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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Spirit"

Spirit name "Abdals" Islamic In Islamic lore, the 'substitutes', 70 mysterious Spirits whose identities are known only to God alone, "When one of those entities dies another is secretly appointed in replacement' and it is through the operations and actions of these creatures that the world continues to exist.
Spirit name "Abgal/ Apkallu" Sumeria 7 Spirits that derived from the the Abzu
Spirit name "Abida" Kalmuck A god of the Kalmucks, who receives the souls of the dead at the moment of decease, and gives them permission to enter a new body, either human or not, and have another spell of life on earth. If the Spirit is spotless it may, if it likes, rise and live in the air.
Spirit name "Abonsam" Africa / Ghana Malevolent Spirit driven away by firing guns and shouting loudly, emptying houses of furniture and beating the interiors with sticks. Gold Coast
Spirit name "Aclahayr" Greek Of the fourth hour of the Nuctemeron, the genius Spirit.
Spirit name "Adamastor" Greek The Spirit of the stormy Cape (Good Hope), described by Camoens in the Lusiad as a hideous phantom. According to Barreto, he was one of the giants who invaded heaven.
Planet name "Adamida" Christian A Planet on which reside the unborn spirits of saints, martyrs, and believers. U'riel, the angel of the sun, was ordered at the crucifixion to interpose this planet between the sun and the earth, so as to produce a total eclipse. Early Christian
Spirit name "Adekagagwaa" Iroquois Spirit of summer who rests during the winter in the south. He governs all the weather Spirits, and each of the spirits of the seasons. Iroquois
Spirit name "Adhyatman" Hindu The supreme Spirit; the soul of the universe. Hindu
Spirit name "Adona" Christian A seraph, the tutelar Spirit of James, the "first martyr of the twelve." Christian
Spirit name "Adonai" Zanoni The mysterious Spirit of pure mind, love, and beauty that inspires. Zanoni
Goddess name "Aedos" Roman The Goddess or spirit of modesty, reverence and respect. She was a close companion of the goddess Nemesis. Roman
Spirit name "Aequitas" A minor Spirit of fair dealing from 300 BCE
Spirit name "Agathos" Greek Good guardian Spirit, the personification of good fortune, Greek
Spirit name "Agathos Daimon" Greek A good genius/ guardian Spirit
Spirit name "Agloolik" Inuit Good Spirit that lived under the ice and helped with hunting and fishing. Inuit
Spirit name "Aha" Yakut/ Siberia A river Spirit, female type
Spirit name "Ahnfrau" German An ancestress whose Spirit appears to give warning of an approaching disaster or death. German
Spirit name "Ahriman" Zoroastrianism The supreme evil Spirit & lord of the darkness and death
Spirit name "Ahriman / Arimanius / Angra Mainya," Zoroaster Aka Arimanius or Angra Mainya, stood high in the ranks of the enemies who opposed Ahura Mazda (aka Ohrmazd or Oromasdes). Ahriman is thought to be the first personification of "the Devil" the supreme evil Spirit and lord of the darkness and death.
Spirit name "Airsekui" Huron Great Spirit invoked at times of great danger. Huron
Spirit name "Aisha Qandisha" Morocco "loving to be watered" a jinniya (female Spirit), recognized by her beautiful face, pendulous breasts and goat legs. She was wanton and free, seducing young men, despite having a jinn-consort named Hammu Qaiyu. Her name strongly suggests a connection to the Qadesha, the sexually free temple women of Canaan who served Astarte. Morocco
Ghost name "Aitu" Polynesia Ghosts or spirits, often malevolent. Polynesia
Spirit name "Aitvaras" Lithuanian A household Spirit in Lithuanian mythology. An Aitvaras looks like a white or black rooster with a fiery tail. An Aitvaras may hatch from an egg of a 9 – 12 year old rooster. If the Aitvaras dies, he becomes a spark.
Spirit name "Ajatar (sometimes Ajattara)" Finland An evil forest Spirit.
Spirit name "Akhkhazu" Babylonian "The Seizer." An evil Spirit, who had the power of securing his victim under his control. Babylonian
Spirit name "Akka (old lady)" Finland Female Spirit, feminine counterpart of "Ukko"[7].
