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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "Turkey"

Goddess name "Ai Ada" Turkey God of the moon. Husband of Kun, Goddess of the sun. Turkey
Goddess name "Aka" Turkey Mother Goddess Turkey
Goddess name "Aphrodisias" (Carian) Goddess of fertility Turkey. The Greeks equated her with Aphrodite. (Carian)
Goddess name "Aphrodisias Carian" SW Turkey a fertility Goddess
Spirit name "Hawenniyu" Iroquois Great Spirit who gives the gifts of the earth. From a buckskin pouch he takes the sacred Indian tobacco and sprinkling it on the fire for incense makes certain motions of his hands toward the sky. Sometimes he will fan the fire with a turkey wing fan. Iroquois
God name "Jar Sub" Turkey This is the God of the universe
Goddess name "Kybele/ Kybebe/ Cybele" Phrygian/ NW Turkey A rather important Asian mother Goddess who likely started as a mountain goddess
Goddess name "Ma" Cappadocia/ Anatolia/ Turkey A fertility & vegetation Goddess
God name "Men" Turkey God of the moon who ruled the upper and lower world Turkey
Nymph name "Nana" Greek A Nymph of Sangarius, a river located in present-day Turkey. She became pregnant when an almond from an almond tree fell on her lap. The almond tree had sprung where Agdistis, a mythical being connected with the Phrygian worship of Attes, was slain. Agdistis was a son of Cybele, the Mother of all things. Nana abandoned the baby, who was adopted by his grandmother, Cybele. The baby, Attis, grew up to become Cybele's servant and lover. Greek
God name "Papas" Turkey Local God. Phyrgian, Turkey
God name "Papas Phyrgian" NW Turkey A local God
God name "Sabazios" Phrygian/ NW Turkey A God of agriculture