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List of Gods HAITI
Adamisil Wedo Haiti A water goddess
Agaman Nibo Haiti A goddess of the dead
Agwe Haiti/ Vodun A goddess manifestation of Yemanja
Agweta Haiti A sea goddess
Aida Wedo Benin/ Haiti A goddess of the rainbow & fresh water Aida Cuedo, Aido Wedo, Ayida, Ayida Cueddo
Aido Wedo Haiti A goddess of fire
Amelia/ Maitresse Amelia Haiti/ Vodun loa of Haiti
Ayida Haiti A goddess of rainbows
Ayizan Haiti A goddess that protects the market place
Azacca Haiti A god of agriculture
Baron Samedi Haiti/ Vodun The god of death magic & the underworld
Bugid Y Alba Puerto Rico/ Haiti A god of war
Bussumarus Amelia/ Maitresse Amelia Haiti/ Vodun loa of Haiti
Christalline Haiti An evil sea goddess
Clairm'e Haiti/ Vodun A river loa
Clairmezin'e Haiti A river goddess
Damballah Haiti A goddess of sweet waters
Diablesse Haitian A goddesses of justice
Erzuli Mapiangueh Haiti A goddess of justice
Erzulie Haiti A goddess of health, clothes, flowers, jewelry, of fertility, love, virginity, beauty & sex
Ezili Fon Haiti/ Vodun/ West Indies A goddess who represents wisdom & beauty & love
Faragvoul Puerto Rico/ Haiti A votive god
Guabonito Haiti The sea goddess who teaches people about medicines & health
Guede l'Oraille Haiti A goddess of violent storms
Itaba Haiti Ancestor goddess
Legba Haiti A god of the sun & war
Loa Puerto Rico/ Haiti Spirit beings that were imported by Africa slaves
Loco Haiti/ Vodun A god of healing
Marinette Haiti An earth goddess
Ogoun/ Ogun Haiti/ Vodun A god of war & fire
Sirone Haiti/ Vodun A water goddess & protector of bathing children
Tsilah Haiti/ Vodun A goddess of fortune & beauty
Ursule Haiti/ Vodun A goddess of love
Vierge Haiti/ Vodun A sea goddess
Zaka Haiti/ Vodun A god of agriculture