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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Togo"

"Ngunuwo" Ewe/ Togo The fates
"Ngunuwo Ewe" Togo Fates. Togo.
God name "So" Ewe/ Hua/ Togo and weather God
God name "So Ewe" Togo And weather God Togo
God name "Sodza" Togo God of the sky, prayed to weekly to send rain. Hua, Togo
God name "Sogblen" Togo Messenger God who carries the priests prayers to Sodza and brings back promises of good crops. Togo
God name "Unumbotte" Togo Creator God. Bassari, Togo
God name "Unumbotte Bassari" Togo A creator God
God name "Uwolowu" Togo Creator God who first made a woman on the earth and bore with her the first child, the first human being. Akposso, Togo