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List of Gods Maya
Ab Kin Xoc Maya A god of war
Acat Maya A god of tattooists
Acna/ Akna Maya/ Mexico A mother goddess
Ah Bolom Tzacab Maya A god of agriculture who controlled rain & thunder
Ah Bolon Dz'acab Maya A fertility god associated with rain & thunder
Ah Can Cum/ Acaum Maya A hunter & protector of the animals god
Ah Chuy Kak Maya A god of war
Ah Ciliz Maya The god of solar eclipses
Ah Cun Can Maya A god of war
Ah Hulneb Maya A god of war
Ah Kin Maya The sun god who brings drought but protects man from the powers of evil associated with darkness
Ah Kin Xoc Maya A god of poetry, a singer & musician
Ah Kinchil Maya A god of war & the sun
Ah Kumix Unicob Maya These are small attendant water gods
Ah Mun Maya The god responsible for protecting the green maize
Ah Muzecab Maya The bee gods
Ah Patnar Uinicob Maya They are large water gods
Ah Peku Maya A thunder god that lives on the tops of hills
Ah Puch Maya He is the god of death
Ah Tabai Maya A hunting god
Ah Unicir Dz'acab Maya A god of healing
Ah Uuc Ticab Maya A minor vegetation & fertility god
Ahau Chamahez Maya He is one of two gods of medicine
Ahau Kin Maya A goddess of war
Ahmakiq Maya He is a god of agriculture
Ahulane Maya A god of war
Ajbit Maya A god that helped create people [13 were involved]
Ajtzak Maya Another god that helped create people
Akhushtal Maya She is the goddess of childbirth
Alaghom Naom Tzentel Maya The goddess of thought & intellect
Alom Maya A sky god that helped 6 other gods create the world
Auilix Maya The god of dawn
Bacabs Maya They stand at the four corners of the world supporting the heavens
Backlum Chaam Maya A god of male sexuality & of sex
Balakrsna Maya They are guardian deities
Bitol Maya A sky god[1 of 7] that helped create the world & its mortals
Bolon Ti Ku Maya A collective name for the the nine underworld gods that are not well defined
Buluc Chabtan Maya A god of war
Cabaguil Maya A god who helped create the world & mortals
Cacoh Maya A creator god
Cakulha Maya A god of the lessor lightning bolts
Camaxtli Maya Here he is a god of fate
Camozotz Maya The bat god
Capakan Maya The god of earthquakes & mountains
Chac Uayab Xoc Maya A fish god known as the great demon shark
Chac Xib Chac Maya A god of sacrifice & war
Chac/ Chac Mol Maya A god[s] of lightning, rain, thunder, wind & fertility
Chamer Maya A god of death
Chaob Maya/ Lacandon The wind[s] god[s]
Chibilias Maya A goddess of the rainbow
Chibirias Maya An earth goddess who sends the rain & paints the earth
Chiccan Maya The rain gods
Chimalmat Maya A goddess of the Little Dipper
Chirakan Ixmucane Maya One of the new goddess formed by the 4 gods that made the world
Chul Tatic Chites Vaneg Maya A creator god thought by some to be the name of the Christian God
Cit Bolon Tum Maya He is a god of medicine
Cit Cac Coh Maya A god of war iconised as a red Puma
Cizin Maya A god of death
Colel Cab Maya A chthonic earth goddess
Colop U Uichkin Maya A sky sky god who with a night avatara with the same name is the bringer of disease
Cum Hau Maya A god of death
Cumhau Maya A god of death
E Alom Maya A primeval creator goddess
E Quhalom Maya/ Quiche A primeval creator god
Ek Chuah Maya A god of war & commerce
Ek Maya . A Babob
Ekahau Maya He is the god of travelers & merchants
Ekchuah Maya A god of traveling merchants
Gukumatz Maya/ Quiche A sky god
Hacauitz Maya A mountains god
Hacha'kyum Maya/ Lacandon The god of the real people
Hachacyum/ Nohochacyum Maya The creator the world who was helped by three other gods
