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Goddess name "Massassi" Zimbabwe Goddess of the morning star Zimbabwe
God name "Master of Winds" Iroquois God of the winds Iroquois
"Mastor" Greek Two mythical personages, one the father of Lycophron in Cythera, and the other the father of Halitherses in Ithaca.
Goddess name "Mat" Slavic Goddess of the earth Slavic
Goddess name "Mat/ Zemlya Syra" Slavonic The earth goddess
Goddess name "Mata" Hindu Primeval mother goddess Hindu
"Mata" Ireland The Sea-Turtle that could suck down a man in armour. Ireland
Goddess name "Mata (great mother)" Hindu Primeval mother goddess. The archetypal progenitrix of all living things. She becomes the tutelary goddess of every village in northern India, but is also seen as a plague goddess associated with smallpox, in which case her epithet becomes Maha Mai. Her Tamil counterpart is Amman....
Goddess name "Matara" Hindu Mother goddess applied to the Divine mothers Hindu
Goddess name "Matara" Hindu Mother goddess. Applied collectively to groups of deities, the Divine mothers, also more specifically to the consort of the god KASYAPA. As Divine mothers they are also regarded as SAKTIS. The numbers vary according to separate traditions and they are therefore identified as the SAPTAMATARAS (seven), ASTAMATARAS (eight) and NAVASAKTIS (nine). Less commonly there may be up to fifty mataras in a group. Their images are normally carved in stone (very few exist in metal) and they are depicted seated, often upon a corpse, and may be of terrifying appearance....
Goddess name "Mataras" India Group of goddesses India
Goddess name "Mataras/ Ambikas" India A Group of goddesses
God name "Matarisvan" Hindu Minor messenger god Hindu / Epic
God name "Matarisvan" Hindu / Vedic Minor messenger god. The attendant of AGNI....
Goddess name "Mater Matula" Italy A sky goddess
Goddess name "Mater Matuta" Roman Goddess of the dawn, the sky and seafaring Roman
Goddess name "Mater Matuta" Italic sky goddess. The personification of the dawn light who evolved into a fertility deity concerned with childbirth. She is also a tutelary goddess of mariners.See also ISIS....
Goddess name "Matergabiae" Lithuania Goddess of fire, and the home Lithuania
King name "Math fab Mathonwy" Welsh A king of Gwynedd who needed to rest his feet in the lap of a virgin unless he was at war, or he would die. Welsh
"Mathgen" Ireland Mathgen - the great magician of the Tuatha de Danaan who had the power to topple mountains onto his enemies. Ireland
Goddess name "Mathit" Egypt Tree goddess who helps the dead climb to heaven Egypt
King name "Matholwch" Ireland A king of Ireland, is a character in the Second Branch of the Mabinogi
God name "Mathonwy" Welsh A benevolent ruler of the underworld akin to Beli, or perhaps that god himself under another title, for the name Math. Welsh
Goddess name "Mati syra zemlya" Slavic Goddess of justice Slavic
Goddess name "Matlalceuitl aka Matlalcueje" Aztec Goddess of Rainfall and singing. Identified with Chalchiuhtlicue. Aztec
Goddess name "Matlalcueye" Aztec Minor goddess of fertility. Aztec
Goddess name "Matlalcueye (her skirt is blue)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor fertility goddess. One of the group classed as the TLALOC complex, closely associated with water....
Goddess name "Matres" Celtic Triads of mother goddesses Roman / Pan-Celtic
Angel name "Matriel, Matarel, Matariel, Ridya and Zalbesal" Greek angels of the Rain.
Goddess name "Matrona" Celtic Goddess of the Marne River Celtic
Goddess name "Matronae" Celtic These are the three mother goddesses that oversee fertility, they prefer peace, tranquillity & kids
Goddess name "Matronit" Spain Goddess of chastity, promiscuity, and motherhood. Spain
God name "Matsuo" Japan God of sake brewers Japan / Shinto
God name "Matsuo" Shinto / Japan God of sake brewers. Celebrated annually in a festival in Kyoto, when the presence of the god is carried on a palanquin. It is rowed down the river prior to a general celebration, during which sake is drunk liberally....
