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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Togo"
God Name: Ngunuwo Ewe/ Togo The fates
God Name: Ngunuwo Ewe Togo Fates. Togo.
God Name: So Ewe/ Hua/ Togo and weather god
God Name: So Ewe Togo And weather god Togo
God Name: Sodza Togo God of the sky, prayed to weekly to send rain. Hua, Togo
God Name: Sogblen Togo Messenger god who carries the priests prayers to Sodza and brings back promises of good crops. Togo
God Name: Unumbotte Togo Creator god. Bassari, Togo
God Name: Unumbotte Bassari Togo A creator god
God Name: Uwolowu Togo Creator god who first made a woman on the earth and bore with her the first child, the first human being. Akposso, Togo