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List of Gods SIBERIA
Aba khatun Baikal/ Siberia A sea goddess
Abaasy Yakut/ Siberia Netherworld beings
Aha Yakut/ Siberia A river spirit, female type
Ai Tojon Yakut/ Siberia A god that created all light
Ajysyt Yakut/ Siberia A goddess of healing & birth
Ama Baikal/ Siberia A goddess of the dark & of the underworld
Amagandar/ Orokannar Tungus/ Siberia Protective female spirits
Anapel Koryak/ Siberia The goddess who presides over birth & reincarnation
Arsan Duolai Yakut/ Siberia The chief spirit of the underworld
Baj Bajania Yakut/ Siberia A rather joyous forest god
Buga Tungus/ Siberia The supreme God
Bugady Musun Evenki/ Siberian The goddess that was the mother of all animals
Chebeldei Siberia These are the inhabitants of lower world
Cholmus Siberia The creator of animals
Cinei Chukchi/ Siberia A sea goddess
Doh Yenisi Siberia a rather good magician that could fly over the waves, become weary, then create islands to rest on, almost god like
Dunne Enin/ Siberian/ Tungus A goddess of the sky, fire & that ruled over the clan territory
Ec Yenisei Siberia The high god
Eme'mqut Koryak/ Siberia An animistic spirit
Es Ket Siberia A creator god that fashioned humans from clay
Hinkon Tungus/ Siberia A hunting god as the controller of all animals
Hotogov Mailgan Buriat/ Siberia A goddess of heaven at night
I'lena Koryak/ Siberia .
I'lena Koryak/ Siberia An animistic spirit
Icci Siberia Animistic spirits
Ina'hitelan Koryak/ Siberia A guardian spirit that supervises the skies
Itchita Yakut/ Siberia This goddess of the earth prevents illness
Ja neb'a Samoyed/ Siberia A benevolent earth goddess
K'daai Yakut/ Siberia A fire demon that originated working in wrought iron
Kaltes Vogul/ Siberia A goddess of birth
Kaltesh Ugric W. Siberia A goddess concerned with the birth & destiny of the child
Kavra'nna Chukchee/ E. Siberia A sun spirit, female type
Ke'lets Chukchee/ Siberia The demon of death
Keret'kun/ Keretkun Chukchee/ Siberia A god of the sea
Khadau Amur/ Siberia The creator god, neat story
Khosaadam Yenisei Siberia She was driven out of heaven to become an eater of souls
Khovaki/ Savaki Tungus/ Siberia This entity is guilty of being in the creator of the world
Kini'je/ Ki'njen Yukaghir/ E. Siberia This sky spirit that is in charge of keeping an accounting of the time
Kou Njami Siberian A goddess of war
Ku'urkil Chukchee/ Siberia Not only god, but a powerful Shannon & the first man
Kudia Siberian he is a sky god
Kutkhu Kamchadal/ SE Siberia A male and guardian spirit
Kutkinnaku Koryak/ Siberia This is the spirit that taught mankind to haunt it & catch fish in addition to giving them the fire stick & the shamans drum
Lebien-Poghl Yukaghir/ Siberia Animistic owner god & chief protector of the earth
Lietna'irgin Chukchee/ E. Siberia The spirit of the dawn
Lo'cin-coro'mo/ Lo'cil/ Yegl'ie Yukaghir/ Siberia A hearth spirit
Mamaldi Amur/ Siberia She is the co-creator of earth but she was killed by her husband for creating Asia, for spite she created souls for at the magicians he built
Mayin Tungus/ Siberia A benevolent, remote, supreme God
Me'mdeye-Ecl'e Yukaghir/ Siberia Known as father fire, a fire spirit
Milk Gilyaks/ Siberia These are devils of exactly what I am not sure but you best not irritate them
Mir Susne Khum Siberia The sun god
Miti Koryak/ SW Siberia A maternal spirit
Mrantna'irgin Chukchee/ E. Siberia The spirit of the dawn, one of four
Na'ininen Koryak/ Siberia A benevolent creator being
Nu'tenut Chukchee/ E. Siberia An earth spirit that is the owner of the world
Nuli'rahak/ Arna'kuagsak Inuit/ E. Siberia The Sea Spirit, she lives in the ocean depths, owns all sea creatures, & feeds off the bodies of drowned a fisherman
Numi Tarem Siberia The sky god
Peju'lpe Yukaghir/ Siberia Aes guardian spirits look at the well being of animals under their care & benevolent to the hunter so long as he observes the rules and kills only when necessary
Picvu'cin Chukchee/ E. Siberia The god of hunters that rides around on a sled drawn by mice
Pon Yukaghir/ Siberia The Supreme creator god worshiped from prehistoric times until at least 1900 C. E.
Poza Mama Siberian A goddess of the hearth fire
Pu'gu Yukaghir/ E. Siberia the sun god, he is associated with justice & honorable living & will punish those who are evil or pilot
Qaitakalnin Koryak/ Siberia A guardian spirit
Qeskina'qu Koryak/ Siberia The sky spirit the apotheosis of daylight
Quinkini A'qu Koryak/ Siberia The founder of the world
Sakhadai Noin Siberia A god of fire
Si'duku Kamchadal/ SE Siberia the mother spirit
Si'mskalin Kamchadal/ SE Siberia guardian spirit
Ta'yan Koryak/ SE Siberia The Supreme Being who does not muddle in human affairs
Tanara Yakut/ Siberia The apotheosis of the sky, a sky spirit
Tanu'la Koryak/ SE Siberia A guardian spirit of the earth & its plans & animals, female type
Tatqa'hicin Koryak/ SW Siberia A vegetation spirit spirit
Tecei'vune/ Tne'sqan/ Mratna'igrin/ Lietna'igrin/ Na'chitna'igrin Chukchee/ SE Siberia The female spirit of the dawn
Tenanto'mwan Koryak/ S. Siberia The creator spirit
Tenato'mni Chukchee/ E. Siberia The creator spirit
Ti'hmar Kolyma Tungus/ Siberia The supreme spirit, it became the name for the Christian god
Tna'nto Koryak/ SE Siberia The spirit of the first light of dawn
Tna'nto Koryak/ Siberia The spirit of dawn, the first light of the dawn deified
Tnecei'vune Chukchee/ Siberia A spirit of the dawn, one of four beings that control the dawn of from different directions
Toko'yoto Koryak/ SE Siberia This male guardian spirit is one of the owners of world that created the Pacific Ocean
Toko'yoto Koryak/ Siberia A guardian spirit who is one of the owners of the world, the Pacific Ocean to be specific
Tomwo'get Koryak/ SE Siberia He is an archetypical creator being
Tomwo'get Koryak/ Siberia An archetypical creator spirit
Tsi Siberia A goddess of justice
Ulu'tuyar Ulu Toyo'n Yakut/ Cen. Siberia A rather evil creator spirit
Uru'n Ajy Toyo'n/ Ayi' Uru'n Toyoy'n Yakut/ Siberia A creator being that lived in the north east
Uslo Yakut/ Siberia This spirit of the mountains was one of the guardians of the natural world
Va'irgin Chukchee/ E. Siberia The supreme being whose name means "I exist"
Ve'ai Koryak/ S. Siberia The feminine vegetation spirit & personification of the grasslands
Velaute'mtilan Koryak/ SE Siberia He is a vegetation spirit
Ynakhsyt Yakut/ Siberia A goddess of cattle
Zonget Khanty Siberia The goddess of hunting