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List of Gods EGYPT
Aa Maakhuer Egypt A lion god of truthful speech
Aabit Egypt A goddess of song
Aah Egypt The moon god of Memphis.
Aahmes Nefertari Egypt A protector/ punisher of humans elevated to goddesshood
Aasith Egypt/ Syria A goddess of the hunt, war, and the desert
Ahat Egypt A cow goddess
Ahemait Egypt An underworld goddess who eats the souls of the unworthy
Aheramenmthoou Egypt The god of thunder, night, storms, wind, landslides & tidal waves
Ahti Egyptian A goddess of evil
Aken Egypt An underworld god & keeper of the underworld ferryboat
Aker Egypt A god of the earth that guards in the entrance to the underworld
Akert khentet auset[s] Egypt A book of the dead deity
Akeru Egypt Pluralistic earth gods
Akusaa Egypt A goddess of war & sunset
Am-Heh Egypt An underworld god & minor deity who lives in a lake of fire
Amaunet Egypt A fertility goddess
Amen Egypt A primordial creation deity
Ami Egypt A god of fire.
Ammit Egypt He ate the hearts of unworthy souls
Ammon/ Amen Egypt The god of air, wind, sun, reincarnation, war
Ammut Egypt An underworld goddess that eats the hearts of the evil
Amn Egypt A goddess of justice
Amon/ Amun Egypt A god of agriculture, fertility & long life
Amsu Egypt A god of fertility
Amun Egypt The supreme creator god
Amunet/ Nuit Egypt A goddess of mystery
Anahita Egypt/ Babylon A goddess of water & war
Andjety Egypt An underworld god of the ninth nome[district]
Anhouri Egypt A minor god
Anhur Egypt A god of war and hunting
Anti Egypt A Guardian deity of the eastern sky
Anubis Egypt A god of black magic, death, embalming & funerals
Anuket Egypt A goddess of water & of rivers
Anukis Egypt A birth goddess & of the cataracts of the lower Nile
Anzety Egypt The god & King of Busiris
Apep Egypt A huge serpent who caused storms & eclipses & ate the sun at evening
Apesh Egypt A tortoise god of night, evil, & the powers of darkness
Apet Egypt A goddess that protects pregnant women, children, nursing mothers & justice
Apis Egypt A god of fertility
Apophis Egypt The demon of darkness
Apuat Egypt A jackal headed god who helps the soul choose it's next incarnation
Ari Au Tchesf Egypt A lion god
As Egypt A local fertility god
Asbit Egypt A goddess of fire
Ashkit Egypt A goddess of wind
Aso Egypt A goddess of justice
Astarte Egypt A goddess of war
At Em Egypt A goddess of time
Aten Egypt The sun god
Athor Egypt A goddess of light
Atum Egypt A bisexual god of water
Auset Egypt The goddess of Sirius
Autyeb Egypt A goddess of happiness, Joy
Ba Egypt A fertility deity
Ba-Pef Egypt A malevolent underworld god
Bab Egypt A disrespectful rouge of a god
Banebdjedet Egypt A god possibly involved with arbitration
Banemdedet Egypt A god of sexual fertility
Bast/ Pasht Egypt A cat goddess, healing, life & war
Bastet Egypt A goddess of fertility, love, sex,of joy
Baty Egypt A cow goddess of fertility
Benu Egypt A sun god in a bird like form
Berenice Egypt A goddess of Coma Berenices
Bes Egypt A god of childbirth, food, love, marriage, luck, recreation, relaxation & sleep
Bubastis Egypt A goddess of childbirth
Buto Egypt A cobra god of Lower Egypt & justice
Chnum Egypt A god
Chonsu Egypt A god of the moon
Dedun/ Dewden Egypt A god that was the lord & giver of incense
Dedwin Nubian a god of riches & incense that was nailed by the Egyptians
Dua Egypt A lion headed god of the future & protector of the stomach of the deceased
Ennead Egypt The Heliopolis pantheon as a group
Epaphos Greek The progenitor of the Egyptians
Epet Egypt A goddess of healing, childbirth, children
Ermutu Egypt A goddess of childbirth & midwives
Geb Egypt A god of the Earth
Ha Egypt A guardian God of the West
Hah Egypt This is the god that was the bearer of heaven, a personification of infinity & eternity