God name "Matsya" Hindu Incarnation of the god Visnu Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Demon name "Matsya" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Incarnation of the god VIS'NU. In this first avatara Vis'nu appears as a fish which, according to one legend, tows a ship carrying the law-giver MANU to safety after the primal flood. Matsya engages in an epic battle with the demon HAYAGRIVA who stole the Vedas from a sleeping BRAHMA. Usually depicted with a human torso carrying symbols, e.g. wheel and conch, on a fish's body....
God name "Maturaiviran" Hindu Locally worshipped god with an interesting story Hindu
God name "Maturaiviran" Hindu Locally worshiped god. Of fearsome character, he is the deification of a seventeenth century policeman who eloped with a princess and was slain. Known from southern India, where he is also a god of wine. Attributes: shield and sword....
"Maugys" Britain A giant who keeps a bridge leading to a castle by a riverside, in which a beautiful lady is besieged. Sir Lybius, one of Arthur's knights, does battle with the giant; the contest lasts a whole summer's day, but terminates with the death of the giant and liberation of the lady. Britain
God name "Maui" Maori Tutelary god Polynesia / Maori
Goddess name "Maui" Polynesian / Maori / New Zealand Tutelary god. Not a creator god but one who assists mankind in various supernatural ways. According to tradition he was aborted at birth and cast into the sea by his mother, who thought he was dead. He was rescued entangled in seaweed. He is the deity who drew the islands of New Zealand from the floor of the ocean in a net. Maui caught the Sun and beat it into submission, making it travel more slowly across the sky so that the days became longer. He also brought fire from the underworld for mankind and tried, unsuccessfully, to harness immortality for him by entering the vulva of the underworld goddess HINE-NUI-TE-PO while she was asleep. She awoke and crushed him to death. Though a deity, he had been made vulnerable to death by a mistake during his rites of birth (see also Balder). Also Mawi....
"Maut" Egypt Female principle of generation. Egypt
"Mauthe Dog" Manx A spectre hound that for many years haunted the ancient castle of Peel town, in the Isle of Man. This black spaniel used to enter the guard-room as soon as candles were lighted, and leave it at day-break. While this spectre-dog was present the soldiers forebore all oaths and profane talk. One day a drunken trooper entered the guard-house alone out of bravado, but lost his speech and died in three days. Manx
Goddess name "Mawu" Benin Goddess of peace, joy, motherhood. happiness, and the sky Benin / Fon
Goddess name "Mawu" Fon / Benin, West Africa (1) moon goddess. The sister of the Sun god LISA. She is also considered to bestow fertility and motherhood and is generally benevolent in nature.(2) sky god. Ewe [Togo, West Africa]. Among the tribe neighboring the Fon. Mawu is perceived as male and a creator deity. He favors the color white and is also benevolent and generous in nature....
God name "Mawu Ewe" Tongo sky god Tongo
Goddess name "Mawu Fon" Benin Goddess of the moon Benin
"May Molloch" Irish May Molloch or The Maid of the Hairy Arms. An elf who condescends to mingle in ordinary sports, and even to direct the master of the house how to play dominoes or draughts. Like the White Lady of Avenel, May Molloch is a sort of banshee. Irish
Goddess name "May-day" Roman Polydore Virgil says that the Roman youths used to go into the fields and spend the calends of May in dancing and singing in honour of Flora, goddess of fruits and flowers. The early English consecrated May-day to Robin Hood and the Maid Marian, because the favourite outlaw died on that day. Stow says the villagers used to set up May-poles, and spend the day in archery, morris-dancing, and other amusements.
Goddess name "Maya" Hindu A goddess of illusion
Goddess name "Maya(devi)" Buddhist Mother goddess. The mother of the BUDDHA perceived as the world lotus or PADMA from which the Buddha was born. She equates with the Hindu goddess LAKSMI. The term is also applied to the personification of the visible universe and, in Hinduism, as an epithet of the goddess DURGA....
