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List of Gods : "Siberia"
Aba khatun Baikal/ Siberia A sea goddess
Aba khatun Baikal Siberia Goddess of the sea. Siberia
Aha Yakut/ Siberia A river spirit, female type
Ajysyt Siberia / Yakut Goddess of healing and birth. she writes every new birth into a golden book. Siberia
Ama Siberia Goddess of the dark and of the underworld. Siberia
Amagandar Siberia / Tungus Protective female spirits who protect innocent souls from the curse that belongs anothers. Siberia
Amagandar/ Orokannar Tungus/ Siberia Protective female spirits
Anapel Siberia / Koryak "Little Grandmother" Goddess who presides over birth and reincarnation Koryak
Arsan Duolai Yakut/ Siberia The chief spirit of the underworld
Buga Siberia/Tungus The supreme god and represents the entire universe. Siberia/Tungus
Bugady Musun Siberian Revered by many Siberian peoples. Bugady Musun was the patron of wildlife and the guardian of animals.
Chebeldei Siberia These are the inhabitants of lower world
Cholmus Siberia Creator of animals Siberia
Cinei Chukchi/ Siberia A sea goddess
Cinei-new Siberia/Chukchee A sea goddess and wife of Peruten, god of the sea. Siberia/Chukchee
Doh Yenisi Siberia a rather good magician that could fly over the waves, become weary, then create islands to rest on, almost god like
Dunne Siberia Goddess of the sky, fire and who ruled over the clan territory Siberia/Tungus
Ec Yenisei Siberia The high god
Es Ket Siberia Creator god who fashioned humans from clay. Siberia
Gicholan Siberia The supreme being "The-One-on-High". Siberia
Gicholetinvilan Siberia The supreme being "The-Master-on-High". Siberia
Havaki Siberia The sun god of the Tungus. Siberia
Hinkon Tungus/ Siberia A hunting god as the controller of all animals
Hinkon Tungus Siberia God of hunting as the controller of all animals Siberia
Hotogov Mailgan Siberia Goddess of heaven at night Siberia/Buriat
I'lena Koryak/ Siberia An animistic spirit
Icci Siberia The spirit of Mother Earth. Siberia
Ilem Siberian 'One who cannot speak'. The supreme God of the Siberian Ostiaks.
Ina'hitelan Koryak/ Siberia A guardian spirit that supervises the skies
Inahitelan Siberia The supreme being whose name maens "Supervisor." Siberia
Itchita Yakut/ Siberia This goddess of the earth prevents illness
Itchita Yakut Siberia Goddess of the earth, prevents illness Siberia
K'daai Yakut/ Siberia A fire demon that originated working in wrought iron
K'daai Yakut Siberia A fire demon and the father of smiths and iron workers. Siberia
Kaltes Siberia Goddess of birth Siberia/Vogul
Kaltesh Ugric Siberia Goddess concerned with the birth and destiny of the child Siberia(west)
Kavra'nna Chukchee/ E Siberia A sun spirit, female type
Kavra'nna Chukchee East Sun spirit, female type Siberia(East)
Ke'lets Chukchee/ Siberia The demon of death
Ke'lets Chukchee Siberia Demon of death Siberia
Keret'kun Siberia God of the sea. Siberia.