Spirit name "Akratos" Greek The Spirit of the unmixed wine. Greek
Spirit name "Aktunowihio" Cheyenne Soul of the earth and a subterranean Spirit. Cheyenne
Spirit name "Alalu Ossetian" Cen Caucasians A Spirit of smallpox & protects women
Spirit name "Alastor" Greek A mortal that became a minor Spirit that avenged evil deeds & demanded vengeance for crimes
Spirit name "Alfs" Norse Male ancestral Spirits. Norse
Spirit name "Alicon" Islam The seventh heaven, to which Azrael conveys the Spirits of the just. Islam
Spirit name "Alpleich or Elfenreigen" Greek The weird Spirit-song, the music which some hear before death.
Spirit name "Alwantin" Deccan The Spirit of a pregnant woman who died in childbirth. Deccan
Spirit name "Amagandar" Siberia / Tungus Protective female Spirits who protect innocent souls from the curse that belongs anothers. Siberia
Spirit name "Amagandar/ Orokannar" Tungus/ Siberia Protective female Spirits
Spirit name "Amalivaca" Native America A Native American Spirit, who had seven daughters. He broke their legs to prevent their running away, and left them to people the forests.
Spirit name "Amitolane" Zuni Rainbow Spirit. Zuni
Spirit name "Amoghasiddhi" Buddhist Fifth meditation Buddha. He is one of five mystic Spiritual counterparts of the human buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism; a product of Adibuddha who represents the branch of the cosmos concerned with consciousness. Buddhist
Goddess name "Anaulikutsaix" Pacific Goddess of rivers of ancestral knowledge, spiritual warriors, wisdom, instinct, determination and persistence. Very fond of salmon.
Spirit name "Andvarenaut" Norse The fatal ring given Andvare (the wary Spirit). Norse
Spirit name "Angatch" Madagascar An evil Spirit. Madagascar
Spirit name "Angpetu Wi" Dakota The sun Spirit. Dakota
Spirit name "Angwusnasomtaka" Hopi A kachina, a Spirit represented by a masked doll (also called a kachina). She is a wuya, one of the chief kachinas and is considered the mother of all the hъ and all the kachinas. She led the initiation rites for new children, whipping them with yucca whips. Hopi
Spirit name "Anjea" Australia Fertility Spirit. People's souls reside within her in between their incarnations. Australia
Spirit name "Anp" Lakota Spirit of light, especially the reddish sunlight of dawn. Lakota
Goddess name "Anumati" Sanskrit A lunar deity and Goddess of wealth, intellect, children, spirituality and prosperity. Also Anumati is a type of full moon day in which the moon remains slightly cut and not fully full moon called as Chaturdashi bhiddha purnima Sanskrit
Spirit name "Apacita" Inca Guardian Spirit. Represented by a pile of stones by the side of mountain passes and trails. He was invoked by travellers to safeguard their journeys. Inca
Spirit name "Apate" Greek A daughter of Nyx, the personification of deceit. She was one of the evil Spirits in Pandora's box. Her Roman equivalent was Fraus. Greek
Spirit name "Aquariel" Mexico God of magic mushrooms who opens the doors of perception and grants transcendent and cosmic understanding and Spiritually evolvion. Mexico.
Spirit name "Arawn aka Arawyn" Wales Arrawn, Arawen. King of Hell, God of Annwn. Ruled the underground kingdom of the dead. Rules over revenge, terror, war, Spirit contact, picking names, strengthening friendships, reincarnation. Wales
Spirit name "Archer" Gnostic/Christian A governing Spirit of Aquarius. Gnostic/Christian
Spirit name "Ardat lili" Babylonian "Maids of the night." Evil Spirits who plied their trade at night. Babylonian
Spirit name "Areskoui" Haudenosaunee Areskoui The Great Spirit as Patron of the hunt and of war. Haudenosaunee
Spirit name "Ariel" Greek Oversees the sprites, the nature Spirits associated with water and is involved with healing and protecting nature
Spirit name "Arnakua'gak" Inuit The old woman of the sea, an animalistic Spirit
Spirit name "Arsan Duolai" Yakut/ Siberia The chief Spirit of the underworld
Spirit name "Astovidatu" Persian A Spirit who divided the bones at death. Persian
Planet name "Athanatos" Greek The god of treasure hunting and the spirit of the Planet Mercury. Greek
Goddess name "Auchimalgen" Chile Moon Goddess, wife of the sun. Only Auchimalgen cares anything for the human race, all the rest of the gods being utterly malevolent. Auchimalgen wards off evil spirits and turns red when some important person is about to die. Chile
Spirit name "Awataerohi" Haudenosaunee A disease Spirit, caused when it takes up residence within a victim's body. Haudenosaunee
Spirit name "Ayi' Uru'n Toyo'n" Yakut Yakut creator Spirit.