Goddess name "Maya[devi]" Buddhist A mother goddess
Goddess name "Mayahuel" Aztec A minor fertility goddess associated with the maguey plant
Goddess name "Mayahuel" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor fertility goddess. One of the group classed as the Ometochtli complex associated with the maguey plant from which pulque is brewed. She may be depicted seated upon a tortoise beside an agave plant in bloom. According to legend she was abducted by QUETZALCOATL and subsequently dismembered by wild animals. From the fragments grew the first agave plants....
Goddess name "Mayahuel aka Mayahual" Aztec Mayouel, the goddess of maguey, and by extension, alcohol. Aztec
Goddess name "Mayajalakrama-Kurukulla" Buddhist / Mayhayana A goddess
Goddess name "Mayajalakrama-Kurukulla (one who proceeds in the net of illusion)" Buddhist / Mahayana Goddess. The personification of all DHYANIBUDDHAS. Color: red. Attributes: arrow, bow, hook, images of the five Dhyanibuddhas, lotus (red), pitcher, rosary and waterjar....
Goddess name "Mayan" Hindu Goddess of illusion Hindu
Goddess name "Mayan[devi]" Buddhist Mother goddess Buddhist
Goddess name "Mayanhuel" Mexico Goddess of the night sky and of drunkenness Mexico
Goddess name "Mayanjalakrama-Kurukulla" Buddhist Goddess Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Mayanvel" India Goddess of children India
Goddess name "Mayavel" India Another goddess of children
Supreme god name "Mayin" Tungus / Siberia A benevolent, remote, supreme God
Supreme god name "Mayin" Tungus / eastern / central Siberia Supreme god. A benevolent but remote deity who breathes life into newborn children and receives the spirits of the dead....
Supreme god name "Mayin Tungus" Siberia Benevolent, remote, supreme god Siberia
God name "Mayon" Dravidian Creator god Dravidian / Tamil
God name "Mayon (the black one)" Early Dravidian / Tamil / southern India / Sri Lanka Creator god. Animistic high god of the pastoral regions, found in Sangam literature and thought to reside in trees. Perhaps equating with VIS'NU or KRSNA....
Demon name "Mazikeen or Shedeem" Arabian A species of beings in Jewish mythology exactly resembling the Arabian Jinn or genii, and said to be the agents of magic and enchantment. When Adam fell, says the Talmud, he was excommunicated for 130 years, during which time he begat demons and spectres; for, it is written, "Adam lived 130 years and (i.e. before he) begat children in his own image". Genesis v
Spirit name "Mazzikin the" Jewish These are rather evil spirits that like to make things rough for humans
God name "Mbitumbo Baule" Ivory Coast Creator and guardian god Ivory Coast
Spirit name "Mbomba" Mongo / Nkundo / Democratic Republic of Congo, central Africa Creator god. He operates through intermediaries known as bilima and through the spirits of the dead, bakali. Also known as landa, Komba, Mbombo, Njakomba and WAI. Among the Ngbandi people there is recognized a vast water monster or river god by the same name....
God name "Mbomba Mongo" Zaire Creator god Zaire
God name "Mbomba Mongo/ Nkundo" Zaire The creator god
Goddess name "Mbombe" Nkundo / Democratic Republic of Congo, central Africa Mother goddess. The consort of ITONDE and mother of the hero LIANJA....
Goddess name "Mbombe Nkundo" Zaire Mother goddess Zaire
Deities name "Mbongo" Ngbandi / Democratic Republic of Congo, central Africa River god. One of seven deities invoked at Sunrise each morning. The creator god of all black people, said to reside in black waters....
God name "Mbongo Ngbandi" Zaire God of rivers Zaire
God name "Mbotumbo" Baule / Ivory Coast, West Africa Creator god. A generally benevolent guardian deity with the head of an ape....
God name "Me Na/ Ninmenta" Mesopotamia / Sumeria Unknown god
Spirit name "Me'mdeye-Eci'e" Yukaghir / eastern Siberia Fire spirit. A benevolent being residing in the sky and known as “father fire.”...
Spirit name "Me'mdeye-Ecl'e" Yukaghir / Siberia Known as father fire, a fire spirit
Spirit name "Me'mdeye-Ecl'e Yukaghir" Siberia Known as father fire, a fire spirit Siberia
"Mecca's Three Idols" Arabic Lata, Aloza, and Menat, all of which Mahomet overthrew.