Hapantalli/ Hapi/ Hapy Egypt A god of the Nile, fish, barley, grain, herbs, water, dew, & fertility
Hapi Egypt A god that protected the the lungs of the dead
Hapi Egypt This god was the personification of the Nile
Harachte Egypt The god of the morning sun
Harakhti Egypt A form of the god Horus
Harendotes Greek A form of the Egyptian god Horus that guards and protects his father
Harmachis Greek Another form of the Egyptian god Horus
Harmeti Egypt The tutelary god of Seden, a form of Horus
Haroeris Greek Another form of the Egyptian god Horus, but this time as an adult
Harpokrates Greek Another form of the Egyptian god Horus, as a child sitting on his mother's knee
Harpre Egypt This god's job was to protect the king from illness & misfortune
Harsaphes Egypt/ Hellenized A ram headed god of fertility and water
Harsiese[s] Egypt A form of the god Horus, especially as the child of Isis & Osiris
Harsomtus Egypt/ Hellenized A form of the god Horus
Hathor Egypt A goddess of procreation, sexuality, romance, trees, poetry, music, alcohol, childbirth, infants, death, fertility, love, marriage, beauty, joy & the sky
Hatmehyt/ Hatmehit Egypt The fertility & guardian goddess of fish & fisherman
Hatshepsut Egypt A goddess of justice
Hauhet Egypt A primordial goddess, one of the Ogboad
He Zur Egypt A baboon god accepted as a manifestation of Thot
Hedetet Egypt She is the scorpion goddess found in the Book of the dead
Heh Egypt A primordial god of infinity
Heha Egypt A god of magical words
Hehet Egypt A primordial goddess of the immeasurable
Heket Egypt A goddess midwives
Hekt Egypt A goddess midwives
Hemen Egypt A falcon god
Hemsut/ Hemuset Egypt A goddess of fate and newborn babies
Henkhesesui Egypt A ram headed, winged, beetle god of the east wind
Heqt Egypt A frog headed goddess of life, childbirth
Here Ketit Egypt A lion headed goddess who breathes fire on the evil deceased
Heret-Kau Egypt An underworld goddess of the old kingdom
Hermanubis Egypt A god of the dead in the cult of Isis
Heron Egypt A god appearing on the monuments of the Greek & Roman eras, thought to be a horseman god
Herysaf Egypt A primeval god
Hesat Egypt The goddess of birth & a minor guardian of pregnant & nursing mothers
Hetep Egypt A god of peace & happiness
Hetepes-Sekhus Egypt An underworld goddess
Hez-ur Egypt The baboon god, considered to be a form of Thot
Hike/ Heka Egypt This god had his shrines in/ around of Memphis
Hor-Hekenu Egypt in this form, Horus is the lord of protection
Horus Egypt A god of prophecy, healing, music, art, war, victory, light, the north & the sky
Hours Egypt Underworld goddesses, the 12 daughters of Re
Hu Egypt A god that personified royal authority
Huzayui Egypt A serpent headed, winged god of the west wind
Ihi/ Ehi Egypt He is the lord of the sistrum
Ihy Egypt A minor god of music
Imhotep Egypt A god of healing, embalming, medicine, learning, sleep etc
Imiut Egypt A minor chthonic protective god
Imset/ Amset Egypt This god is a funerary god charged with the care of the liver of the deceased
Ini Egypt A goddess of justice
Ini Heret Egypt She is the goddess of mediators, diplomats, statesman's & other professional liars
Inmutef/ Inummutef Egypt A minor canopic god
Ipet/ Ipi Egypt She started life as a hippopotamus goddess
Ipy Egypt A mother goddess that occasionally will wet nurse the king
Isdes Egypt A chthonic god of death
Isis Egypt A goddess of childbirth, death, the earth, fertility, marital devotion, motherhood, healing, home, magic, the moon & the mother goddess
Island of Flame Egypt Though not a god, without yet it eight gods would never have came into being
Iusaas Egypt A creator goddess
Joh Egypt The original word for the moon god in Thebes
