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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Mexico"
God Name: Acna/ Akna Maya/ Mexico A mother goddess
God Name: Ah Chun Caan Mexico be deity though of the city of Merida
God Name: Ahnt Alis Pok' Mexico Very small goddess, only two feet tall who lives with her mother. Mexico
God Name: Ahnt kai Mexico Goddess of women and children. Daughter of Koo-mah'mm hahs-ay' tahm (First Woman). She flies at night and lives above the peak of Tiburon. Mexico
God Name: Aialila'axa Mexico Goddess of the moon. She holds in her arms a rabbit, a symbol of fertility, whose profile can be seen on the face of the moon. Mexico
God Name: Apozanoltl Aztec/ Mexico A running water goddess
God Name: Aquariel Mexico God of magic mushrooms who opens the doors of perception and grants transcendent and cosmic understanding and spiritually evolvion. Mexico.
God Name: Chulavete Mexico Goddess of the morning star Mexico
God Name: Cipactli Aztec/ Mexico A primordial goddess of water
God Name: Cocijo Mexico Rain god Zapotec/Mexico
God Name: Cueravaperi Mexico Goddess of rain and drought. Mexico
God Name: Hachacyum Mexico The creator and principle deity of the Lacandon. Mexico
God Name: Hanoona Wilapona Mexico The Sun-father of the Zuni Indians. New Mexico
God Name: Hoatziqui Mexico Goddess of justice Mexico
God Name: Huitzilopochtli Aztec The divine leader who rescued an ancestral people from his devastated island kingdom in the Atlantic Ocean, Aztlan. Arriving in the Valley of Mexico, they built a new capital to commemorate their lost city, when Tenochtitlan was constructed on a rocky island at the center of a man-made lake. Aztec
God Name: Ikal Ahau Maya A chthonic death god, that strangely enough, is considered to inhabit Christian church towers in Mexico
God Name: Itzpapalotl-Itzcyeye Aztec Minor mother goddess who was found only in the Valley of Mexico Aztec
God Name: Ixquimilli-Itzlacoliuhqui Aztec/ Mexico A god of justice
God Name: Makowasendo Mexico The sky god is the husband of Nangkwijo, the earth. The Tewa, Pueblo Indians, New Mexico and Arizona
God Name: Mayanhuel Mexico Goddess of the night sky and of drunkenness Mexico
God Name: Metsaka Huichol Mexico Goddess of the moon. Mexico
God Name: Mexitli/ Huitzlilpochtli Mexico Head god of the ancient Mexicans
God Name: Nohuichana Mexico Goddess of fish and hunting. Mexico
God Name: Oshats Mexico A sky god and the sun. The Sia, Pueblo Indians. New Mexico
God Name: Oxomogo Mexico Oxomoco. Goddess of Astrology and Calenders. Mexico
God Name: Pitao Cozobi Zapotec Mexico God of corn Mexico
God Name: Shiwanni Mexico The god who created the heavens, and with Shiwanoka, his wife, created the Zuni Indians. New Mexico
God Name: Sussistanako Mexico Sussistanako "Thinking-Woman" A goddess of creation who thinks things into being. Mexico
God Name: Taijn Mexico Name for a group of rain gods, still worshipped and presumed to live in ruins of El Tajin(Veracruz) Mexico(Totonac)
God Name: Takotsi Nakawe Huichol Mexico Chthonic vegetation goddess, all plant life and the earth are hers Mexico
God Name: Tamats Palike Tamoyeke Huichol Mexico Tamats Palike Tamoyeke Huichol, God of the wind and of air who was also a messenger of the gods, for an encore, put world into its present form and shape Mexico
God Name: Tate Hautse Huichol Mexico Srain and water goddess, additionally responsible for mist and fog Mexico
God Name: Tate Kyewimoka Huichol Mexico Rain and water goddess, who is also the goddess of grain Mexico
God Name: Tate Naaliwahi Huichol East Rain and water goddess, appears in lightning and brings rain from the east Mexico
God Name: Tate Oteganaka Huichol De Rain and water goddess who is also the patron of Laguna De Magdalena Mexico
God Name: Tate Velika Vimali Huichol Mexico Goddess of the sun perceived as either a young girl or a royal eagle who holds the world in her talons, she guards it Mexico
God Name: Tatevali Huichol Mexico Not only the deity of life and health, Tutelary god of shamans, he is the god of fire Mexico
God Name: Tatosi Huichol Mexico He is the the principal god of fire
God Name: Tayau Mexico God of the rising sun. Mexico
God Name: Tayau Sakaimoka Huichol Mexico Western setting sun god Mexico
God Name: Tayau/ Tau/ averik Huichol Mexico The sun god of the the rising sun
God Name: Teicauhtzin Aztec Patron god of Mexico as well as a minor god of war Aztec
God Name: Tlacahuepan Aztec Patron god of Mexico and a minor god of war. Aztec
God Name: Tokakami Huichol Mexico The god of death
God Name: Tokakami Huichol Mexico God of death Mexico
God Name: Tzapotla Tenan Mexico Goddess of healing and herbs. Mexico
God Name: Yiacatechutli Mexico God of merchants. Mexico
God Name: Yusn Mexico In the beginning Yusn, the Life-giver, created the universe. New Mexico