Goddess name "Medb" Celtic Goddess of sexuality, jolly bonking, intoxication and war. Celtic
King name "Medea" Greek A sorceress, daughter of the king of Colchis. She married Jason, the leader of the Argonauts, whom she aided to obtain the golden fleece. Greek
"Medea's Kettle or Caldron" Greek Medea's Kettle or Caldron, to boil the old into youth again. Medea, the sorceress, cut an old ram to pieces, and, throwing the pieces into her caldron, the old ram came forth a young lamb. The daughters of Pelias thought to restore their father to youth in the same way; but Medea refused to utter the magic words, and the old man ceased to live. Greek
"Medeia" Greek A daughter of Aeetes by the Oceanid Idyia, or, according to others, by Hecate, the daughter, of Perses. Greek
Goddess name "Medeine" Lithuania Goddess of the Forests Lithuania
Goddess name "Medeine (of the trees)" Pre - Christian Latvian Woodland goddess. Known from medieval manuscripts....
Goddess name "Medeine/ Mejdejn" Lithuania A goddess of the Forests
Goddess name "Medha" Buddhist Minor goddess Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Medha (wisdom)" Buddist / Mahayana Minor goddess. The SAKTI of Sridhara....
King name "Medhbh" Irish queen of Connacht in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology. Her father was Eochaid Feidlech, the High king of Ireland. Her best-known husband was Ailill mac Mata, although she had several husbands before him, all of whom were kings of Connacht while they were married to her.
Goddess name "Medici" Manichaean Goddess of light Manichaean
Goddess name "Meditirina" Roman Goddess of healing Roman
Goddess name "Meditrina" Roman Goddess of healing, of Medicine Roman
Goddess name "Meditrina" Roman Goddess of healing. Syncretized into the cult of AESCULAPIUS....
"Medon" Greek 2. A son of Oileus and Rhene, and a brother of the lesser Ajax.
Spirit name "Medr" Ethiopia Ancient earth spirit, gender unknown Ethiopia
"Medusa" Greek A daughter of Phorcys and Ceto, and one of the Gorgons. Greek
Goddess name "Mefitis" Roman This goddess was associated with sulfur springs
Goddess name "Megaera of Eumenides" Greek Goddess of justice Greek
King name "Megapenthes" Greek A son of Proetus, was king of Argos, and father of Anaxagoras and Iphianeira. He exchanged his dominion for that of Perseus, so that the latter received Tiryns instead of Argos. (Apollodorus. ii.) He is said to have afterwards slain Perseus. Greek
God name "Meghanada (cloud roar)" Hindu Minor god. A son of Ravana who once briefly bested INDRA and became known as the “Indra-conqueror.”...
God name "Meghanda" Hindu Minor god Hindu
"Megisto" Greek Another form for Callisto, the mother of Areas, who is also called Thernisto. Greek
God name "Mehen" Egypt Minor chthonic underworld god Egypt
God name "Mehen" Egypt Minor chthonic underworld god. The guardian of the barque of the Sun god RE during its passage through the underworld at night. Depicted in the form of a coiled snake....
God name "Meher" Armenia God of the Sun who was closely linked with Mithra Armenia
God name "Meher" Pre - Christian Armenian Sun god. Closely linked with the Persian model of MITHRA, he is the son of Aramazd who appears in the form of fire. In contrast to this imagery, his home is said to be in a cave and he takes the animal guise of a raven....
Goddess name "Mehet-Weret" Egypt Minor goddess of the creation accounts Egypt
Goddess name "Mehet-Weret (great flood)" Egypt Minor goddess associated with creation accounts. In some versions of the story she epitomizes the primeval ocean, while in others she is the waterway on which the barque of the Sun god RE travels. She is depicted as a cow bearing a Sun disc between its horns and lying on papyrus reeds....
