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Horus Gog


was a man with a falcon's head. In most drawings, he was show as a contributor. He would either be holding both his hands out in a giving fashion, or he would be leading someone by their hand. In some cases Horus was also portrayed only as a falcon, not human. He was usually show wearing a large elaborate hat, symbolizing seer of both upper and lower Egypt. Horus was commonly shown with a sun or moon on top of his head; this is because many people associated the sky with the sun and moon.


Horus was one of the first pre-eminent divine beings. The hieroglyph representing the word for "god," was the picture of a falcon perched on a branch. Horus is extremely well known for his eyes. Many Egyptians wrote that his eyes were the sun and moon of the world. There is a story telling why the moon shines so much dimmer than the sun. It had to do with Osiris's death. When Set killed Osiris, Horus fought Set, so that Set could not become the overall leader of Egypt. In this battle of the gods, it was known that Set gouged out Horus's eye "the moon." This made him not be able to see through, and there for the moon was forever dimmer.
It was also later know that Horus's eye was renewed to its original capacities by Thoth. To this day Horus's eye is portrayed as the symbol of regeneration and healing. However, some people believe that his eye is a symbol of the fight and struggle he had with Set, in this case it represents the eye of power. In the present day a lot of people get Horus's eye tattooed on their body. The meanings and ideas of the original Horus were lost with time. Since Horus is a relatively old god, his meaning adapted and mutated to fit the needs of the citizens. From this battle with Set he became a symbol of power, struggle, loss, and renewal.
Depending on what area of Egypt one lived, his meanings differed. Since Horus is such an old god, his childhood and how he got his powers are a bit plain. It was said that his mother gave him the powers, because she foresaw her husband being murdered, and she wanted her son to oversee all of Egypt. However, not many people believe this story.


Horus is the son of Osiris, and Isis. Some believe he had a brother Anubis. His Mother Isis told him to be the protector of Egypt after the death of his father Osiris. Horus battled with Set for all of Egypt, Horus eventually won. Horus had four sons (For more go to Four sons of Horus).