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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Germanic"

God name "Aesir" Germanic Pantheon of the Gods norse/germanic
Goddess name "Beda" Germanic Goddess who, along with the Alaisiagae sisters and Fimmilena and Mars Thingsus was popular among the Tubantes.
"Dickepoten" Germanic The Jack-o’-Lantern of Mark and Lower Saxony.
Goddess name "Disir" Germanic Collective name for guardian Goddesses norse/germanic
God name "Donar" Germanic God of the sky and thunder. germanic
Goddess name "Erda" Germanic Very old and wise Goddess of the earth germanic
God name "Forseti" Norse/ Germanic A God of justice for men & gods
Goddess name "Freya" Germanic A Goddess of fertility, love, beauty, sex & youth
Goddess name "Frjorgyn" Germanic Goddess with no known cult, the name suggests she is a mountain/forest Goddess and possibly revered as a goddess of fertility norse/germanic
Goddess name "Fulla/ Folla" Germanic A Goddess of healing
God name "God/ Deus/ Gott" Christian/ Anglo-Saxon/ Germanic/ Roman Claimed to be the creator God around 325 C.E., still in vouge by the Christian sect
Goddess name "Hel[i]" Germanic A Goddess of death
Goddess name "Heli" Germanic Goddess of death germanic
Goddess name "Hexe" Germanic Goddesses of curing illness germanic
Goddess name "Holda" Germanic Goddess of beauty and love germanic
Goddess name "Holle" Germanic Goddess of the newborn emerged from the underworld, where she also accepts the souls of the dead germanic
God name "Irmin" Germanic The mythical founder of the Hermiones tribe, son of Mannus, war God, Germanic
Angel name "Irmiongot" Germanic This possibly Irmin, found in The Hildebrandslied, strAngely the poem shows Christian influence
Goddess name "Jord" Icelandic/ Germanic An earth Goddess mentioned in the Edda by Snorri
Planet name "Jupiter" Roman Jupiter is, properly speaking, a derivation of Jove and pater (Latin for father) The name of the god was also adopted as the name of the Planet Jupiter, and was the original namesake of the weekday that would come to be known in English as Thursday (the etymological root can be seen in French jeudi, from Jovis Dies). The Indo-European deity who also evolved into the Germanic Tiwaz (after whom Tuesday was named), the Greek Zeus, and Dyaus Pita of the Vedic religion. Jove is a vocative form of the name, evolved from Dyeus. Roman
Goddess name "Kornjunfer" Germanic Goddess of grain germanic
God name "Lodur" Germanic Creator God mentioned in the creation myth. germanic
God name "Lodur[r]" Germanic A creator God mentioned in the creation myth
Demon name "Mahr" Germanic Demonic being similar to an Alp germanic/Slavic
Goddess name "Nanna" Germanic A Goddess of plants & flowers
Goddess name "Nanna" Germanic Goddess of plants and flowers. Germanic
Goddess name "Ostara/ Easter" Germanic A Goddess of spring & the sun
Goddess name "Sessrumnir" Germanic Goddess of fertility. Germanic
Goddess name "Sindgund" Germanic Goddess of healing charms. Germanic
God name "Thunor" Germanic God of fertility, lightning and thunder germanic
God name "Tiwaz" Germanic The chief sky God and the god of war. Germanic
God name "Tursas" Finland The Tavastian God of war. May be same as the Norse Tyr and the Germanic Tоwaz.
God name "Ull/ Ullr" Germanic/ Norse A God of archery, hunting & skis
"Were-Wolf" Germanic A human being, sometimes in one form and sometimes in another.
Goddess name "Wilden Wip" Germanic Goddesses of healing. Germanic
Deity name "Wodan" Anglo-Saxon The Deity(god) in Anglo-Saxon polytheism corresponding to Norse Odin, both continuations of a Proto-Germanic deity, Wodanaz. Other West Germanic forms of the name include Dutch Wodan, Alemannic Wuodan, and German Wotan.
God name "Woden" Germanic The Old English name as used by the Anglo-Saxons for the Germanic God Woden, known more commonly as the Norse god Odin.
God name "Wotan" Germanic God of inspiration and magic germanic
"Yuletide" Germanic Has been held as a sacred festival by numberless nations.
Goddess name "Zisa" Germanic Goddess of autumn germanic