Goddess name "Mehet-uret" Egypt Goddess who was the embodiment of all primeval waters Egypt
Goddess name "Mehit" Egypt Goddess of lions Egypt
Goddess name "Mehit/ Mechit" Egypt A lion goddess
Goddess name "Mehturt" Egypt Goddess of the sky Egypt
Goddess name "Meiboia" Greek Goddess of bees Greek
God name "Meiden" Lithuania He is the god of Forest & animals, figures doesn't it
Supreme god name "Meiechei (master of men)" Araucania Indian / southern Andes Supreme god. Also known as Pillan (heaven) and, west of the Andes, Guenu-Pillan (spirit of heaven)....
Goddess name "Meiess" Pre - Christian Latvian moon god. Consort of the Sun goddess SAULE. He is a guardian deity of travelers and military expeditions....
"Meile" Norse A son of Odin. Norse
Goddess name "Meilichia" Greek An underworld goddess
God name "Meilichius" Greek I. e. the god that can be propitiated, or the gracious, is used as a surname of several divinities. 1. Of Zeus, as the protector of those who honoured him with propitiatory sacrifices. At Athens cakes were offered to him every year at the festival of the Diasia.
Goddess name "Meiulis" Pre - Christian Lithuanian moon god. Consort of the Sun goddess....
God name "Meizabac (black powder maker)" Mayan / Mesoamerican / Mexico weather god. He sprinkles black dye on the clouds, which causes them to generate Rain. Believed to live on the edge of a lake. Also a fever god and a keeper of good souls. Also Metzabac....
Goddess name "Mejdejn" Lithuanian Goddess of trees and Forests. Lithuanian
God name "Mekal aka Nergal" Phoenecian Resheph. God of the plague and of the underworld, fertility, war, well-being and plenty. Phoenecian
"Melampus" Greek A son of Amythaon by Eidomene, or according to others, by Aglaia or Hhodope and a brother of Bias. He was looked upon by the ancients as the first mortal that had been endowed with prophetic powers, as the person that first practised the medical art, and established the worship of Dionysus in Greece. Greek
King name "Melaneus" Greek A son of Apollo, and king of the Dryopes, He was the father of Eurytus and a famous archer. According to a Messenian legend Melaneus came to Perieres who assigned to him a town as his habitation which he called Oechalia, after his wife's name. Greek
"Melanippe" Greek A daughter of Cheiron, is also called Euippe. Being with child by Aeolus, she fled to mount Pelion but Cheiron made search after her and in order that her condition might not become known, she prayed to be metamorphosed into a mare. Artemis granted the prayer, and in the form of a horse she was placed among the stars. Greek
Angel name "Melas" Greek A son of Poseidon by a nymph of Chios, and brother of angelus.
"Melas" Greek A son of Phrixus and Chalciope, was married to Eurycleia, by whom he became the father of Hyperes.
"Meleager" Greek A son of Oeneus and Althaea, the daughter of Thestius, and was married to Cleopatra, by whom he became the father of Polydora. Greek
Nymph name "Melia" Greek A nymph, a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, became by Inachus the mother of Phoroneus and Aegialeus or Pegeus. (Apollodorus. ii) By Seilenus she became the mother of the centaur, Pholus (Apollodorus. ii), and by Poseidon of Amycus. Greek
"Meliboea" Greek 1. A daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, and, by Pelasgus, the mother of Lycaon. 2. A daughter of Magnes, who called the town of Meliboea, in Magnesia, after her. 3. One of the daughters of Niobe. Greek
Goddess name "Melicertes" Greek Son of Ino, a sea deity. Athamas imagined his wife to be a lioness, and her two sons to be lion's cubs. In his frenzy he slew one of the boys, and drove the other, Melicertes, with his mother into the sea. The mother became a sea-goddess, and the boy the god of harbours. greek
Goddess name "Melinoe" Greek Or Chthonia, may mean the subterraneous, or the goddess of the earth, that is, the protectress of the fields, whence it is used as a surname of infernal divinities, such as Hecate, but especially of Demeter. Greek
"Melior" French A lovely fairy, who carried off Parthenopex of Blois to her secret island in her magic bark. French
Book name "Melissa" s The prophetess who lived in Merlin's cave. Bradamant gave her the enchanted ring to take to Rogero; so, assuming the form of Atlantes, she went to Alcina's island, and not only delivered Rogero, but disenchanted all the forms metamorphosed in the island. In Book xix. she assumes the form of Rodomont, and persuades Agramant to break the league which was to settle the contest by single combat. A general battle ensues. Orlando Furioso
King name "Melissus" Greek An ancient king of Crete, who, by Amalthea, became the father of the nymphs Adrastea and Ida, to whom Rhea entrusted the infant Zeus to be brought up. Other accounts call the daughters of this king Melissa and Amalthea. Greek
God name "Melkart" Phoenicia God in charge of travelers, sailors, colonies and the city of Tyre who, like the Phoenix, is regenerated by fire Phoenicia
God name "Melkart/ Melqart" Phonecia A rather busy god in charge of travelers, sailors, colonies & the city of Tyre who, like the Phoenix, is regenerated by fire
King name "Melki-Ziwa" Aramaic king of Light behind the north star. Aramaic
Goddess name "Mella" Zimbabwe Goddess of healing, sorcery and shamanism. Zimbabwe
"Mellonia" Roman A Roman divinity, who was believed to protect the honey, but is otherwise unknown.
