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Goddess name "Abundantia aka Abundita" Roman Goddess of Agriculture, good fortune, prosperity and abundance. Roman
Goddess name "Abundantia/ Abundita" Roman A goddess of Agriculture & abundance
God name "Ah Bolom Tzacab" Mayan Meaning "the lead-nosed god," he was a god of Agriculture, thunder and Rain. He was depicted with a leaf in his nose. Mayan
God name "Ah Bolon Dz'acab (many generations)" Mayan / Mesoamerican / Mexico Chthonic fertility god. A god identified with Rain and thunder. Also strongly linked with Agriculture and young crops. Possibly a vegetation avatara of the iguana god ITZAM NA. Attributes include a leaf-like ornament worn in the nose. Also God K....
God name "Ahmakiq" Mayan An Agriculture god who protected crops from the wind. Mayan
God name "Amaethon" Celtic A god of Agriculture
God name "Amaethon" Celtic / Welsh God of Agriculture. A son of DON and brother of GWYDION, he is known from a limited number of Welsh texts and was engaged in a mythical battle against the ARAWN. Associated with ploughing and husbandry. The modern Welsh name for a farmer is amaetbwr....
God name "Amen aka Amoun" Egypt Amun, Amon, Ammon. "Hidden God"; "Great Father." Phallic deity sometimes pictured with the head of a ram and other times pictured as a man with a crown with two tall straight plumes. He rules over reproduction, fertility, generation, wind, air, prophecy, Agriculture. Egypt
God name "Amon/ Amun" Egypt A god of Agriculture, fertility & long life
God name "Arab" Pre - Christian Georgian Local god of Agriculture. Probably derived from the Armenian god ARAY....
God name "Aralo" Armenia Agriculture "the beautiful one", god Georgia / Armenia / Crimea
God name "Aralo/ Aparajita/ Aray" Georgia / Armenia / Crimea A god of Agriculture
God name "Azacca" Haiti God of Farming and Agriculture. Haiti
God name "Balarama" Hindu Balarama Hindu god of Agriculture and physical strength. Symbolized by the club and the plow.
God name "Balarama" India God of Agriculture. India
God name "Chac" Mayan / Yucatec, Mesoamerican / Mexico Rain god(s). Not part of the hierarchy of Mayan gods, but worshiped with great devotion at local level. Originally there was a god, Chaac, who was of huge size and who taught mankind Agriculture. He was regarded as the god of thunder, lightning, Rain and bread, and of milpas (smallholdings) and their produce. Also God B....
Deities name "Chalchiuhtlatonal (jade glowing)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico God of water. One of the deities collectively classed as the Tlaloc complex, generally concerned with Rain, Agriculture and fertility....
Goddess name "Chiang" China Goddess of Agriculture. China
God name "Cronus/ Kronos/ Kronus/ Chronos/ Chronus" Greek A god of & Agriculture who became king of the Titans for a while
God name "Dagon" Semitic / Mesopotamia A god of grain and Agriculture. Semitic / Mesopotamia
God name "Daikokr" Shinto / Japan God of luck. One of seven gods of fortune in Shintoism and often linked with the god EBISU. Originally a god of kitchens, he became a deity concerned with happiness. He is depicted as a fat, well-to-do figure seated on two rice bales and carrying a sack on his back. He also holds a hammer in his right hand. In depictions there is often a mouse nibbling at one of the rice bales. Small gold icons of the god may be carried as talismans of wealth. According to tradition, when Daikoku's hammer is shaken, money falls out in great profusion. In western Japan he is also syncretized with the god of rice paddies, TA-NO-KAMI, and thus becomes the god of Agriculture and farmers. He may have developed from the Buddhist god MAHAKALA....
King name "Faunus" Roman The son of Picus and father of Latinus, was the third in the series of the kings of the Laurentes. In his reign Faunus, like his two predecessors, Picus and Saturn, had promoted Agriculture and the breeding of cattle among his subjects, and also distinguished himself as a hunter. Roman
God name "Fu-His" China God of Agriculture / vegetation and inventor of writing. China
Goddess name "Gefjon" Germanic / Nordic / Icelandic Goddess of Agriculture. One of the AESIR deities and an attendant of the goddess FRIGG according to tradition mentioned by Snorri in the Edda. She bore four giant sons whom she turned into oxen and used them to plough a tract of land which was then towed out to sea to become Zeeland (Sjaeland). She is also said to have founded a royal Danish dynasty. Also Gefiun....
Supreme god name "Gua" West Africa Supreme god who created the universe and takes a special interest in Agriculture, blacksmiths and thunder. West Africa
God name "Hsien Nung" China Agriculture god. China
God name "Hsien Se" China Agriculture god. China
Goddess name "Huixtocihuatl (lady of Huixtorin)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Goddess of salt-makers. One of the group classed as the TLALOC complex, generally involved with Rain, Agriculture and fertility....