Jumit Egypt A local goddess of El Tod
Kauket Egypt A primordial goddess, one of the eight that represent chaos
Kebechet Egypt A chthonic snake goddess
Kebechsenef Egypt A funerary god responsible for at the lower portion of the body
Kefa Egypt A goddess of the Great Bear
Kek Egypt A primordial god, one of the eight representing chaos
Kek t Ken Egypt A goddess of love
Keket Egypt A goddess of darkness associated with the the island of flame
Kematef Egypt An epitaph for the primeval god Amun
Kemwer/ Kemur Egypt The Black Bull the venerated at Athribis
Khem Egypt A god of life and growth in nature, vegetation, animals, fertility
Khentimentiu Egypt This is the god that rules the destinies of all of the dead
Khepera Egypt A blue haired scarab god of transformation, water, creation & warriors
Kherty Egypt A chthonicearth god, was around from 2500 BCE
Khesef Egypt A lion god who repels feelings of lust
Khnum/ Kneph/ Khnemu Egypt A smith god who forms humans on his potter's wheel
Khons[u]/ Khons Hor Egypt A god of healing & the moon
Khonsu Egypt He protects those who travel at night, and expels demons
Kis Egypt This god was venerated in Kusae
Kloanthes Hellenized/ Roman Egypt A youthful god of Panoplois
Kuk Egypt A primeval god, one of a pair, a member of the Ogdoad, that represent the darkness that reigned prior to the creation of any heavenly body
Ma Egypt A goddess of justice
Maahes/ Maa/ Myhs/ Mihos Egypt He's the god of sight, sun god of the Nile Delta, & the midsummer
Maat Egypt A goddess of justice, truth & stability
Mafdet Egypt A minor goddess who is a guardian against snakes & scorpions
Mahes Egypt A sun god normally worshipped in the region of the Nile delta
Mathit Egypt A tree goddess who helps the dead climb to heaven
Mehen Egypt A minor chthonic underworld god
Mehet-Weret Egypt A minor goddess of the creation accounts
Mehet-uret Egypt This goddess was the embodiment of all primeval waters
Mehit/ Mechit Egypt A lion goddess
Mehturt Egypt A goddess of the sky
Menhit/ Menchit Egypt A lion goddess
Menthu Egypt A god of war
Meret/ Mer Egypt A goddess of song & rejoicing as well as the treasury
Meretseger/ Meresger Egypt A chthonic underworld goddess who brings illness and death to the disrespectful
Mesenet Egypt The goddess of the birth tile
Meskhenet Egypt A goddess of prophecy, childbirth, reincarnation, fate & justice
Meskhoni Egypt A goddess birth & midwives
Mihos/ Miysis Egypt A lion god of Lower Egypt
Min Egypt A god potency, fertility, thunder, reproduction, roads & the sky
Mir Egypt A god of sex
Month/ Montu Egypt The war god of Thebes that quit during the 11th dynasty, royal politics you see
Mut Egypt A vulture goddess shown crowned and holding a papyrus scepter, goddess of fertility, healing & sound bodies
Naunet Egypt A primordial goddess one of the eight Ogdoad
Nebethepet Egypt A local primordial goddess
Nechmetawaj Egypt A goddess of justice
Nefertem Egypt A god of sunrise, perfumes, ointments, virility, pleasure & Lotus flowers
Nefertum Egypt A minor primordial God of creation from lower Egypt
Nehebka Egypt A goddess of justice
Nehebu-Kau Egypt A minor snake god
Neit Egypt A goddess of war & wisdom
Neith Egypt A goddess of the east, women, sorcery, the home, healing, war, hunting & weaving
Nekhebt Egypt The vulture goddess of Upper Egypt
Nekmet Awai Egypt A goddess of justice and in
Neper Egypt A god of grain & barley
Nephthys Egypt A goddess of death, war, of warriors
Nepit Egypt A goddess of grain
Nepthys Egypt The goddess of the dead
Neret Egypt A vulture goddess of strength, fear, & theft
Net/ Neith Egypt A goddess of the east, women, sorcery, the home, war, hunting, weaving
Netcheh Netcheh Egypt A god of twofold vengeance
Nit Egypt A goddess of hunting