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List of Gods : "Buga"
Buga Siberia/Tungus The supreme god and represents the entire universe. Siberia/Tungus
Bugaboo Italian A monster, or goblin, introduced into the tales of the old Italian romancers.
Bugady Musun Siberian Revered by many Siberian peoples. Bugady Musun was the patron of wildlife and the guardian of animals.
Bugarik Assam / Garos A lovely river siren with the body and arms of a woman, but no legs. Her head floats on the current and she will kill anyone she catches.
Bugarit British The spirit found on building sites and invoked as the cause of minor accidents. British
Kibuka Buganda Uganda God of war Uganda
Mukasa Lake God of Lake Victoria. Buganda, Uganda
Mukasa Buganda Uganda A beneficent god for he demanded no sacrifices