Spirit name "Azi" Buryat red headed earth Spirits that like human company, they appreciate eloquence, musical talent, tobacco, tea, & of all & reward models that please them. Those that irritate them forfeit their souls
Spirit name "Azi" Buryat Red headed earth Spirits who like human company, they appreciate eloquence, musical talent, tobacco, tea, and of all and reward models who please them. Those who irritate them forfeit their souls Buryat
Spirit name "Ba Maguje" Hausa Spirit of drunkenness. Hausa
Demon name "Baal" Assyrian Baal is a Northwest Semitic title and honorific meaning "master" or "lord" that is used for various gods, spirits and Demons particularly of the Levant, cognate to Assyrian belu.
Spirit name "Baba Yaga" Slavic The wild old woman; the dark lady; and mistress of magic. She is also seen as a forest Spirit, leading hosts of spirits. Slavic
Spirit name "Baiame" Australia The omniscient intangible great Spirit is self-created, lives in the sky, is the creator of all things. He is important in initiation rites; he "receives the souls of the innocent." His voice is the thunder, his will is manifest through the wind. The Kamilaroi, Wiradjuri, and Euahlayi, Australia
Spirit name "Balam" Hebrew One of the seventy-two Spirits of the brazen vessel, as enumerated in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Hebrew
Spirit name "Bali Penyalong" Borneo The beneficent supreme being who is never addressed without the slaughter of one or more pigs, and also that no domestic pig is ever slaughtered without being charged beforehand with some message or prayer to him, which its Spirit may carry up to him. But the most important function of the pig is the giving of information as to the future course of events by means of the markings on its liverHe is also god of war. The Kenyahs, Borneo
Spirit name "Bannik" Slavic The Spirit of the bath house who flits amongst the dense steam of the sauna bath.
Spirit name "Banshee" Ireland Grey Lady of Death who haunts certain Irish families. A female Spirit in Gaelic folklore believed to presage, by wailing, a death in a family. Ireland
Spirit name "Barong" Bali The name of the king of the Spirits, leader of the hosts of good, and enemy of Rangda. Bali
Demon name "Bathym aka Bathim" Greek Bathin, Marthin. One of the three Demons in the service of Fleuretty. Duke of the Infernal Regions he has the appearance of a robust man but his body ends in a serpent's tail. He is well versed in the virtues of herbs and precious stones according to Wierius. He is able to transport men from one place to another with wondrous speed. He commands thirty legions. One of the 72 spirits of Solomon.
Spirit name "Bazalicek" Bohemian A Spirit born out of the egg of a black cock, with a look is so poisonous that no one can look at it and live. Bohemian
Spirit name "Belas" Indonesian Indonesian tree Spirits who should be asked to move before chopping a tree down
Goddess name "Bereginy" Slavic Goddesses and spirits of nature. Slavic
Spirit name "Berlic" Swiss A mischievous nature Spirit. Swiss
Ghost name "Bhut" India A type of evil spirit. It is especially the evil Ghost of a man who has died due to execution, accident, or suicide. People protect themselves by lying on the ground, because the bhutas never rest on earth. In the Bhagvad Gita, Krishna the Avatar declares that the humans who worship bhutas become bhutas themselves. India
Spirit name "Bhutadamara" Buddhist/Mahayana "Turmoil of the Spirits" four-armed God. Buddhist/Mahayana
Spirit name "Bileth" Hebrew One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon. Hebrew
Spirit name "Bilwis" Teutonic A maleficent Spirit who was active on Walpurgis Night and wrought havoc to the crops. Teutonic
Spirit name "Bmola" Abenaki Bird Spirit. Abenaki
Spirit name "Bodachs" Scotland Malicious house Spirits of the Scottish Highlands in the form of a shriveled old man who lives up the chimney in the daytime and comes out at night to punish naughty children. Scotland
Spirit name "Boggart" Scotland A local hobgoblin or Spirit. Scotland
Spirit name "Bokwus" Kwakiutl Fearsome Spirit in the great North Western American forests. Kwakiutl
Spirit name "Boraspati ni Tano" Batak Earth Spirit Batak
Spirit name "Breath-of-the-Wind" Iroquoi A Spirit of the air and child of Ataensic. Iroquoi
Spirit name "Brownies" Scotland House Spirits of Scotland doing the housework, guiding cows back to the farmyard and ushering their hens back to their roosts.
