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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Lithuanian"
God Name: Aitvaras Lithuanian A household spirit in Lithuanian mythology. An Aitvaras looks like a white or black rooster with a fiery tail. An Aitvaras may hatch from an egg of a 9 – 12 year old rooster. If the Aitvaras dies, he becomes a spark.
God Name: Ausautas Lithuanian God of health and medicine. Lithuanian
God Name: Bubilas Lithuanian A household god of bees. Later hypothetical reconstructions say that people sacrificed honey for Bubilas. People believed that doing so would make bees swarm better. Bubilas is the husband of Austeja. Lithuanian
God Name: Dievas aka Dievs Latvia The supreme god in the pre-Christian religion of Lithuanians, where Dievas was understood to be the supreme being of the world. Latvia
God Name: Gaila Lithuanian A spirit of night, which obsessed people and animals in dreams. Lithuanian
God Name: Gondas Lithuanian A local god of domesticity and human sexuality. Lithuanian
God Name: Jagaubis Lithuanian Fire god. Lithuanian
God Name: Javine Lithuanian A household god who protects grain in barns. Lithuanian
God Name: Jievaras Lithuanian A household spirit who protects grain. Sacrifices to Jievaras are made after the rye harvest. While cutting grain, women would leave a few grain tufts uncut, which would later be braided into plaits. They would also leave some bread and salt under the plait. Lithuanian
God Name: Junda Lithuanian A goddess of war. Known merely from its name. Lithuanian
God Name: Jurate and Kastytis Lithuanian Heroes of a Lithuanian legend. The queen of the amber palace Jurate may be considered a manifestation of the goddess of Sea.
God Name: Kupole Lithuanian The spirit of springtime vegetation and flowers. The Festival of Kupole was associated with Feast of St. John the Baptist. In this festival, women picked sacral herbs, danced and sang songs. Kupolines is also known as Rasos. Lithuanian
God Name: Laima Lithuanian A goddess trio of life & good fortune, the fates
God Name: Mejdejn Lithuanian Goddess of trees and forests. Lithuanian
God Name: Vaizgantas Lithuanian A god of flax. Lithuanian
God Name: Vakarine Lithuanian The evening Venus, who makes the bed for the Sun. Lithuanian
God Name: Vejopatis Lithuanian The spirit of wind. He is the father of the winds, usually described as a wrathful, inexorable, evil spirit with a beard, wings and two faces. Lithuanian and Prussian
God Name: Vele Lithuanian Spirits of dead human beings. Lithuanian
God Name: Veliuona Lithuanian A goddess of death. Lithuanian
God Name: Velnias Lithuanian The devil or evil personified. Lithuanian