Goddess name "Mellonia" Roman Goddess of bees. MELQART...
Nymph name "Melobosis" Greek A nymph, said to have been a daughter of Oceanus. Greek
Goddess name "Melpomene" Greek The singing goddess, one of the nine Muses, became afterwards the Muse of Tragedy. Greek
"Melpomenus" Greek The singer, was a surname of Dionysus at Athens, and in the Attic demos of Acharne. Greek
God name "Melqart" Tyre Melkart, the tutelary god of the Phoenician city of Tyre.
"Melusina" France Having enclosed her father in a high mountain for offending her mother, she was condemned to become every Saturday a serpent from her waist downward. When she married Raymond, Count of Lusignan, she made her husband vow never to visit her on a Saturday; but, the jealousy of the count being excited, he hid himself on one of the forbidden days, and saw his wife's transformation. Melusina was now obliged to quit her mortal husband, and was destined to wander about as a spectre till the day of doom. Some say the count immured her in the dungeon of his castle. France
Goddess name "Melusine" Britain / Scotland A serpent goddess
God name "Melwas" Britain God of the underworld and the "king of the Summer Country". cornwall, Britain
Goddess name "Mem Loimis" Wintun Goddess of water. Wintun
Goddess name "Meme" Zaire Goddess of healing Zaire
God name "Memphis" Greek 1. A daughter of Nilus and wife of Epaphus, by whom she became the mother of Libya. The town of Memphis in Egypt was said to have derived its name from her. Others call her a daughter of the river-god Uchoreus, and add that by Nilus she became the mother of Aegyptus. 2. One of the daughters of Danaus. Greek
God name "Men" Turkey God of the moon who ruled the upper and lower world Turkey
God name "Men" Phrygian / Turkey moon god. Ruler of both upper and lower worlds. Probably also a god of healing, he was subsequently adopted by the Greeks and Romans. The cult was popular during the imperial period, but its inscriptions were written in Greek....
God name "Men Ascaenus" Antioch / Asia Minor A local tutelary god
God name "Men Ascaenus" Antioch - near - Pisidia Local tutelary god. Possibly originating as a Persian moon god and known chiefly from a description by Strabo. He enjoyed a substantial cult including a temple some 1,200 meters above sea level. His symbol is the head of a bull above a crescent moon and wreath; it appears on local coinage circa AD 200. The popularity of the cult earned antagonism from the Roman occupation.See also MEN....
God name "Men Ascaenus Antioch" Asia Minor Local tutelary god Asia Minor
God name "Men Phygia" Asia Minor God of the moon who ruled over in the heavens, but the underworld as well Asia Minor
"Men Shen" China Two guardians of doorways China
Deities name "Men Shen" Chinese God of passage. One of a pair of deities, armed with bow and arrows, who guard doorways and gates. Paper images are pinned to entrances of homes during the New Year celebrations to ward off evil spirits....
Goddess name "Mena" Hindu Goddess of mountains Hindu
Goddess name "Mena" Hindu mountain goddess. The consort of HIMAVAN and the mother of GANGA and PARVATI....
