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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Tamil"
God Name: Ayya Vaikundar Tamil According to Akilattirattu Ammanai, a scripture of the Ayyavazhi, was an avatar of Narayana. As per the Ayyavazhi mythology the body in which Ayya Vaikundar incarnated is that of Mudisoodum Perumal. Tamil
God Name: Ceyon Tamil God of hills. Tamil
God Name: Gal Bapsi Hindu/ Davidian/ Tamil A local god that can expiate sins, but it is rough
God Name: KRSNA/ Kannan Hindu/ Puranic/ Epic/ Tamil An incarnation of Vishnu known as the dark one
God Name: Kadavul India An ancient Tamil word for God meaning, "He who is both immanent and transcendent." India
God Name: Katargama Sri Lanka Tutelary gody Tamil/Sri Lanka
God Name: Katavul Tamil S India/ Sri Lanka Such a supreme god that he was the ultimate creator all that exists in the world & able to judge humanity & to reward or punish at well
God Name: Korravai Davidian/ Tamil/ S India/ Sri Lanka though sweet to the to for (?) A war goddess
God Name: Korrawi Tamil India/ Sri Lanka the goddess of battle & victory
God Name: Mal Dravidian/ Tamil He is a pastoral god whose name means either the the great one or the dark one
God Name: Mari Davidian/ Tamil A rain goddess & the goddess of smallpox
God Name: Moti Mata "Pearl Mother" Tamil Moti Mata "Pearl Mother", stones which are worshipped when cholera appears. Tamil
God Name: Munisvara Hindu/Dravidian A regional Tamil deity who is popular amongst the least Sanskritized social groups of South India specifically Tamil Nadu. Hindu/Dravidian
God Name: Muruga Hindu Is the most popular Hindu deity amongst Tamils of Tamil Nadu state in India and in the Tamil diaspora.
God Name: Murukan Tamil The embodiment of beauty, the source of spiritual wisdom and the personification of limitless power. Tamil
God Name: Murukan/ Ceyon Dravidian/ Tamil A hunting & war god
God Name: Mutial­Amma "Pearl­Mother" Tamil Village mother goddesses represented by a stone. Tamil
God Name: Muttalamman/ Mutyalamma Davidian/ Tamil A plague goddess identified with smallpox
God Name: Nappinnai Tamil Local goddess who has hair surrounded by holy scent. Tamil
God Name: Nediyon Tamil The dark aspect of Vishnu. Tamil
God Name: Palaniyantavan Hindu/ Dravidian/ Tamil A local god
God Name: Poruthu-madan Tamil Wrestling demon and the nature spirit associated with the air. Tamil
God Name: Pradyumma Davidian/ Tamil A god of love
God Name: Seyon/ Muruga Dravidian/ Tamil A creator god
God Name: Shudala-madan Tamil Elementals which haunt graveyards, and scenes of crime and murder and places of execution. Tamil
God Name: Subrahmanya Tamil The God of war and the patron deity of the Tamil.
God Name: Valli Hindu The name of prominent Hindu god Murugan's consort, according to Tamil traditions. She is depicted as a the daughter of a tribal chief.