Spirit name "Bugarit" British The Spirit found on building sites and invoked as the cause of minor accidents. British
Supreme god name "Bunjil" Australia Supreme god, represented as an eagle. The Kulin claim he is a culture-hero who taught them all the important skills of life, but the Wurundjeri claims he created mankind. He now lives in the sky. Binbeal, the rainbow spirit, is his son. Australia
Spirit name "Butze" German A household Spirit. German
Goddess name "Carlin" Scotland Goddess of winter and the spirit of the eve of Samhain (Halloween), the night the ghosts of the dead roamed the world of the living. Scotland
Spirit name "Chagrin aka Cagrino" European An evil Spirit in the form of a yellow hedgehog. European
Spirit name "Chahuru" Pawnee Spirit of water Pawnee
Spirit name "Chickcharney" Bahamas Small furred/feathered Spirit of the forest. Andros Is. Bahamas
Spirit name "Chlvnik" Russian A household Spirit who lives in the cattleshed. Russian
Spirit name "Cihuateto" Aztec These are women that die in childbirth, gain eternal life & become Spirits that accompany the sun
Spirit name "Cururipur" S American Spirit of the jungle that brings destruction to tortoise hunters. South American
Spirit name "Dakini" Buddhist A female being, generally of volatile temperament, who acts as a muse for Spiritual practice. Buddhist
Spirit name "Danhyang Desa" Java Each village has a Danhyang Desa which is a Spirit who lives in a large tree near to or in the village. All blessings emanate from him. Any disasters occurring to the village are seen as a sign that he has been neglected.
Spirit name "Davas" Persia Malevolent Spirits. Persia
Spirit name "Davas/ Daevas/ Devas/ Devs" Persia Rather malevolent Spirits
Ghost name "Davy Jones's Locker" Indian I.e. he is dead. Jones is a corruption of Jonah, the prophet, who was thrown into the sea. Locker, in seaman's phrase, means any receptacle for private stores; and duffy is a Ghost or spirit among the West Indian negroes. So the whole phrase is, "He is gone to the place of safe keeping, where duffy Jonah was sent to."
Angel name "Deputy Angels" Jewish Certain Angels who, in Jewish lore and magic, act as spirit servants. Jewish scholar Eleazar of Worms declared them to be entirely good.
Spirit name "Derzelas" Dacian God of health and human Spirit's vitality, also known under the names of Great God Gebeleizis, Derzis or the Thracian Knight.
Spirit name "Devas aka daeva" Hindu A type of celestial being that appears in both Persian mythology and Hinduism. Named after a Sanskrit word meaning "god," the deva emerged in Hindu teachings as a Spiritual being, serving the supreme beings.
Spirit name "Devil" Christian The supreme Spirit of evil, the tempter and spiritual enemy of mankind, the foe of God and holiness. Jewish and Christian
Spirit name "Dhyanibuddha" Buddhist Generic name for a Spiritual or meditation Buddha Buddhist
Demon name "Dimme" Sumeria Female Demon of fever and and diseases of infants. There were seven evil spirits of this kind, who were apparently regarded as being daughters of Anu, the god of the heavens. Sumeria
Angel name "Dis plural Disir" Norse Attendant spirit or guardian Angel. Any female mythic being may be called Dis. Norse
Demon name "Dives aka Divs" Arab Deevs. Demons of Persian mythology. According to the Koran, they are ferocious and gigantic spirits under the sovereignty of Eblis.
Spirit name "Djinn" Arabian Jin, Ginn, Spirits of vanished ancient peoples who acted during the night and disappeared with the first light of dawn. Arabian
Demon name "Dobrochot" Russian A Demon, especially a domestic spirit. Russian
Spirit name "Dom-Daniel" Arabian The abode of evil Spirits, gnomes, and enchanters, somewhere "under the roots of the ocean," but not far from Babylon. (Continuation of the Arabian Tales.)
Spirit name "Domovoy" Slavic A. Every house has its domovoy, domestic Spirit, who lives with his wife and family. Slavic
Spirit name "Druid" Europe Pre-Roman Spiritual leaders of Europe.
