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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Polynesian"

God name "Apu-Ko-Hai" Polynesian Fish God of the Kanei who inhabit the Polynesian island of Mangaia.
Goddess name "Atanea" Polynesian A Goddess of the dawn in Polynesian mythology. She created the seas after having a miscarriage and filling the oceans with her amniotic fluid.
God name "Haikili" Hawaii The God of thunder.Hawaii Polynesian
"Mories" Polynesian Places of worship and sacrifice, could never be entered by women. Polynesian
God name "Tane[mahuta]" Polynesian A God of light, fertility & the sky
Goddess name "Taranga" Polynesian Polynesian fertility Goddess.
"Te" Po Polynesian personification of the primordial night being which existed in the chaos prior to light
God name "Turi a faumea" Polynesian A God of fishing & reptiles
Spirit name "Vari-Ma-Te-Takere" Polynesian The primal generator, the female Spirit who dwells in darkness at the base of the dark underworld of Avaiki. Polynesian
Demon name "Wahini Hal" Polynesian The Demonic mother figure
Demon name "Wahini-Hal" Polynesian Demonic mother figure who sneaked through the night stealing and eating small children. Polynesian