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List of Gods : "Vodun"
Agwe Haiti/ Vodun A goddess manifestation of Yemanja
Agwe Vodun God of the ocean Vodun
Amelia/ Maitresse Amelia Haiti/ Vodun loa of Haiti
Aylekete Africa God of the sea and a member of the Vodun gods Fon
Aylekete/ Agbe Fon A god of the sea & a member of the Vodun gods
Baron Samedi Haiti/ Vodun The god of death magic & the underworld
Bussumarus Amelia/ Maitresse Amelia Haiti/ Vodun loa of Haiti
Ezili Fon Haiti/ Vodun/ West Indies A goddess who represents wisdom & beauty & love
Ghede Vodun God of death, and of fertility and love Vodun
Maitresse Amelia Haitian A loa or minor deity. Haitian Vodun
Ogoun aka Ogun Haiti Ogum, Ogou, the deity who presides over fire, iron, hunting politics and war. He is the patron of smiths and is usually displayed with his attributes: machete or sabre, rum and tobacco. Haiti Vodun
Ogoun/ Ogun Haiti/ Vodun A god of war & fire
Ti Malice Vodun A trickster-loa, archnemesis of Uncle Bouki. He was said to be exceptionally lazy. Vodun
Ti-Jean Petro Vodun A snake-loa and son of Dan Petro. Vodun
Vierge Haiti/ Vodun A sea goddess