Spirit name "Dullahan" Irish A malicious sullen Spirit, or goblin. Irish
Spirit name "Dvorvoy" Russian A household Spirit who lives in the yard. Russian
Spirit name "Dymphna" Britain Saint of those stricken in Spirit. She was a native of Britain, and a woman of high rank. It is said that she was murdered, at Geel, in Belgium, by her own father, because she resisted his incestuous passion. Geel, or Gheel, has long been a famous colony for the insane, who are sent thither from all parts of Europe, and are boarded with the peasantry. Britain
Spirit name "Eblis" Islam The chief of the evil Spirits
Spirit name "Eblis aka Iblis" Islam Chief of the evil Spirits, a Jinn made of smokeless fire. In an outburst rooted in envy, Eblis disobeyed Allah and was expelled from the grace of Allah. Islam
Spirit name "Ehlose" Zulu The guardian Spirit which may take many forms, and warns of approaching dangers. Zulu
Spirit name "Eithinoha" Haudenosaunee A female Spirit associated with fertility. Haudenosaunee
Goddess name "Eithne" Ireland Old Goddess who lived off nothing but the milk of a sacred Indian cow and was protected by a spirit who chased away all would-be suitors. Ireland
Spirit name "Elben" German Nature Spirits. German
Spirit name "Elementals" General Nature Spirits of land, water, fire, etc., personifications of natural phenomena. General
Spirit name "Elle Woman" Danish The Spirit of the elder tree. Danish
Planet name "Eloai" Egypt Primordial being, one of the seven Planetary spirits of the Egyptians
Spirit name "Eme'mqut" Koryak Animistic Spirit with cannibalistic tendencies. Koryak
Spirit name "Erge" Basque Spirit who takes men's lives Basque
Spirit name "Eshshata" Jewish The a Spirit of fever. Jewish Folklore
Spirit name "Exarp" Enochian A Spirit of the Air. Enochian
Spirit name "Ezili" Haiti/Vodun/West Indies The Spirit of love, beauty, jewellery, dancing, luxury and flowers. Haiti/Vodun/West Indies
Spirit name "Fravasi or Fravartin" Iran Denotes the Spirit of the pre-existence of the believer who watches over him as Protective spirit. Iran
Spirit name "Fravasi/ Fravartin" Iran Interesting - The concept denotes the Spirit of the pre-existence of the believer that watches over him as a protective spirit
Spirit name "Fu Hsing" China He was considered a Spirit of happiness
Angel name "Gabamiah" Germany Recite the following words: "Gabamiah, Adonay, Agla, O Lord God of Powers, do Thou assist us!" When you see the Angel, say in an affable tone of voice: "Blessed Spirit, be thou welcome! I conjure thee once more, in the Name of the Most Holy Adonay, to give me prompt enlightenment about stuff. And if for reasons unknown to us, thou art unwilling to proceed in an audible tone of voice, I conjure thee in the Most Holy Name of Adonay to write upon the virgin parchment here present, between now and to-morrow morning, or at least reveal unto me that which I desire this coming might in my sleep. Solonic goetic rite.
Goddess name "Gabjauja" Lithuania Goddess of grain and a household feminine spirit of stack-yards and grain who made beer and bread for Gabjauja's feast. Lithuania
Angel name "Gabriel" Hebrew/Christian The Angel of death to the favoured people of God, the prince of fire and thunder, and the only angel that can speak Syriac and Chaldee. The Mahometans call him the chief of the four favoured angels, and the spirit of truth. In medi?val romance he is the second of the seven spirits that stand before the throne of God, and, as God's messenger, carries to heaven the prayers of men. Hebrew/Christian
Spirit name "Gagaah" Haudenosaunee A crow Spirit sent by Adekagagawaa to bring corn to humanity. Haudenosaunee
Spirit name "Gahongas" Haudenosaunee Spirits in dwarf form who like rocks and are immensely strong for their size. Haudenosaunee
Spirit name "Gaila" Lithuanian A Spirit of night, which obsessed people and animals in dreams. Lithuanian
Spirit name "Gaki" Japan The Spirits of jealous or greedy people who, as punishment for their mortal vices, have been cursed with an insatiable hunger for a particular substance or object. Japan
Spirit name "Gandayaks" Haudenosaunee A class of Spirits who have power over plants and fish. Haudenosaunee
Spirit name "Ganiklis" Lithuania A household Spirit of herds, sheep, and cowboys. Lithuania
Spirit name "Gans" Apache Mountain Spirits who became distressed by the corruption of people. Apache
"Gaqga Crow spirit" Haudenosaunee Well known for sociability and thievery. Haudenosaunee
Spirit name "Gauna aka Gauna" Botswana Gawa, Gawama, was death, the underworld leader of Spirits and Death. Botswana
Angel name "Gazardiel" Enochian The Angel you pray to if you want the sun to rise in the morning. Face the rising sun in the morning and pray to this angel for spiritual gifts. Enochian
Spirit name "Genii" Eastern Genie and genius. Eastern Spirits, whether good or bad, who preside over a man or nation.
