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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Indonesia"

Goddess name "Andriam" Indonesian Primeval Goddess springing from, or living in, a rock Indonesian
Deity name "Antaboga" Indonesia Underworld serpent Deity(god). At the beginning of time, only Antaboga existed. Antaboga meditated and created the world turtle Bedwang from which all other creations sprang. Indonesia
God name "Batara Guru" Indonesia Has full authority from Sang Hyang Wenang, the power holder of all Gods, to direct other gods to perform their duties, as well as to govern all kinds of life in the universe included life and fate of human beings. Indonesia
Spirit name "Belas" Indonesian Indonesian tree Spirits who should be asked to move before chopping a tree down
Goddess name "Bulan" Indonesia Goddess of the moon Indonesia/Malaysia
Demon name "Buta" Indonesian An evil Demon with hooked teeth. Indonesian
"Hainuwele" Indonesia 'The Coconut Girl' who, when she "answered the call of nature" excreted valuable items. She was killed and buried by villagers but her boyfriend exhumed the corpse and cut it into pieces which he then re-buried around the village. These pieces grew into the various tuberous plants, giving origin to the principle foods the people of Indonesia have enjoyed ever since. Seram, New Guinea
"Ilai" Indonesia The male aspect of the supreme power, Indara being the female aspect. Together they made humankind. Indonesia
"Indara" Indonesia The Maiden, the earth. With Ilai, the sun, they are the supreme powers of the Torajas. They created mankind, but not plants and animals. Celebes, Indonesia
Supreme god name "Latur Dano" Indonesia Counterpart of their Supreme God which causes sickness, death and bad weather Indonesia/Nias Is.
God name "Lowalangi" Indonesia God of the world above and source of anything good Indonesia/Nais Is.
"Mahadara" Borneo The supreme being and creator of all things. The Ot-danoms, Borneo and Indonesia
"Makarom Manouwe" Indonesia The masculine principle lives in the sky and sometimes in the sun, a primordial pair with Makarom Mawakhu. Island of Keisar, Indonesia
"Makarom Mawakhu" Indonesia The feminine principle is Present in the earth, and forms a primordial pair with Makarom Manouwe. Island of Keisar, Indonesia
Supreme god name "Mula Djadi Na Bolon" Batak Mula djadi na bolon. The self-existent Supreme God and creator of the universe is the father of Batara Guru, Soripada, and Mangalabulan. The Batak, Indonesia
"Opo" Indonesia Supernatural beings including revered ancestors. Indonesia
God name "Opo Wananatas" Indonesia God in the Highest. Indonesia
"Pakbangha" Indonesia Pakbangha The supreme being of the Chawte. Indonesia
Goddess name "Silewe Nazarata" Indonesia Goddess Understanding, of wisdom Indonesia
God name "Sirao" Indonesia The high God of the north and central Nias Island. Indonesia
God name "Upulero" Indonesia The God of heaven, who fertilizes Upunusa, the earth. Indonesia
"Upunusa Grandmother Earth" Indonesia The female principle who was fertilized by Upulero. Indonesia