has little contact with anyone. It is said that he once lived on Earth, but when someone set fire to the landscape he asked a spider to spin him a web to climb up into the sky, where he lives today. He is revered now as a sky God, with thunder as his voice.
Goddess name "Quabso" Tanzania "wind-rider", a Goddess of the weather, health, fertility and rain. Tanzania
Goddess name "Shashaya" Tanzania Goddess of the morning star. Tanzania
Spirit name "Wamara" Tanzania The supreme Spirit and sovereign ruler of the universe. Tanzania
Deity name "Warongoe" Tanzania The omnipresent Deity(god) of the Sandawe, Tanzania