God name "Menahka" Mandaean Irak God of the Sun
Goddess name "Menchit" Egypt Originally a foreign war goddess, and the female counterpart, and thus wife, to Anhur. It was said that she had come from Nubia with Anhur. Her name depicts this warrior status, as it means she who massacres. Egypt
"Mene" Greek A female divinity presiding over the months. Greek
Supreme god name "Menechen" Chile Supreme god Chile
Supreme god name "Menechen/ Pillan/ Gueu-Pillan Aruucania" Chile The supreme God
King name "Menelaus" Greek A son of Atreus, and younger brother of Agamemnon and Anaxibia. He was king of Lacedaemon, and married to the beautiful Helen, by whom he was the father of Hermione and Megapenthes. Greek
God name "Meness" Latvia God of the moon as well as the guardian of travelers and military expeditions Latvia
God name "Menesthius" Greek 1. A son of Areithous and Philomedusa, of Arne in Boeotia, was slain at Troy by Paris. 2. A son of the river-god Spercheius or of Borus and Polydora, was one of the commanders of the hosts of Achilles. Greek
Goddess name "Meng Po" China Goddess of justice China
Goddess name "Meng-Po-Niang" China Goddess who stands at the Ninth Chinese Hell. Her magic potion was administered to each soul, so that they would forget their past lives. China
Goddess name "Menhit" Egypt Lion goddess Egypt
Goddess name "Menhit/ Menchit" Egypt A lion goddess
God name "Meni" Phoenicia God of luck, both good and bad Phoenicia
Spirit name "Menninkäinen" Finland A fairy spirit, gnome.
"Menoetius" Greek 1. A son of Japetus and Clymene or Asia, and a brother of Atlas, Prometheus and, Epimetheus, was killed by Zeus with a flash of lightning, in the fight of the Titans, and thrown into Tartarus. (Theogony of Hesiod 507)
"Menoetius 2" Greek A son of Ceuthonyraus, a guard of the oxen of Pluto.
"Menoetius3" Greek A son of Actor and Aegina, a step-brother of Aeacus, and husband of Polymele, by whom he became the father of Patroclus. Greek
Goddess name "Menrva" Etruscan Spiting image of the Greek goddess Athena in all aspects Etruscan
Goddess name "Menrva/ Menerva" Etruscan A spiting image of the Greek goddess Athena in all aspects
Spirit name "Mens" Roman I. e. mind, a personification of mind, worshipped by the Romans. She had a sanctuary on the Capitol. The object of her worship was that the citizens might always be guided by a right and just spirit. Roman
King name "Mentes" Greek 1. The leader of tho Cicones in the Trojan war, whose appearance Apollo assumed when he went to encourage Hector. 2. A son of Anchialus, king of the Taphians north of Ithaca. He was connected by ties of hospitality with the house of Odysseus. When Athena visited Telemachus, she assumed the personal appearance of Mentes. Greek
God name "Menthu" Egypt God of war Egypt
God name "Menu" Lithuania God of the moon Lithuania
God name "Menu/ Menulis" Lithuania The moon god
"Menulis" Roman A Roman divinity who had a grove and temple in the Esquiliae, on a spot which it was thought fatal to enter.
God name "Menzabac" Mayan weather god who causes the Rain by sprinkling black dye on the clouds, he has a side line as a fever god and the keeper of good souls Mayan
"Mephistopheles" Christian Mephistophilis, Mephostophilus. A sneering, jeering, leering tempter. The character is that of a devil in Goethe's Faust. He is next in rank to Satan. Christian
"Mephistopheles/ Mephisto" Christian The devil as found in the literature for magic & necromancy from the middle ages
Goddess name "Mephitis" Roman Goddess of healing and poisonous gases. Roman
God name "Mercury" Roman God of astronomy, commerce, messengers, eloquence and sidelines as the messenger of the gods. Roman
God name "Mercury/ Mecurius" Roman A god of astronomy, commerce, messengers, eloquence & sidelines as the messenger of the gods
Goddess name "Mere Ama" Finnish Goddess of the ocean, streams and brooks Finnish
Goddess name "Meresger" Thebes She who loves silence. Goddess of the Valley of the kings at Thebes.