Hahana Ku Maya A messenger god
Hexchuchan Maya/ Itza A god of war
Hun Hau Maya A god of death
Hun Hunapu Maya A creator god
Hun Nal Maya A god of maize
Hunab Ku/ Itzamn Maya The most important creator god & the greatest deity in the pantheon
Hunahpa Utiu Maya Yet another god that helped create humans
Hunahpu Gutch Maya He is one of the 13 gods that mistakenly created humans
Hunahpu Vuch Maya A goddess of hunting
Hunapu Maya Another creator god
Hunhau Maya 1 of several gods of death that ruled the underworld
Ih P'en Maya A chthonioc fertility god, concerned with the growth of plants as well as family, property & other wealth
Ikal Ahau Maya A chthonic death god, that strangely enough, is considered to inhabit Christian church towers in Mexico
Itzam Cab Mayan A chthonic earth god as well as a god of fire
Itzam Na/ Hun Itzamna/ Yaxcocahmut Maya Another creator god, water, agriculture, drawing, healing, medicine & the moon
Ix Ahau Maya A moon goddess
Ix Ch'up Maya A goddess of the moon
Ix Chebel Yax Maya A goddess of teaching, childbirth, the moon, sexual relations, storms & water
Ix Kanan Maya The vegetation goddess that takes care of bean plant
Ix Ku Maya A goddess of rain
Ix Zacal Nok Mayan The inventor of weaving as well as a creator goddess
Ixchel/ Ix Chel Maya She is the goddess of the moon
Ixmucane Maya Yet another of the 13 gods that created humans
Ixpiyacoc Maya This god is also guilty of creating humans
Ixtab Maya She is the goddess of the hanged & suicides
Kabrakan Maya An earthquake god
Kai Yum Maya A god of music
Kakupacat Maya A war god with a shield of fire
Kan u Uayeyab Maya He is the god who guarded cities.
Kianto Lacandon Maya This is the god of foreigners & all diseases
Kinich Ahau Maya A god of war & the sun
Kinich Kakmo Maya He is the sun god & is symbolized by the Macaw
Kisin Maya He is the evil earthquake spirit
Kucumatz Maya/ Quiche A god that created all things from itself
Kukulcan Maya A god of storms,& wind & creation
Kukulcan Maya He is the wind god that started life as a god of the Toltec
Mam Maya A god of evil
Manohel-Tohel Maya The creator god
Maya Hindu A goddess of illusion
Maya[devi] Buddhist A mother goddess
Mayahuel Aztec A minor fertility goddess associated with the maguey plant
Mayahuel Mexican A goddess of the night sky & of drunkenness
Mayajalakrama-Kurukulla Buddhist/ Mayhayana A goddess
Mayavel India Another goddess of children
Menzabac Maya A weather god that causes the rain by sprinkling black dye on the clouds, he has a side line as a fever god & the keeper of good souls
Mitnal Maya The underworld hell where the wicked were tortured
Nacon Maya He is the god of war
Nohochacym Maya A god
Ohoromoxtotil Maya this god was the creator the sun that made the world in habitable by destroying the jaguars that once infesterd it
Oxlahun Ti Ku Maya The generic name for the 13 sky gods who may well be worshipped today
Pantang Mayag Borneo A goddess of love
Poxlom Maya A god of disease
Ppiz Hiu Tec Maya A god of war
Seven Macaw Maya A god of the Big Dipper
Srivasumukhi Buddhist/ Maya A minor attendant goddess
Tohil Maya A fire god
Totilma'il Maya/ Tzotzi An androgynous creator being
Tzultacah Maya A group led to chthonic & thunder gods
Xbaquiyalo Maya A goddess
Xmucane Maya The goddess of childbirth
Xpiyacoc Maya The god of marriage
Xpuch & Xtah Maya The worlds first heavenly servants, prostitutes
Xtabay Maya A goddesses of seduction
Yaluk Maya The head lightning god
Yum Cimih Maya A god of death
Yum Kaax Maya A god of agriculture & maize