Angel name "Genii" Indian The Persian and Indian genii had a corporeal form, which they could change at pleasure. They were not guardian or attendant spirits, but fallen Angels, dwelling in Ginnistan, under the dominion of Eblis. They were naturally hostile to man, though compelled sometimes to serve them as slaves.
Angel name "Genii" Roman Were attendant spirits. Everyone had two of these tutelaries from his cradle to his grave. But the Roman genii differ in many respects from the Eastern. The Roman genii were tutelary spirits, very similar to the guardian Angels spoken of in the Hebrew Scripture. Roman
Spirit name "Geyaguga" Cherokee The moon Spirit. Cherokee
Spirit name "Gidim" Sumerian The Spirits of the dead, living in the Netherworld. Sumerian
Spirit name "Gikuyu" Kikuyu One of the Spiritual ancestors of all the Kikuyu people.
Spirit name "Gitche Manitou" Algonquin The Great Spirit, the Creator of all things and the Giver of Life. Algonquin
Spirit name "Gitche/ Manitou" Algonquin/ Lenape The Great Spirit, the All Father
Spirit name "Glauron aka Glaura" Fnose A beneficent Spirit of the air, involked from the North. Fnose
Spirit name "Glispa" Navaho Spirit who gave the healing chant to the people Navaho
Spirit name "Goblin or Hobgoblin" Scandinavia A phantom Spirit.
Demon name "Golab" Christian A spirit of wrath and sedition and an adversary of the seraphim. Christian Demonology
Spirit name "Gonaqadet" Tlingit The Spirit of the sea. Tlingit
Spirit name "Guaire/ Boinne Guary" Irish Guardian god/ Spirit of Bruigh
Angel name "Guardian-Angel" Roman An Angelic spirit which presides over the destiny of each individual.
Spirit name "Gumeniki" Slavic A class of animistic Spirits who look after storehouses and grainaries. Slavic
Spirit name "Gytrash" Britain A malevolent Spirit that appears as a large dog or horse, and leads people astray. Britain
Spirit name "Ha Wen Neyu" Iroquois The great Spirit of the Iroquois.
Spirit name "Hakui" Shinto A god who imbued his followers with a vigorous Spirit and the will to fight enemies Shinto
Spirit name "Hamadryades" Greek/ Roman Tree Spirits whose existence is restricted to the tree that the guard when it dies they die
Spirit name "Hamendiju" India The Great Sky Spirit who watches over the people to see that no harm came to them.
Spirit name "Hastbaka" Navaho Oldest male of the Spirits Navaho
Spirit name "Hastebaad" Navaho Chief of the female Spirits Navaho
Spirit name "Hastehogan" Navaho Chief male Spirit of the house Navaho
Spirit name "Hastseltsi" Navaho Male Spirit of racing. Navaho
Spirit name "Hastseoltoi" Navaho Female Spirit of hunting Navaho
Spirit name "Hastsezini" Navaho Male Spirit of fire Navaho
Spirit name "Hatdastsisi" Navaho Benevolent male Spirit who helps cure disease Navaho
Spirit name "Haurvatat" Zoroastrian One of the Spirits, it is associated with life after death. Zoroastrian
Spirit name "Hawenniyu" Iroquois Great Spirit who gives the gifts of the earth. From a buckskin pouch he takes the sacred Indian tobacco and sprinkling it on the fire for incense makes certain motions of his hands toward the sky. Sometimes he will fan the fire with a turkey wing fan. Iroquois
Spirit name "Hcoma" Enochian The Spirit of Water. Enochian
Spirit name "Heloha" Choctaw Spirit[female] of thunder Choctaw
Spirit name "Hemoana" Tongans In the beginning there was just the sea, and the Spirit world. Tangaloa took the sky and Maui the underworld. Hemoana in the form of a sea snake, and Lupe, whose form was a dove, then divided the remainder between them, Hemoana taking the sea and Lupe taking the land. Tongans
Spirit name "Heng" Huron Spirit of thunder Huron
Spirit name "Heno" Iroquois God of the sky and the Spirit of thunder. Iroquois
Spirit name "Heno/ Hinu/ Hino" Iroquois The sky god & the Spirit of thunder
Spirit name "Herensugue" Basque Seven-headed snake shaped devil Spirit. Basque
Goddess name "Hi'iaka" Hawaii The patron Goddess of Hawaiii and the hula dancers, and lived in a sacred grove where she spent her days dancing with the forest spirits.
