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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Akan"

Monster name "Akandoji" Shinto This Monster had stolen a great deal of gold and silver from the villagers. It was said that he was so terrible that no one dared go against him, to try to recover the riches. Shinto
God name "Brekyirihunuade" Akan Brekyirihunuade is the highest God in the religion of the Akan people, "he who knows and sees everything".
Goddess name "Nyame Akan" Ghana a creator god/ Goddess and androgynous being
Deities name "Obosom" Akan A generic name for the lessor gods, sometimes referred to as the Deities. These spirits are embodied in the wind, rivers, oceans, streams, trees, mountains, rocks, animals, and other objects. Akan
"Onyankopon" Akan The Supreme Being and the One Greater infiniteness. Akan
God name "Opo Akan" Ghana The God the ocean & inland lakes & rivers
God name "Tano" Akan Stool God of Obo, associated with the ancestral stools. Akan
"The Akan" Ghana Ghana