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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Wales"

God name "Addanc" Wales Primordial giant/ God
Goddess name "Aerten/ Aerfen/ Aeron" Wales/ Cornish A Goddess of fate
Goddess name "Agrona" Welsh A Goddess of strife and war worshipped in Britain. The river Aeron in Wales comes from her name. Welsh
Spirit name "Arawn aka Arawyn" Wales Arrawn, Arawen. King of Hell, God of Annwn. Ruled the underground kingdom of the dead. Rules over revenge, terror, war, Spirit contact, picking names, strengthening friendships, reincarnation. Wales
God name "Arawn/ Arawyn/ Arrawn/ Arawen" Wales The God of Annwn ruled the underground
Goddess name "Arianrhod" Wales Keeper of the circling Silver Wheel of Stars, a symbol of time and karma. Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. Honoured at the Full Moon. Wales
Goddess name "Arnamentia" Wales Arnamentia Goddess of spring waters who was once a minor solar deity. Healing and purification. Wales
"Bendith y Mamau" Wales Carmarthenshire name for fairies, means "Mother's Blessing". Phrase is used as a prayer to protect from evil. Wales
Goddess name "Branwen/ Branwyn" Irish/ Manx/ Wales The Venus of the Northern Seas & a Goddess of love
Goddess name "Cerridwen" Scotland Goddess of fertility Wales/Scotland
Goddess name "Cerridwen" Wales/ Scotland A moon, grain, education & healing Goddess
Goddess name "Creiddylad aka Creudylad" Wales Cordelia. Connected with Beltane and often called the May Queen. Goddess of summer flowers. Wales
Goddess name "Creiddylad/ / Creudylad/ Cordelia" Wales A Goddess of summer flowers & the sea
Goddess name "Cymidei/ / Cymeinfoll" Wales A war Goddess
God name "Daronwy" Wales This God appears only in the songs/ book of Taleisin
Goddess name "Don/ Donn/ Dhonn" Irish/ Wales A Goddess that is called a god of death
Deity name "Dylan" Wales/ Britain A guardian Deity(god) of the mouth of the River Conway
God name "Dylan Eil Ton" Wales A sea-God. He is sometimes said to be a god of darkness. Wales
Goddess name "Goewin/ Goewyn" Wales A Goddess of sovereignty
King name "Gwethyr" Wales King of the Upperworld Gwyrthur Ap Gwreidawl
God name "Hu The Mighty" Wales Aka Hu Gadarn, Hugh Guairy. Father God of the Welsh who came to Wales and became part of the Welsh deluge myths.
God name "Llasar/ Llaesgyfnewid" Wales A battle God
God name "Llyr/ Lear Lir" Irish/ Wales A God of the sea & water
God name "Manannan Mac Lir[Llyr]" Irish/ Wales He was a shape shifter & chief Irish sea God
Goddess name "Morrigu/ Morrigan/ Morrighan/ Morgan/ Badb/ Nemain" Irish/ Wales/ Britain The Crone aspect of the Goddesses who were a trinity responsible for war & ghosts
"Pwyll/ Pwyll Pen Annwn" Wales Sometimes the ruler of the underworld
"Winifred" s Patron saint of virgins, because she was beheaded by Prince Caradoc for refusing to marry him. She was Welsh by birth, and the legend says that her head falling on the ground originated the famous healing well of St. Winifred in Flintshire. She is usually drawn like St. Denis, carrying her head in her hand. Holywell, in Wales, is St. Winifred's Well, celebrated for its "miraculous" virtues.