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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Australia"

Spirit name "Anjea" Australia Fertility Spirit. People's souls reside within her in between their incarnations. Australia
God name "Bagadjimbiri" Australia Two brothers and creator Gods. They arose from the ground as dingos and made water-holes, sex organs from a mushroom and another fungus for the androgynous first people, and invented circumcision. Australia
"Baiamai" Australia He is considered by some to be the creator. Others believe he created his son, Burambin, who then created the world. Australia
Spirit name "Baiame" Australia The omniscient intangible great Spirit is self-created, lives in the sky, is the creator of all things. He is important in initiation rites; he "receives the souls of the innocent." His voice is the thunder, his will is manifest through the wind. The Kamilaroi, Wiradjuri, and Euahlayi, Australia
God name "Baiame / Baayami / Baayama" Australia Baiame aka Baayami or Baayama, the ancestor and patron God of the Kamilaroi. He is a sky god and a deity of death and life, and a god of rain and the shamans. Australia
King name "Bamapana" Australia Is a trickster hero who causes discord. He is obscene and profane and once committed incest, thus breaKing a strict taboo. Australia
God name "Banaitja" Australia Banaitja is a creator God. Australia
"Biame" Australia The "Great One," or creator. Australia
Goddess name "Bila" Australia Cannibal sun Goddess. She provided light for the world by cooking her victims over a giant flame. Australia
Goddess name "Boaliri" Australia The younger of the two sister Goddesses that created life. The other was Waimariwi. Australia
Goddess name "Bulaing Karadjeri" Australia Goddess Australia
Goddess name "Bumerali" Australia Goddess of physical prowess. Australia
Goddess name "Bunbulama" Australia Goddess of rain. Australia
Supreme god name "Bunjil" Australia Supreme god, represented as an eagle. The Kulin claim he is a culture-hero who taught them all the important skills of life, but the Wurundjeri claims he created mankind. He now lives in the sky. Binbeal, the rainbow spirit, is his son. Australia
"Cunnembeille" Australia Wife of Biame. She lives in the heavens with him and his other wife, Birrahgnooloo. Australia
"Daramulum" Australia Lunar being and mediator between the creator and humans. Australia
"Djamar" Australia The supreme being and creator, the giver of the moral laws and of initiation rites. He was responsible for the first bull-roar.
Goddess name "Djanggau / Djunkgao" Australian Djanggau with Her sister Djunkgao, are dual fertility Goddess who brought forth all life in the beginning. Australian
Goddess name "Eingana" Australian The world-creator, the birth mother, maker of all water, land, animals, and kangaroos. This huge snake Goddess still lives in the Dreamtime. Australian
"Erathipa" Australian A huge boulder in the shape of a pregnant woman. It is said that the souls of dead children reside within it, and that if a woman of child-bearing age walks by a soul slips from the boulder and into her womb to be reborn. Australian
God name "Gidja" Australia God of the moon. He can bestow the power of Dreamwalking. Australia
Goddess name "Gnowee" Australia Sun Goddess who lived on Earth before there was a sun. Gnowee's baby son wandered off while she was gathering yams and she began searching for him carrying a large torch. She continues to do so and her torch is the sun. Australia
"Harrimiah" Australian The abused twin brother of Perindi, buries himself in the sand and is watched over by the wattle and apple trees. Australian
Spirit name "Imberombera" Australia Travels over the country making everything and leaving Spirit children behind her. She sends out her spirit children to different parts of the country telling them to talk different languages. Kakadu, Australia.
