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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Canada"
God Name: Asintmah Canada Earth Mother. She wove a fireweed and willow blanket to cover earth. Canada
God Name: Glooscap Canada The god of righteousness who made the plains, food plants, animals and humans. Canada
God Name: Hila Eskimo God/goddess of the atmosphere and of the cold weather, storms, and drifts. Caribou Eskimo, Canada.
God Name: Kanipinikassikueu Canada The Caribou Master, is a powerful spirit in traditional Innu an Indegenous people of present day Canada and Quebec. In the myth, an Innu man goes to live with the Caribou. He marries one of the does, and becomes transformed himself into caribou form. He becomes the master of the caribou, and the provider of caribou for the Innu people.
God Name: Kitanitowit Algonquin/ E Canada A being who is present everywhere in the universe, he is invisible, like most gods
God Name: Ku'nkunxuliga Ma'maelegae BC Canada Tribal god and personification of the Thunderbird BC Canada
God Name: L'etsa'aplelana Bella Coola/ PNW Canada The goddess who initiates the shamans
God Name: Lendix-Teux Chilcotin BC Canada Tutelary god who educates the human race BC Canada
God Name: Manabozo/ Nena bu shu Menonemi US/ Canada A redeemer & a trickster who a rabbit on earth under a bowl
God Name: Michabon Ottawa/ Canada This god is guilty of creating humans from animals
God Name: Michabon Ottawa Canada God who created humans from animals
God Name: Michalon Canada God who created humans from animals. Central Canada
God Name: Midewiwin Canada Showed and taught people the importance of maintaining a balanced living by herbal medicines, vision questing, and the sacred teachings and songs. Prayers and songs invoked the power of the plant medicines. Great Lakes tribes. Canada
God Name: Midewiwin Algonquin NE US E Canada This is the great medicine dance which requires the epitome of reverence is performed or the tribe will suffer
God Name: Minabozho Algonquin NE US E Canada this clumsy god fell into the seat and make it over low
God Name: Na Pe'/ Na Pe'/ Old Man Blackfoot/ W USA/ Canada The creator who was not a very nice entity, rather human in his actions
God Name: Nanabohozo Ojibwa/ USA/ Canada A god that influences the success or failure of hunters
God Name: Nanabohozo Ojibwa N America God who influences the success or failure of hunters Canada/USA
God Name: O'Meal Na'kwaxdax BC Canada A tribal spirit, the chief of the anciects who's siblings are the myth people
God Name: Omuqkatos N America The Great Spirit who is the sun. The Blackfeet, Northern Plains, Canada/United States
God Name: Qa'wadliliquala Dza'wadeenox BC Canada Not only the Supreme God, but the guardian of the tribe as well as a river deity that insurers the salmon run
God Name: Qamai'ts/ Sisnaaxil/ Ek Yakimtolsil Bella Coola/ BC Canada The creator goddess that lives in the upper heavens & controls the earth, she is never prayed to
God Name: Qamaits British A warrior goddess of the indigenous Nuxalk people. British Columbia, Canada.
God Name: Q’a’mtalat Canada The Kwakiutl flood hero, who died in the Great Flood while successfully trying to save his children by removing them to the summit of a high mountain. They became the ancestors of a post-deluge humanity. Canada
God Name: Senx BC Canada God of the sun who is the ruler of a lower heavens BC Canada
God Name: Senx/ Ta'ata/ Sami'yaila Bella Coola/ BC Canada the sun god that is the ruler of a lower heavens
God Name: Sins Sga'nagwai Haida/ BC Canada A supreme god that gives power to all things
God Name: Sins Sga'nagwai Haid BC Canada Supreme god who gives power to all things BC Canada
God Name: Snulk'ulxa'ls Bella Coola/ BC Canada An arctypical god, rather like the Christian god in as he provided a conflict of decent and evil treatment for humans
God Name: Snulk'ulxa'ls Bella Coola BC Canada Arctypical god, rather like the Christian god in as he provided a conflict of decent and evil treatment for humans BC Canada
God Name: Tewi'xlak Dza'wadeenox BC Canada The god of all goat hunters
God Name: Tia/ Ta'xet Haida/ BC Canada the god of death, by violence
God Name: Toa'lalit Bella Coola God of hunters, oversees hunting mountain goats. Bella Coola, Canada
God Name: Toa'lalit Bella Coola/ Canada This god of hunters oversees hunting mountain goats
God Name: Tsa'qamae Qwe'gsotenox BC Canada the god that controls salmon migration
God Name: Wihmunga Canada A witch, or a female demon. First Nations
God Name: Yeddariye Canada The creator formally known as Niottsi. The supreme god of the Chipewyan. Canada