God Name and Meaning

List of Gods   : "Guinea"

Goddess name "Abeguwo" Melanesia / New Guinea Rain goddess whose urine turns to moisture. Melanesia / New Guinea
Goddess name "Aebhel Afekan" Melanesia / New Guinea The creator goddess
Goddess name "Afekan" Melanesia / New Guinea Creator goddess. Melanesia / New Guinea
Deities name "Alatangana" Africa With Sa, one of two creator deities he created land from swamp and placed vegetation on earth. He then eloped with the Sa's daughter and fathered seven boys and seven girls. Kono - Eastern Guinea, West Africa
Deities name "Alatangana" Kono / eastern Guinea, West Africa Creator god. One of two creator deities; the other is SA. ALATANGANA created land from swamp and placed vegetation on earth. VAJRAPANI and a large number of minor names.See also AMITABHA, AMOGHASIDDHI, RATNASAMBHAVA and VAIROCANA....
Deities name "Alatangana Kono" Africa One of the two creator deities, this god created land from swamp Africa(west) / Guinea
God name "Gainji" New Guinea Creator god of the Papuan Keraki people. New Guinea.
"Hainuwele" Indonesia 'The Coconut Girl' who, when she "answered the call of nature"; excreted valuable items. She was killed and buried by villagers but her boyfriend exhumed the corpse and cut it into pieces which he then re-buried around the village. These pieces grew into the various tuberous plants, giving origin to the principle foods the people of Indonesia have enjoyed ever since. Seram, New Guinea
God name "Hala" Guinea The sky god of the Kisi. Guinea
God name "Harisu" New Guinea The benevolent and invisible great god who is the source of all good. New Guinea
God name "Hiovaki" New Guinea A sky god and the god. New Guinea
Demon name "Honoyeta" New Guinea An enormous snake demon who brought mortality to human beings. Papua New Guinea
"Jalang" Guinea, Mali The all-powerful supreme being of the Mdinge.
Goddess name "Jugumishanta" New Guinea Creator goddess and Mother of earth. New Guinea
Demon name "Kaiamunu" New Guinea demon who plays a large part in initiation ceremony for boys Papua New Guinea
God name "Marunogere Kiwi-Papua" New Guinea A very popular fellow, he taught people to make their houses but most importantly he created the sexual parts of women, but not claimed to be a god
God name "Mwetyi" Guinea The supreme being who was also a god of oaths and punished perjury. The Shekuni, Guinea
"Obtala" Santeria Came down from heaven to the earth with a sea-shell, guinea hen, sand and a chicken. Obtala poured the sand on the waters, and dropped the hen on the earth. The hen scratched the sand and created earth's first land mass. Santeria
Deities name "Sa" Kono / eastern Guinea, West Africa Chthonic creator god. One of a pair of creator deities, with ALATANGANA. Sa inhabited the primeval swamps before the sky or the light existed and before there were any living things on earth. He had a daughter who eloped with Alatangana and bore fourteen children, three pairs of black and four pairs of white, all of whom spoke different languages and to whom Sa gave the tools of survival....
Deities name "Sa Kono" E Guinea A creator god, one of a pair of creator deities
God name "Sakarabru" Guinea God of Medicine, retribution and justice. Agni, Guinea
"Ualare" New Guinea The name for ancestors, ualare is that by which all sacred objects are designated. Certain animals are ualare, and as these were never injured or eaten. The Elema, Papuan Gulf, New Guinea
"Ugatame" New Guinea The omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent creator. New Guinea
God name "Wonekau" New Guinea The all-seeing and all-hearing supreme celestial god. New Guinea