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List of Gods : "Armenia"
Aralo Armenia Agriculture "the beautiful one", god Georgia/Armenia/Crimea
Aralo/ Aparajita/ Aray Georgia/ Armenia/ Crimea A god of agriculture
Aramazd Armenia The father of all gods and goddesses, the creator of heaven and earth. Armenia
Bag-Mashtu / Bag-mazda Armenia Bag-Mashtu aka Bag-mazda A sky god with whom Khaldi was identified. Armenia
Bagvarti Armenia Tutelary goddess. Armenia
Bagvarti Urat Armenia A tutelary goddess
Barsamin Armenia Weather and sky god. Armenia
Eabani Armenian The companion of Gilgamesh, the first primaeval man who was turning his rugged face towards civilization through the love of a woman. He takes part in the wanderings of Gilgamesh, and fights with him against Ishtar and the heavenly bull sent by Anu to avenge the insulted goddess. Apparently wounded in this struggle Eabani dies. Armenian Mythology
Haldi Urart Armenia Tutelary god Armenia
Lydia Greek Daughter of the King of Lydia, was sought in marriage by Alcestes, a Thracian knight; his suit was refused, and he repaired to the King of Armenia, who gave him an army, with which he laid siege to Lydia. He was persuaded by Lydia to raise the siege. The King of Armenia would not give up the project, and Alcestes slew him. Lydia now set him all sorts of dangerous tasks to "prove the ardour of his love," all of which he surmounted. Lastly, she induced him to kill all his allies, and when she had thus cut off the claws of this love-sick lion she mocked him. Alcestes pined and died, and Lydia was doomed to endless torment in hell, where Astolpho saw her, to whom she told her story. Greek
Meher Armenia God of the sun who was closely linked with Mithra Armenia
Nana Armenia Mother goddess. Armenia
Selardi Armenia God of the moon Armenia
Sivini Armenia God of the sun Armenia
Spadareamet Armenia Chthonic goddess concerned with fertility of the earth and death, the Christians equate her name with hell Armenia
Teibas Armenia Tutelary god Armenia/Uart
Tork Armenia Guardian of the mountains and their inhabitants Armenia
Tork Armenia This god is the guardian of the mountains & their inhabitants
Vahagn Armenia Armenia's national god. Some time in his existence, he formed a "triad" with Aramazd and Anahit. Vahagn fought and conquered dragons, hence his title Vishabakagh, "dragon reaper". He was invoked as a god of courage, later identified with Heracles. He was also a sun-god, rival of Baal-shamin and Mihr.
Vahgan Armenia A god of victory, born from fire & has flames for hair