Keret'kun/ Keretkun Chukchee/ Siberia A god of the sea
Khadau Hindu A pair of wooden sandles once worn by the hindu god Ram. Bharat placed them symbolically on Ayodhya's throne. Amur, Siberia
Khosaadam Yenisei Siberia Driven out of heaven to become an eater of souls Siberia
Khovaki Siberia Creator of the world Siberia
Khovaki/ Savaki Tungus/ Siberia This entity is guilty of being in the creator of the world
Kini'je Siberia(East) Sky spirit who is in charge of keeping an accounting of the time. Siberia(East)
Kini'je/ Ki'njen Yukaghir/ E Siberia This sky spirit that is in charge of keeping an accounting of the time
Kou Njami Siberia Goddess of Sun. Siberia
Ku'urkil Chukchee/ Siberia Not only god, but a powerful Shannon & the first man
Ku'urkil Chukchee Siberia Not only god, but a powerful Shannon and the first man Siberia
Kudia Siberia God of the sky Siberia
Kutkhu Kamchadal/ SE Siberia A male and guardian spirit
Kutkhu Kamchadal East Male and guardian spirit Siberia(East)
Kutkinnaku Koryak/ Siberia This is the spirit that taught mankind to haunt it & catch fish in addition to giving them the fire stick & the shamans drum
Lebien-Poghl Yukaghir/ Siberia Animistic owner god & chief protector of the earth
Lebien-Poghl Yukaghir Siberia Animistic owner god and chief protector of the earth Siberia
Lietna'irgin Chukchee/ E Siberia The spirit of the dawn
Lietna'irgin Chukchee East Spirit of the dawn Siberia(East)
Lo'cin-coro'mo/ Lo'cil/ Yegl'ie Yukaghir/ Siberia A hearth spirit
Mamaldi Amur/ Siberia She is the co-creator of earth but she was killed by her husband for creating Asia, for spite she created souls for at the magicians he built
Mamaldi Amur Siberia Co-creator of earth but she was killed by her husband for creating Asia, for spite she created souls for at the magicians he built Siberia
Marginen Siberia A personification of the creative principle of the world. The Chukchee, Siberia
Mayin Tungus/ Siberia A benevolent, remote, supreme God
Mayin Tungus Siberia Benevolent, remote, supreme god Siberia
Me'mdeye-Ecl'e Yukaghir/ Siberia Known as father fire, a fire spirit
Me'mdeye-Ecl'e Yukaghir Siberia Known as father fire, a fire spirit Siberia
Milk Gilyaks/ Siberia These are devils of exactly what I am not sure but you best not irritate them
Milk and knin Siberia The names of the evil spirits and other bad powers. Gilyaks, Siberia
Mir Susne Khum Siberia God of the sun Siberia
Na'ininen Koryak/ Siberia A benevolent creator being
Nenekicex Siberia A benevolent supreme deity and creator. The Kamchadal, Siberia
Nu'tenut Chukchee/ E Siberia An earth spirit that is the owner of the world
Nu'tenut Chukchee East Earth spirit who is the owner of the world Siberia(East)
Nuli'rahak Inuit Sea Spirit, she lives in the ocean depths, owns all sea creatures, and feeds off the bodies of drowned a fisherman Siberia/Inuit
Nuli'rahak/ Arna'kuagsak Inuit/ E Siberia The Sea Spirit, she lives in the ocean depths, owns all sea creatures, & feeds off the bodies of drowned a fisherman
Numi Tarem Siberia God of the sky Siberia
Otshirvani Siberia The creator god, and with Chagan-Shukuty, the creators of man. Central Siberia
Peju'lpe Yukaghir/ Siberia Aes guardian spirits look at the well being of animals under their care & benevolent to the hunter so long as he observes the rules and kills only when necessary
Peju'lpe Yukaghir Siberia Guardian spirits, who look at the well being of animals under their care and benevolent to the hunter so long as he observes the rules and kills only when necessary Siberia
Picvu'cin Siberia God of hunters who lives in deep ravines, and stays near the forest. Chukchee, Siberia
Pon Yukaghir/ Siberia The Supreme creator god worshiped from prehistoric times until at least 1900 C. E.
