Books about the Gods

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List of Gods Polynesia
Adaro Polynesia/ Melanesia A sea god
Ai Tupua'i Polynesia A goddess of healing & of war
Aiaru Polynesia Her function is to predict death
Ala Muki Polynesia A river goddess who takes the form of a dragon
Alalahe Polynesia The goddess of love
Atua Fafine Tikopia Polynesia A creator being
Atua I Kafika Tikopia Polynesia The supreme god viewed as a intercessor rather than a Controller
Atua I Raropuka Tikpoa Polynesia Another creator deity
Faivarongo Tikopia Polynesia A god of sailors
Faumea Polynesian A goddess of fertility
Fe'e Polynesia The god of the dead
Haumiatiketike/ Haumia Polynesia/ Maori A vegetation God
Havea Lolo Fonua Polynesia A goddess of intercourse
Hine-Ahu-One Polynesia/ Maori A chthonic goddess
Hine-Ata-Uira Polynesia/ Maori The goddess of light
Hine-Nui-Te-Po Polynesia/ Maori A chthonic goddess of night & of the underworld
Kuklikimoku Polynesian A god of war
Mahiuikez Polynesia A fire God
Mahui Iki Polynesia A goddess of fire & the underworld
Mahuika Polynesia A goddess of earthquakes who rules the edges of the underworld
Make Make Easter Is./ Polynesia A god of birds
Malamanganga'e Polynesia A creator being that was a personification of light
Malamangangaifo Polynesia The other creator being that was a personification of light
Marama Polynesian/ Maori the moon goddess
Maui Polynesian/ Maori A tutelary god
Oro Polynesia/ Tahiti A god of war
Papatuanuku Polynesia A chthonic mother goddess that evolved spontaneously in the cosmic night
Pare Polynesian A goddess of volcanoes
Pusi Tikopia Polynesia if this God, the apotheosis of the reef eel
Raka Hervey Is./ Polynesia got the winds
Rongommatane Polynesia The god of agriculture, especially the sweet potato
Salevao Polynesia The primordial god of rocks
Savea Si'uleo Polynesia He is the god of the dead
Taka rita Polynesian A goddess of adultery
Tane[mahuta] Polynesian A god of light, fertility & the sky
Tangaroa Polynesia A god of fishing, the ocean & reptiles, the life giver of all
Taumata-Atua Polynesian A vegetation god that presides over the fields
Tawhaki Polynesian A god of lightning & thunder
Tawhirimatea Maori/ New Zealand/ Polynesian A god of winds
Te Po Polynesian personification of the primordial night being which existed in the chaos prior to light
Te Kore Polynesia The primordial void being that was the personification of darkness of chaos prior to light
Te mehara Polynesian A goddess of wisdom
Te-Aka-Ia-Roe Hervey Is./ Polynesia A creator being
Te-Tanga-Engae Hervey Is./ Polynesia A creator being
Tifenua Tikopia Polynesia at the chthonic fertility god
Tiki Polynesia The creator god that created mankind
Timaiti-Ngava-Rimngvari Hervey Is./ Polynesia The primordial female principle being
Timatekore Hervey Is./ Polynesia The primordial male principle being
Tinirau Polynesian A god of the ocean
Touia Fatuna Tonga/ Polynesia The earth goddess, the deification of the rock deep in the earth that rumbles & gives birth to new land
Tu Polynesian A god of war & stability
Tumatauenga Polynesian A god of war who was given charge over mankind
Turi a faumea Polynesian A god of fishing & reptiles
Uli Polynesian A goddess of healing
Wahini Hal Polynesian The demonic mother figure
Wari Ma Te Takere Polynesia This goddess was a coconut shell divinity