Spirit name "Hiisi" Finnish Group of evil Spirit that worked with Lempo and Paha. They were skilled sorcerers and necromancers who enjoyed banging sacred drums and chanting. Finnish
Spirit name "Hisagitaimisi" Creek 'The One Who Sits Above'. The Great Spirit who manifested himself in bush fires. Creek Indians
Spirit name "Hokewingla" Dakota Turtle Spirit Dakota
Spirit name "Hotoru" Pawnee Wind Spirit Pawnee
Demon name "Hsuan-T'ien-Shang-Ti" China God who removes Demons and evil spirits. Invoke for exorcism, matters involving water. China
Spirit name "Huaca" Peru Huacas, Spirits that either inhabit or actually are physical phenomena such as waterfalls, mountains, or man-made shrines. Peru
Spirit name "Huanacari" Inca A guardian Spirit
Spirit name "Hubris" Greek The daughter of Erebus and Nyx and the female Spirit of insolence, violence, wantonness, reckless pride, arrogance and outrageous behaviour in general. Greek
Angel name "I conjure you" Egypt O sword, by the three Holy Names, ALBROT, ABRACADABRA, JEOVA! Be thou my fortress and defence against all enemies, visible and invisible, in every magical work. By the Holy Name SADAY, which is great in power, and by these other names, CADOS, CADOS, CADOS, ADONAY, ELOY, ZENA, OTH, OCHIMANUEL, the First and the Last, Wisdom, Way, Life, Virtue, Chief, Mouth, Speech, Splendour, Light, Sun, Fountain, Glory, Mountain, Vine, Gate, Stone, Staff, Priest, Immortal, MESSIAH, Sword, do thou rule in all my affairs and prevail in those things which oppose me. Amen. Ceremonial Magic Zendou Ki. A protecter spirit who, along with Myodou Ki, protects En no Gyoja. Japan Zeoteus. A son of Tricolonus, and founder of the town of Zoetia in Arcadia. Zephon [scarcher of secrets ]. The cherub despatched by Gabriel to find Satan, after his flight from hell. Ithuriel goes with him. Milton: Paradise Lost, iv. Zephyritis. A surname of Aphrodite, derived from the promontory of Zephyrium in Egypt. Zephyrus, the personification of the west wind, is described by Hesiod as a son of Astraeus and Eos. Greek Zervan, Zurvan, Zrvan. The god of time in Persian literature. Identified in the Greek texts with Chronos and, in the Roman world, with Saturn. Zerynthia. A surname of Aphrodite, from the town of Zerinthus in Thrace, where she had a sanctuary said to have been built by Phaedra. Zetes, a son of Boreas and Oreithyia, and a brother of Calais. Zetes and Calais, called the Boreadae, are mentioned among the Argonauts ( Apollodorus i.), and are generally described as winged beings though some say that they had wings at their heads and feet and others that they had them only at their feet or at their shoulders. Greek Zethus, a son of Zeus and Antiope, at Thebes, and a brother of Amphion. According to some he was married to Aedon, and according to others to Thebe. Greek Zeus, the greatest of the Olympian gods, and the father of gods and men, was a son of Cronus and Rhea, a brother of Poseidon, Hades (Pluto), Hestia, Demeter, Hera, and at the same time married to his sister Hera. Greek Zeuxippe, a sister of Pasithea or Praxithea, was a Naiad and married to Pandion, by whom she became the mother of Procne, Philomela, Erechtheus and Butes. Greek Zha-Zha. Angels which come against those who send the evil eye against the Baptized. Early Nazorean Zhir u Zahrun, means "the Illuminated and the Illuminating." Early Nazorean
Spirit name "I'lena" Koryak/ Siberia An animistic Spirit
Spirit name "Iadalbaoth" Gnostic Child from the egg of Chaos; the Spirit of matter, the chief of the lower elohim and father of the six dark stellar spirits. Gnostic