God name "Jar'Edo Wens" Australian A God of earthly knowledge and physical might, created by Altjira to ensure that people did not get too arrogant or self-conceited. He is associated with victory and intelligence. Australian aboriginal
Spirit name "Julana" Jumu A lecherous Spirit who surprises women by burrowing beneath the sand. He was alive, and wandered the Earth with his father, Njirana, during the Dreamtime. Jumu, Australian aboriginal
Goddess name "Julunggul" Australia A rainbow snake Goddess, who oversaw the maturing and initiation of boys into manhood. She was a fertility goddess, associated with rebirth and the weather. Australia
Goddess name "Junkgowa" Australia Sisters and Goddesses of the Sea and Marine Life. Active during the Dreamtime. Australia
God name "Karora" Australia A creator God. He was born in a lake and, after fathering many children, he returned there to slumber. Australia
"Knaritja" Australia The earth and the sky had always existed and had always been the home of Supernatural Beings. The western Aranda believe that the sky is inhabited by an emu-footed Great Father (Knaritja), who is also the Eternal Youth (altjira nditja). He has dog-footed wives and many sons and daughters. "They lived on fruits and vegetable foods in an eternally green land, unaffected by droughts, through which the Milky Way flowed like a broad river...".' They have an Eden-like place where only trees, fruits and flowers flourish. All these sky-dwellers are seen as ageless and beyond death. The Aranda, Australia
"Kunapipi Alawa" Australia Type of magna mater, rather unpleasant who is still a part of the rite of passage for males Australia
"Kunmanngur" Australia Is a serpent from an Aboriginal tale, "The Flood and the Bird Men", told by Kianoo Tjeemairee of the Murinbata tribe. There are many names for the Rainbow Serpent in Aboriginal mythology, depending on location and language. It is a powerful symbol of fertility and creation. Australia
Goddess name "Madalait" Australia Creator Goddess and the sister-in-law of Wala, a sun goddess. Australia
God name "Mangar-kunjer-kunja" Australia A lizard God who created humans. He found the first beings, Rella manerinja, on one side of a hill; they were fused together and he separated them with a knife and cut holes for their mouths, ears, and noses, then gave them the knife, spear, shield, fire, boomerang, and the tjurunga, and lastly gave them a system of marriage. Australia
Spirit name "Nepelle" Australia The ruler of the heavens and the father of all Spirits. Australia
God name "Ngunyari" Australia A sky God important in initiation ceremonies having made the bull-roarer and established the rules regarding it. The Ungarinyin, Australia
Spirit name "Nogomain" Australia Nogamain, a god who gives Spirit children to mortal parents. He created himself from nothingness. Australia
Deities name "Numbakulla" Australia Were two sky gods who created all life on Earth, including humans, from the Inapertwa. Afterwards, they became lizards. The Numakulla are sometimes described as a dual-aspect deity rather than two separate Deities. Australia
Goddess name "Numma Moiyuk" Australia Goddess of fertility. Australia
"Nurundere 'made everything'" Australia Nurundere is but an idealised wizard and hunter, with a rival of his species. Narrinyeri, Australia
"Nyege" Australia The supreme being at Fowler’s Bay, Australia
God name "Pallian" Australia God Australia
God name "Papang" Australia Creator and sky God who lives in the moon. Australia
God name "Pilirin" Australia God of fire who taught men to make fire. Australia
God name "Pundjel" Australia A creator God who invented most of the skills used by Australian Aborigines, including religious rites. He was very much involved in the initiation of boys into manhood.
God name "Puru kupali" Australia The creator God of the Jinini. Australia
God name "Thurremlin" Australia God of passage, from adolescence to manhood Australia
Goddess name "Ungamilia" Australia Goddess of the evening star. Australia
God name "Ungud" Australia A snake God who is sometimes male and sometimes female. He is associated with rainbows and the fertility and erections of the tribe's shamans. Australia
"Wagyl" Australia A snakelike creature who created the waterways in and around the south-west of Western Australia
Goddess name "Walo" Australia Goddess of war and the sun. Australia
"Waramurungundi" Australian The first woman. Australian Aboriginal
"Wati-kutjara" Australian Lizard men. Australian Aboriginal
"Wawalag" Greek Sisters who were daughters of Djanggawul. Australian Aboriginal
Spirit name "Wiradyuri" Australia The ancestor and patron god of the Kamilaroi, as well as being an important creator Spirit or culture hero of the Eora, the Darkinjung, the Wiradjuri, and several other eastern Australian language groups.
"Wolaro" Australia The creator of the sky of heaven and earth and of everything that walks, crawls, swims or flies. Australia
God name "Wollunqua" Australia A snake-God of rain and fertility. Australian Aboriginal
Spirit name "Wondjina" Australia Cloud and rain Spirits. Australian Aboriginal
God name "Wuluwaid" Australia A rain God. Australian Aboriginal
"Wuragag" Australia First man. Australian Aboriginal
Goddess name "Wuriupranili" Australia Solar Goddess who carries a torch that is the sun. Australian Aboriginal
Hero name "Wurrunna" Australia A culture Hero. Australian Aboriginal
Goddess name "Yurlunggur" Australia A rainbow snake Goddess, who oversaw the maturing and initiation of boys into manhood. She was a fertility goddess, associated with rebirth and the weather. She is also known as Kalseru. Arnhem Land, Australia