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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Estonia"

Goddess name "Aijo" Estonia Goddess of evil Estonia
Supreme god name "Jumala" Finland A generic name for a major deity. Originally the name given by the Finns to the sky, the sky-god, and the Supreme God. Later taivas and Ukko were used as the names for the sky and the sky-god. The word means god and was later used for the Christian God. The origin of the word is unknown – some possible explanations are derivation from Jomali, the supreme deity of the Permians and origination from the Estonian word jume.
Hero name "Kalevanpoika (son/ man of Kaleva)" Finland A giant Hero who can cut down forests and mow down huge meadows, identical with Estonian national epic hero Kalevipoeg.
Goddess name "Maa-Ema" Estonian Estonian earth Goddess
God name "Peko" Estonia God of fertility Estonia
"Vanapagan" Estonian Old Nick, "Old Heathen", the devil depicted as dumb giant farmer. Estonian
"Vanatuhi" Estonian "Old Empty One", the devil. Estonian
God name "Vanemuine" Estonian The God of songs. Estonian
Spirit name "Veehaldjas" Estonian Spirit of the water, the weaver of a spring. Estonian
Spirit name "Veteema" Estonian The Water Mother, a Spirit believed to rule the waters and their bounty. Estonian
"Virmalised" Estonian The personification of the Polar Lights. Estonian