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List of Gods : "Polynesia"
Ai Tupua'i Polynesia Goddess of healing and of war. Polynesia
Aiaru Polynesia Goddess who predicts death. One of the Seven Guardians of the World. Polynesia
Aitu Polynesia Ghosts or spirits, often malevolent. Polynesia
Ala Muki Polynesia Goddess of rivers who takes the form of a dragon. Polynesia
Alalahe Polynesia Goddess of love. Polynesia
Alohura Polynesia The lightning goddess of the beTrobi people. Mentioned in The Colour of Magic.
Apu-Ko-Hai Polynesian Fish god of the Kanei who inhabit the Polynesian island of Mangaia.
Atanea Polynesian A goddess of the dawn in Polynesian mythology. She created the seas after having a miscarriage and filling the oceans with her amniotic fluid.
Atua Fafine Polynesia Creator being Tikopia/Polynesia
Atua Fafine Tikopia Polynesia A creator being
Atua I Kafika Tikopia Polynesia The supreme god viewed as a intercessor rather than a Controller
Atua I Raropuka Polynesia Creator deity Tikopia/Polynesia
Atua I Raropuka Tikpoa Polynesia Another creator deity
Faivarongo Polynesia Grandsire of the Ocean and the god of sailors. Polynesia
Faivarongo Tikopia Polynesia A god of sailors
Fakavelikele Polynesia The supreme god of the Futuna who, with Songia and Fitu, was considered the source of all good and evil. Polynesia
Faumea Polynesia Goddess of fertility. Polynesia
Haikili Hawaii The god of thunder.Hawaii Polynesian
Haka Polynesia The goddess who, along with her husband Tetoo, created the sky and the earth. Polynesia
Hakahotu Polynesia The Earth Mother and guiding feminine principle. Polynesia
Haumiatiketike Maori Vegetation god Polynesia/Maori
Haumiatiketike/ Haumia Polynesia/ Maori A vegetation God
Havea Lolo Fonua Polynesia Goddess of intercourse Polynesia
Heva Polynesia The legendary "first woman" who, together with Ad-ima, arrived at the Indian subcontinent after the Great Flood destroyed a former age of civilized greatness. Polynesia
Hine-Ahu-One Maori Chthonic goddess Polynesia/Maori
Hine-Ata-Uira Maori Goddess of light Polynesia/Maori
Ilu Polynesia Father of night. Samoa, Polynesia
Ina Polynesia A lunar deity daughter of Kui or Vaitere, who kept an eel in a jar, but it soon grew into the eel-god, Tuna, who tried to rape her. The people of Upolo rescued her and sentenced him to death. At his request, she buried his head in the sand and from it grew the first coconut. Ina is married to Marama, the god of the night. She lives in the sky during the daytime when her husband is not visible. Polynesia
Kuklikimoku Polynesia God of war. Polynesia
Mahiuikez Polynesia Fire god Polynesia
Mahui Iki Polynesia Goddess of fire and the underworld. Polynesia
Mahuika Polynesia Goddess of earthquakes who rules the edges of the underworld Polynesia
Maimoa-a-Longona Polynesia The iron rock called Touiafutuna was split asunder and there leapt forth the second pair of the primordial male and female twins, Atungake and Maimoa-a-Longona. Tonga, Polynesia
Make Make Polynesia God of creation. Polynesia, Easter Island
Malamanganga'e Polynesia Creator being who was a personification of light Polynesia
Malamangangaifo Polynesia The other creator being that was a personification of light
Malimeihevao Polynesia A supernatural being known through the oral traditions of the Tonga, Polynesia.
