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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Peru"

Supreme god name "Ai Apec" Peru Supreme god who rules the destinies of the world. Fond of strangling shore demons. Peru
Supreme god name "Ai Apec Mochica" Peru The Supreme God that rules the destinies of the world
Supreme god name "Amayicoyondi" Peru Goddess of the sky and the wife of Niparaja, the omnipotent Supreme God and creator of heaven and earth. Peru
God name "Apocatquil" Inca/Peru God of lightning. He recalled his mother to life and made an aperture in the earth with a golden spade, through which the race of the Peruvians emerged and took possession of the land. Inca/Peru
God name "Ataguchu" Peruvian A Peruvian God who helped Apocatequil.
Goddess name "Atoja" Peru Mountain Goddess who sends the rains. Peru
Goddess name "Axo Mama" Peru Goddess of the potato crops Peru
"Ayya Vaikundar" Tamil According to Akilattirattu Ammanai, a scripture of the Ayyavazhi, was an avatar of Narayana. As per the Ayyavazhi mythology the body in which Ayya Vaikundar incarnated is that of Mudisoodum Perumal. Tamil
Goddess name "Banbha Cavillaca" Peru A virgin Goddess that was preggers by a sneaky god
Goddess name "Cavillaca" Peru A virgin Goddess who was impregnated by Coniraya who shaped his sperm into the likeness of a fruit which Cavillaca ate. Peru
Goddess name "Cinei-new" Siberia/Chukchee A sea Goddess and wife of Peruten, god of the sea. Siberia/Chukchee
Goddess name "Coca Mama" Peru Goddess of health, happiness and the coca plant. Peru
Goddess name "Cocha" Peru Goddess of rain. Peru
"El Dorado" Peru Golden illusion, a land or means of unbounded wealth. Peru
Spirit name "Huaca" Peru Huacas, Spirits that either inhabit or actually are physical phenomena such as waterfalls, mountains, or man-made shrines. Peru
"Huacas" Peru/ Bolivia Any natural object that has an obvious supernatural manifestation
God name "Huisiniamui" Peru A God of the sun and sky. He invented vegetation, but was also fond of headhunting and cannibalism. Peru
Spirit name "Iguanchi" Peru The benevolent and friendly chief Spirit who directs all the important acts in the life of the Jivaro. Peru
God name "Irma" Peru An early coastal name of the creator God. Peru
Goddess name "Ka Ata Killa" Peru Goddess of the moon. Had a nice house with a view of Lake Titicaca. Peru
God name "Kon" Peru he is the God of all the desert
Goddess name "Mama Allpa" Peru Goddess of the harvest Peru
Goddess name "Mirahuato" Peru Goddess of health Peru
"Ni" Origin The sea and the origin of life. Chimu, Peru
God name "Ni Chimu" Peru A sea God of significant status
God name "Orehu" Peru A woman sent by the God Arawanili to teach the Arawaks about religion. Peru
God name "Pacha Kamaq" Inca Pacha Kamaq the 'Earth-Maker', the creator God of the peoples who lived in Peru before the Inca conquest.
God name "Pariacaca" Peru A God of water and rainstorms and a creator-god. He was born a falcon but later became human. Peru
Spirit name "Pava" Peru The returning messianic god-Spirit who has yet to return. Peru
Goddess name "Peperuna" Slavic A thunder Goddess and the mother of the sun-goddess Solntse. Her twin brother was the thunder-god Perun. Slavic
God name "Perun" Russia God of thunder, also creator Russia
God name "Perun" Slavic A God of war, justice, lightning & thunder
God name "Perun" Slavic God of war, justice, thunder and lightning. Slavic
God name "Peruwa" Hittite God of horses Hittite
God name "Peruwa/ Pirwa" Hittite a horse God
Goddess name "Quinoa-Mama" Peru Minor Goddess in charge of rabbits. Peru
God name "Si Chimu" Peru God of the moon Peru
Deity name "Tanga-tango" Peruvian An ancient Deity(god) who existed before anything else. Peruvian
Goddess name "Top'tine" Brazil Goddess of fire Peru/Brazil
Supreme god name "Uni" Etruscan The Supreme Goddess and the patron goddess of Perugia. Etruscan
God name "Veles" Slavic A major Slavic God of earth, waters and the underworld, associated with dragons, cattle, magic, musicians, wealth and trickery. He is also the opponent of thunder-god Perun, and the battle between two of them constitutes one of the most important myths of Slavic mythology.
Goddess name "Zaramama" Peru ("grain mother") or Mama Zara was the Inca mythology Goddess of grain. She was associated with maize that grew in multiples or were similarly strange. These strange plants were sometimes dressed as dolls of Zaramama. She was also associated with willow trees. Peru