God name "Improcitor" Roman A minor god of Agriculture that worried over harrowing of the fields
God name "Inari" Japan / Shinto God of fertility, rice, Agriculture, and foxes. Inari's foxes, or kitsune, are pure white and act as his messengers. Japan / Shinto
God name "Insitor" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. The deity concerned with sowing of crops....
God name "Itzam Na/ Hun Itzamna/ Yaxcocahmut" Maya Another creator god, water, Agriculture, drawing, healing, Medicine & the moon
God name "Itztapal Totec (our lord the stone slab)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Fertility god. A god of Agriculture but also a patron of precious metallurgists. One of the group classed as the XIPE TOTEC complex....
God name "Kahukura" Polynesian / Maori God of Agriculture and creator of the Rainbow. The son of RONGOMAI, Kahukura is invoked for the well-being of crops and in some regions the name appears to be synonymous with that of RONGOMATANE, the god of Agriculture. Kahukura is particularly associated with a staple vegetable of the Maori, the kumara, a root tuber that was introduced to New Zealand by man and is said to possess many magical properties. Kahukura is not to be confused with a legendary character of the same name, a mortal hero who, in antiquity, learned the art of making fish nets....
Deities name "Kokopelli" S America A fertility deity, usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player (often with a huge phallus and antenna-like protrusions on his head), who has been venerated by many Native American cultures in the Southwestern United States. Like most fertility deities, Kokopelli presides over both childbirth and Agriculture. He is also a trickster god and represents the spirit of music.
God name "Lactanus" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. Said to make the crops “yield milk” or thrive....
God name "Lactanus/ Lactans" Roman A minor god of Agriculture
God name "Lai Cho" China Agriculture god. Not part of the locust cult. China
Goddess name "Laksmi" Hindu Goddess of Agriculture, love, beauty, prosperity, Lotus flowers, wealth, and pleasure Hindu / Puranic / India / Epic
Goddess name "Lauka Mate" Latvia Laukamat, Goddess of Agriculture Latvia
Goddess name "Lauka Mate" Pre - Christian Latvian Goddess of Agriculture. Worshiped in the fields at ploughing time....
Goddess name "Lauka Mate/ Laukamat" Lativa A goddess of Agriculture
God name "Liu Meng" China Agriculture god China
God name "Lono" Hawaii Primordial god of Agriculture, peace, Rain, clouds and the sky Hawaii
God name "Mang Shen" China Agriculture god China
Goddess name "Marica" Etruscan Goddess of Agriculture. Etruscan
God name "Messor" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. Concerned with the growth and harvesting of crops....
God name "Miao Hu" China Agriculture god China
Deities name "Nappatecuhtli (four-times lord)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor god of mat-makers. One of the group of deities belonging to the TLALOC complex generally associated with Rain, Agriculture and fertility....
God name "Ninurta" Babylon God of Agriculture, Rain, fertility, war, thunderstorms, wells, canals and floods. Babylon
"Obarator" Roman One of twelve celestial patrons responsible for overseeing the operations of Agriculture. Roman
God name "Obarator" Roman God of Agriculture. Specifically responsible for overseeing the top-dressing of crops....
"Occator" Roman One of twelve celestial patrons responsible for overseeing the operations of Agriculture. Roman
God name "Occator" Roman God of Agriculture. Specifically responsible for overseeing growth and harvesting of crops....
God name "Oko" Nigeria Oko god of the farm and Agriculture. Yoruba, Nigeria
God name "Oko (hoe)" Yoruba / Nigeria, West Africa God of Agriculture. According to tradition he descended from heaven and lived at a farm near the town of Irao, where he attained a great age. One day he disappeared, leaving only his staff which was taken as a symbol of his presence. Annually, at the start of the Rainy season, a festival with strong fertility emphasis is held in his honor....
"Ops" Roman A female Roman divinity of plenty and fertility, as is indicated by her name, which is connected with opimus opulentus, inops, and copia. She was regarded as the wife of Saturnus, and, accordingly, as the protectress of every thing connected with Agriculture. Her abode was in the earth, and hence those who invoked her, or made vows to her, used to touch the ground, and as she was believed to give to human beings both their place of abode and their food, newly-born children were recommended to her care.
Goddess name "Pagoda" Slavic 'Giver of Favorable winds', a weather and Agriculture goddess. Cattle and sheep are sacrificed to her. Slavic
God name "Pai Chung" China Agriculture god. China
God name "Promitor" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. Responsible for the growth and harvesting of crops....
