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List of Gods : "Chinese"
Atsze Chinese A fox in human form. Chinese
Cao Guo Jiu Chinese One of the Chinese Ba Xian, he is also the patron saint of actors and actresses.
Ch'ang O / Chang'e, Chang-Ngo, Heng-E / Heng-O China the Chinese goddess of the moon. Unlike many lunar deities, Chang'o only lives on the moon. China
Chang Sien Chinese A divinity worshipped by women desirous of offspring. Chinese
Chinese dragon China In China, the drawing of a five-clawed dragon is not only introduced into pictures, but is also embroidered on state dresses and royal robes. This representation is regarded as an amulet.
Deluges Chinese The principle ones are: the deluge of Fohi, Chinese. The Satyavrata, of the Indians; the Xisuthrus, of the Assyrians; the Mexican deluge; Noah's Flood and the Greek deluges of Deucalion and Ogyges.
God of Prosperity Chinese One of the Gods found in Malaysia and is very important to local Malaysian Chinese especially businessmen. Chinese
Guan Di Chinese The god of martial arts. Chinese
Guan Yin/ Guanyin Chinese The goddess of mercy
Gui Xian China The great Tortoise, one of the four Holy Animals of Chinese mythology and a symbol of Longevity and Immortality. China
Ho-Hsien-Ku Chinese One of the `eight immortals' and the virgin of the mountains, goddess of agility, immortality and mother reverence. Chinese
Hsi Shih China Goddess who represents the old virtues and feminine qualities of Chinese women. She also sponsors a nice line of face creams, cosmetics and perfumes. China
Hsi shen China God of joy. Fu Shen denotes a generic title for the beneficent gods of the Chinese. China
K'uei Hsing Chinese Chinese god of examinations.
Kun Lun Chinese The Kunlun mountains are well known in Chinese mythology and are believed to be Taoist paradise. The first to visit this paradise was King Mu. He supposedly discovered there the Jade Palace of Huang-Di, the mythical Yellow Emperor and originator of Chinese culture, and met Hsi Wang Mu, the 'Spirit Mother of the West' usually called the 'Queen Mother of the West', who was the object of an ancient religious cult which reached its peak in the Han Dynasty, also had her mythical abode in these mountains.
Long Mu Chinese Mother of Dragons was a Chinese woman who was deified as a goddess after raising five infant dragons.
Meng-Po-Niang China Goddess who stands at the Ninth Chinese Hell. Her magic potion was administered to each soul, so that they would forget their past lives. China
Na Cha/ Li No Cha Chinese/ Taoist The guardian god that was born as a god of from human parents
Nezha Chinese Nataku or Nata, a deity, the enfant terrible trickster, originally of Chinese mythology. His official Taoist deity name is Zhongtan Yuanshuai.
Old Man of the Moon Chinese Old Man of the Moon. The Chinese deity who links in wedlock predestined couples.
Pak Tai/ Hsuan T'ien/ Shang Ti Chinese/ Taoist An astral god of war
Pan-Gu Chinese The Chinese creator god who was born from the Cosmic Egg.
Po Chinese In the I Ching "the full manifestation of the kwei" -- the kama-manas or animal soul. Chinese
Pussa Chinese Chinese have the trible goddess Pussa.
Qin-Guang-Wang Chinese The ruler of the first court of Feng-Du the Chinese hell.
San-Guan Chinese The three gods in charge of the Chinese heaven
Shou-Hsing Chinese Chinese god of long life and old age. He was the keeper of the book with the life spans of men.
Shui-Khan Chinese Chinese god who defends men against evil and forgives their wrongdoings.
Suzaku Chinese One of four occult Chinese gods, in the form of a red phoenix he rules over the element of fire.
T'ien Chinese Heaven, the abode of the ancestors; when applied to the human being, spirit. Chinese
Tai Shan Chinese God who is the ruler of the Seventh Court of Feng-Du, the Chinese Hell.
Tsi-tsai Chinese The Self-existent, that which is the unknown darkness. Chinese
Tu Er Shen Chinese A Chinese deity who manages the love and sex between men. His name literally means "rabbit deity".
Tua Pek Kong Chinese One of the pantheon of Malaysian Chinese Gods.
Wen-chang Chinese God of literature and writing. Chinese
Wu Guan Chinese King of the fourth hell. Chinese
Xi He Chinese Goddess of Light and Mother of the Ten Suns. Chinese
Xi Shi Chinese Beautiful Goddess of Face Creams, Cosmetics and Perfumes. Chinese
Xi-Wang-mu Chinese Goddess of immortality. Chinese
Xian Chinese A spiritually immortal, transcendent and super-human celestial being. Chinese
Xiling Shi China A legendary Chinese Empress wife of the Yellow Emperor who discovered silk and invented the silk loom. China
Xiwangmu Chinese The Daoist Goddess of Immortality, owner of the Heavenly Peach Garden, and the Queen of Paradise. Chinese
Yue-Laou Chinese The old man of the moon who unites with a silken cord all predestined couples, after which nothing can prevent their union. Chinese