Marama Maori Goddess of the moon Polynesia/Maori
Maui Maori Tutelary god Polynesia/Maori
Mories Polynesian Places of worship and sacrifice, could never be entered by women. Polynesian
Oro Tahiti A god of both war and peace in Polynesia. During peacetime he was called Oro-i-Te-Tea-Moe ("Oro with the spear down"). He is a son of Tangaroa and Hina-Tu-A-Uta, and father of Hoa-Tapu, Toi-Mata, Ai-Tupuai and Mahu-Fatu-Rau. Tahiti
Oro Polynesia/ Tahiti A god of war
Papatuanuku Polynesia Chthonic mother goddess who evolved spontaneously in the cosmic night. Polynesia
Pare Polynesia Goddess of volcanoes. Polynesia
Pusi Polynesia The family god of Tonuia, the first ancestor. At an opportune time Pusi would bite an enemy and bring upon him a lingering sickness from which he would waste away. Tikopia, Polynesia
Pusi Tikopia Polynesia if this God, the apotheosis of the reef eel
Raka Polynesia God of the winds. Polynesia
Rongommatane Polynesia The god of agriculture, especially the sweet potato
Salevao Polynesia "Sacred one of the bush" a general village god as well as a war god. Polynesia
Savea Si'uleo Polynesia God of the dead Polynesia
Taka rita Polynesia Goddess of adultery Polynesia
Tane[mahuta] Polynesian A god of light, fertility & the sky
Tangaroa Polynesia A god of fishing, the ocean & reptiles, the life giver of all
Tangaroa Polynesia One of the great gods, the god of the sea. He is a son of Rangi and Papa, Sky and Earth. His wife, Faumea, was an ocean goddess. Man-killing eels dwelled in her vagina, but she taught Tangaroa how to safely lure them out. Polynesia
Taranga Polynesian Polynesian fertility goddess.
Taumata-Atua Polynesia Vegetation god who presides over the fields Polynesia
Tawhaki Polynesia A semi-supernatural being associated with lightning and thunder. Polynesia
Te Po Polynesian personification of the primordial night being which existed in the chaos prior to light
Te Kore Polynesia Primordial void being who was the personification of darkness of chaos prior to light Polynesia
Te mehara Polynesia Goddess of wisdom Polynesia
Te-Aka-Ia-Roe Polynesia Creator being Polynesia/Hervey Is.
Te-Tanga-Engae Polynesia Creator being Polynesia/Hervey Is.
Tifenua Tikopia Polynesia Chthonic fertility god Polynesia
Tiki Polynesia Creator god who created mankind Polynesia
Timaiti-Ngava-Rimngvari Polynesia Primordial female principle being Polynesia/Hervey Is.
Timatekore Polynesia Primordial male principle of being. Polynesia
Tinirau Polynesia God of the ocean Polynesia
Touia Fatuna Tonga/ Polynesia The earth goddess, the deification of the rock deep in the earth that rumbles & gives birth to new land
Touia Fatuna Tonga Polynesia Goddess of the earth, the deification of the rock deep in the earth who rumbles and gives birth to new land Polynesia
Tumatauenga Polynesia God of war who was given charge over mankind. Polynesia
Turi a faumea Polynesian A god of fishing & reptiles
Turi-A-Faumea Polynesia Turi-A-Faumea's wife Hina-Arau-Riki (or Hina-A-Rauriki) was kidnapped by the octopus-demon Rogo-Tumu-Here. Faumea helped Tangaroa and their sons rescue Hina by withdrawing the opposing winds into the sweat of her armpit and then releasing them to power the heroes' canoes. Polynesia
Uli Polynesia A forest goddess who also dabbles in sorcery. Polynesia
Valevalenoa Polynesia God of space and the son of tangaloa-the-explorer-of-lands and the queen of earth. Samoa, Polynesia
Vari Polynesia A self created being of the beginning times. Polynesia
Vari-Ma-Te-Takere Polynesian The primal generator, the female spirit who dwells in darkness at the base of the dark underworld of Avaiki. Polynesian
Vari-ma-te-takere Polynesia The primeval mother who lived in Avaiki, the coconut shell at the begining of the universe. Mangaia, Polynesia
Wahini Hai Polynesia Demonic mother figure who steals and eats small children. Polynesia
Wahini Hal Polynesian The demonic mother figure
Wahini-Hal Polynesian Demonic mother figure who sneaked through the night stealing and eating small children. Polynesian
Wari Ma Te Takere Polynesia Wari Ma Te Takere, Coconut shell goddess. Wari symbolizes the fertile slime of primordial times and means mud. Polynesia