God name "Prthu" Hindu Creator god, noble king who ruled over India, mentioned in Vedic texts. This deity is head of the solar pantheon and introduced Agriculture to humankind. Hindu
God name "Prthu (broad)" Hindu / Vedic Creator god. The head of the solar pantheon who introduced Agriculture to the human race and who, in later Hinduism, is identified as an avatara of VIS'NU....
Goddess name "Puta" Roman Goddess of Agriculture. Specifically responsible for the proper pruning of trees and shrubs....
God name "Redarator" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. Associated with second ploughing and invoked by sacrifice, generally with TELLUS and CERES....
Angel name "Risnuch" Nazorean angel of Agriculture. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Rongomatane" Polynesian / including Maori God of Agriculture. He is the father of cultivated food and the special gardener of the kumara or sweet potato which is a vital crop in Polynesia. In New Zealand the first sweet potatoes are offered to Rongomatane. In the traditions of the Hervey Islands, Rongo is one of the five sons of the moon god, Vatea, and the mother goddess, Papa....
God name "Rongommatane" Polynesia The god of Agriculture, especially the sweet potato
God name "Sabazios" Phrygian / NW Turkey A god of Agriculture
Goddess name "Sala" Hittite lady of the mountain who became a goddess of fertility and Agriculture. Hittite
God name "Sarritor" Roman Minor god of Agriculture who was invoked during the growing and harvesting of crops Roman
God name "Sarritor" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. Invoked during growing and harvesting of crops....
God name "Saturn" Roman God of Agriculture, seeds, astronomy, Saturn, education. Roman
God name "Saturn/ Saturnus" Roman A god of Agriculture, seeds, astronomy, Saturn, education
King name "Saturnus" Italy A mythical king of Italy to whom was ascribed the introduction of Agriculture and the habits of civilised life in general.
God name "She chi" China God of Agriculture, grain, land and soil China
God name "Shei Nuig" Chinese God of Agriculture. Known as the Divine farmer. According to tradition, during his lifetime he invented the plough and taught basic Agriculture and the use of herbs. In a more destructive aspect, he is also the god of the hot winds. He is depicted with the head of an ox and is regarded by some authors as a successor to NU KUA. Also Shen Nong....
God name "Shen Nong" China God of Agriculture, plants and herbs. China
God name "Shen Nung" China A god of Agriculture
God name "Shui Yng" China Agriculture god. China
God name "Spiniensis" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. Mentioned by the writer Fabius Pictor, he is the deity responsible for the uprooting of thorn bushes....
God name "Spiniesis" Africa Agriculture - This poor minor god is charged with responsibility of uprooting thorn bushes
God name "Ssu Cho" China Agriculture god China
"Sterculius" Roman A surname of Saturnus, derived from Stercus, manure, because he had promoted Agriculture by teaching the people the use of manure. This seems to have been the original meaning, though some Romans state that Sterculius was a surname of Picumnus, the son of Faunus, to whom likewise improvements in Agriculture are ascribed. Roman
God name "Sterculius" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. Concerned with the manuring of the fields....
God name "Susano-Wo" Japan / Shinto A god of Agriculture, the ocean & storms
God name "Susanowo" Shinto God of Agriculture, the sea and storms. Shinto
God name "Tammuz" Assyrian A god of Agriculture & fertility
God name "Tammuz" Sumeria A god of Agriculture
God name "Telipinu" Hittite Agriculture god Hittite
Goddess name "Tellus" Roman A goddess of Agriculture, grain fields & fertility
God name "Tirawa" Pawnee The creator god and taught the Pawnee people tattooing, fire-building, hunting, Agriculture, speech and clothing, religious rituals, the use of tobacco and sacrifices.
God name "Tlaloc" Aztec A god of Agriculture, lightning, Rain, weather, clouds, water, springs & mountains
God name "Ubertas" Roman Minor god of Agriculture associated with fruitfulness, fertility and prosperity. Roman
God name "Ubertas" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. Known particularly from the reign of Tiberias in the second century BC and associated with prosperity....
God name "Ugar" Syria A messenger of Baal and an Agriculture god. Syria
God name "Xipe" Totec / Aztec A god of Agriculture, plants, seeds, fertility, jewelers, sacrifice & springtime
God name "Xipe Totec" Aztec our lord the flayed one, was a life-death-rebirth deity, god of Agriculture, the west, disease, spring, goldsmiths and the seasons. He flayed himself to give food to humanity. Aztec
Goddess name "Xochiquetzal" Aztec Goddess of Agriculture, fertility, love, sensual pleasure, sex, happiness, the moon and weavers. Aztec
Goddess name "Xochiquetzal" Aztec A goddess of flowers, fertility, games, dancing and Agriculture, as well as craftsmen, prostitutes and pregnant women. She was originally a moon and love goddess. Aztec
God name "Yum Kaax" Maya A god of Agriculture & maize
God name "Zaka" Haiti Agriculture god Haiti / Vodun