Poza Mama Siberian A goddess of the hearth fire
Pu'gu Yukaghir/ E Siberia the sun god, he is associated with justice & honorable living & will punish those who are evil or pilot
Pugu Siberia Yet another God of the sun, this one is associated with justice and honourable living, the defender of the oppressed and the punisher of evil deeds. Yukaghir, Siberia
Qeskina'qu Siberia Qeskina'qu "Big Light" the son of the creator being Tenanto’mwan. Koryak, Siberia
Quinkini Siberia Founder of the world. Koryak, Siberia
Quinkini A'qu Koryak/ Siberia The founder of the world
Sakhadai Siberia The personification of fire who gives life to the newborn winter sun. Siberia
Sakhadai Noin Siberia A god of fire
Si'duku Kamchadal/ SE Siberia the mother spirit
Si'duku Kamchadal East Mother spirit Siberia(East)
Si'mskalin Kamchadal/ SE Siberia guardian spirit
Si'mskalin Kamchadal East Guardian spirit Siberia(East)
Tanara Yakut/ Siberia The apotheosis of the sky, a sky spirit
Tanara Yakut Siberia Apotheosis of the sky, a sky spirit Siberia
Tanu'la Koryak/ SE Siberia A guardian spirit of the earth & its plans & animals, female type
Tanula Siberia Guardian spirit of the earth, plants and animals. Koryak, Siberia
Tatqa'hicin Koryak/ SW Siberia A vegetation spirit spirit
Tecei'vune East Female spirit of the dawn Siberia(East)
Tecei'vune/ Tne'sqan/ Mratna'igrin/ Lietna'igrin/ Na'chitna'igrin Chukchee/ SE Siberia The female spirit of the dawn
Tenato'mni Chukchee/ E Siberia The creator spirit
Ti'hmar Siberia The Source of Originating Consciousness, neither male or female but the Cause of all Polarity, both in Form and beyond Form; perfect Light and Nothingness. Tungus, Siberia
Ti'hmar Kolyma Tungus/ Siberia The supreme spirit, it became the name for the Christian god
Tna'nto Koryak/ Siberia The spirit of dawn, the first light of the dawn deified
Tnecei'vune Siberia Spirit of the dawn, one of four beings who control the dawn of from different directions. Chukchee, Siberia
Toko'yoto Koryak/ Siberia A guardian spirit who is one of the owners of the world, the Pacific Ocean to be specific
Tomwo'get Koryak/ SE Siberia He is an archetypical creator being
Tsi Siberia Goddess of justice Siberia
Ulu'tuyar Ulu Toyo'n Yakut/ Cen Siberia A rather evil creator spirit
Ulutuyer Ulu Toyon Siberia Ulu-Toyon. The chief of the 'dark' spirits is Ulutuyer-Ulu-Toyon, 'Onmipotent Lord'. He is always described as living in the western sky, and, in contrast to the inactive Art-Toyon-Aga, he is the personification of action and of the passions. Ulu-Toyon is not always harmful to men, for he gives to them one of his souls, sur, and defends them from the attacks of abassylar. The Yakut, Siberia
Uru'n Ajy Toyo'n/ Ayi' Uru'n Toyoy'n Yakut/ Siberia A creator being that lived in the north east
Uslo Siberia Spirit of the mountains, one of the guardians of the natural world Yakut, Siberia
Va'irgin Chukchee/ E Siberia The supreme being whose name means "I exist"
Ve'ai Koryak/ S Siberia The feminine vegetation spirit & personification of the grasslands
Velaute'mtilan Koryak/ SE Siberia He is a vegetation spirit
Yaqhucnin Siberia The supreme being and creator. Siberia
Yayutsi Siberia After ascending through several heavens in visionary consciousness, the shaman converses with the creator god Yayutsi and also bows before the Moon and Sun in turn. Finally, at the celestial abode of bai Ulgan, the shaman learns details of future weather patterns and the outcome of the harvest. The shaman then collapses in a state of ecstatic release. The Altai, Siberia
Ytsigy Siberia The highest benevolent deity of the Gilyak is known as Ytsigy and they call the universe Kurn, and apply the same name to their highest anthropomorphic deity. The 'owner' spirit of the mountain, and the mountain itself, is named Pal, and the sea and its 'owner' they call Tol. Gilyak. Siberia
Zonget Siberia A Mansi nature goddess. Siberia
Zonget Khanty Siberia The goddess of hunting