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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods : "Dravidian"
God Name: Amba Dravidian India A goddess of the earth
God Name: Bala-Sakti Dravidian Goddess Dravidian
God Name: Ellaman Dravidian Goddess of passage, an astral deity Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
God Name: Gajavahana Dravidian God, a form of the god Skanda Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
God Name: Kamaksi Dravidian Goddess Dravidian/Tamil
God Name: Korraval Dravidian Goddess of war India/Dravidian/Tamil/Sri Lanka
God Name: Mal Dravidian Pastoral god whose name means either the the great one or the dark one Dravidian/Tamil
God Name: Mal Dravidian/ Tamil He is a pastoral god whose name means either the the great one or the dark one
God Name: Mari Dravidian Rain goddess and the goddess of smallpox Dravidian/Tamil
God Name: Mariyamman Dravidian Plague goddess with a bizarre form of penance Dravidian/Tamil
God Name: Mayon Dravidian Creator god Dravidian/Tamil
God Name: Murukan/ Ceyon Dravidian/ Tamil A hunting & war god
God Name: Muttalamman Dravidian Plague goddess, especially identified with smallpox Dravidian/Tamil
God Name: Palaniyantavan Hindu/ Dravidian/ Tamil A local god
God Name: Samkarsana Dravidian Local last form of Balarama Dravidian/Camille
God Name: Satyabhama Dravidian Goddess Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
God Name: Seyon Dravidian Creator god Dravidian/Tamil
God Name: Seyon/ Muruga Dravidian/ Tamil A creator god
God Name: Tirumal Dravidian Creator god equated with Visnu Dravidian/Tamil
God Name: Venda Dravidian Creator god, an ancient vegetation deity Dravidian/Tamil