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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Chukchee"

Spirit name "Kavra'nna" Chukchee/ E Siberia A sun Spirit, female type
Spirit name "Kavra'nna Chukchee" East Sun Spirit, female type Siberia(East)
Demon name "Ke'lets" Chukchee/ Siberia The Demon of death
Demon name "Ke'lets Chukchee" Siberia Demon of death Siberia
God name "Keret'kun/ Keretkun" Chukchee/ Siberia A God of the sea
God name "Ku'urkil" Chukchee/ Siberia Not only God, but a powerful Shannon & the first man
God name "Ku'urkil Chukchee" Siberia Not only God, but a powerful Shannon and the first man Siberia
Spirit name "Lietna'irgin" Chukchee/ E Siberia The Spirit of the dawn
Spirit name "Lietna'irgin Chukchee" East Spirit of the dawn Siberia(East)
"Marginen" Siberia A personification of the creative principle of the world. The Chukchee, Siberia
"Mrantna'irgin" Chukchee She went to the lake. Then she began to sing on the lake-shore. "From the lake, O penis, come out!" Then a [mere] penis appeared. She sat down upon it, and she herself copulated with it. At the dawn of the day she went home. Chukchee
Spirit name "Nu'tenut" Chukchee/ E Siberia An earth Spirit that is the owner of the world
Spirit name "Nu'tenut Chukchee" East Earth Spirit who is the owner of the world Siberia(East)
God name "Picvu'cin" Siberia God of hunters who lives in deep ravines, and stays near the forest. Chukchee, Siberia
Spirit name "Tecei'vune/ Tne'sqan/ Mratna'igrin/ Lietna'igrin/ Na'chitna'igrin" Chukchee/ SE Siberia The female Spirit of the dawn
"Tenan-tomgin" Chukchee Creator. 'One who induces things to be created'. Chukchee
Spirit name "Tenato'mni" Chukchee/ E Siberia The creator Spirit
Spirit name "Tnecei'vune" Siberia Spirit of the dawn, one of four beings who control the dawn of from different directions. Chukchee, Siberia
"Va'irgin" Chukchee/ E Siberia The supreme being whose name means "I exist"
King name "Vairgin" Chukchee The sun, moon, stars, and constellations are also known as vairgit; but the sun is a special vairgin, represented as a man clad in a bright garment, driving dogs or reindeer. He descends every evening to his wife, the 'WalKing-around-Woman'. The moon is also represented as a man. He is not a vairgin, however, but the son of a kele of the lower worlds. He has a lasso, with which he catches people who look too fixedly at him. Shamans invoke the moon in incantations and spells. Chukchee
"Vairgit" Chukchee Benevolent supernatural beings. Chukchee