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Goddess name "Mylitta" Greek Goddess. The Hellenized version of the Akkadian goddess MULLILTU, consort of ELLIL and of ASSUR....
Goddess name "Mylitta/ Mu'Allidtu" Phoenician / Babylon A goddess of fire, childbirth & fertility
God name "Myoken-Bohdisattiva" Buddhist Astral god and the god of healing eye-disease. Buddhist
God name "MyokennBooklhisattva" Buddhist Chinese Astral god. The apotheosis of the Pole Star, equating with AME-NO-KAGASEWO in Japanese Shintoism....
"Myrmidon" Greek A son of Zeus and Eurymedusa, the daughter of Cleitos, whom Zeus deceived in the disguise of an ant. Her son was for this reason called Myrmidon and was regarded as the ancestor of the Myrmidons in Thessaly. He was married to Peisidice, by whom he became the father of Antiphus and Actor. Greek
God name "Myrrah" Greek A daughter of Cinyras and, mother of Adonis. Aphrodite inspired Myrrha with lust to commit incest with her father, Theias. Myrrha's nurse helped with the scheme. When Theias discovered this, he flew into a rage, chasing his daughter with a knife. The gods turned her into a myrrh tree and Adonis eventually sprung from this tree. Greek
Goddess name "Myrrha / Syyrna" Western Semitic / Phoenician Fertility goddess. Known from inscriptions as the mother of the god Kinnur. Also Syyrna....
"Myrto" Greek A personification of the Myrtoan sea derived its name. Greek
Nymph name "Myrtoessa" Greek The nymph of a well of the same name in Arcadia. Greek
"Mysia" Greek A surname of Demeter, derived from an Argive Mysius, who received her kindly during her wanderings, and built a sanctuary to her. Greek
God name "Mystis" Greek A nurse of the god Dionysus and the nymph who personified initiation into the mysteries of the god while her son Corymbus represented the sacred ivy, with which the initiates were dressed. Greek
Goddess name "N s anna a a" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. Nodo us...
Goddess name "N ssaba" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Goddess of writing and wisdom. A daughter of AN and probably orig inally a vegetation deity. Her symbol is the inscribing stylus. She is a patron deity of Unug [Warka]....
Goddess name "N u a sam" Buddhist / Vajrayana Goddess of etymological analysis. One of a group of four. Color: red. Attributes: chain and lotus....
Goddess name "NA CHA (here is a loud cry)" Taoist / Chinese Guardian god. A somewhat ambiguous god who is generally regarded as benevolent, but whose traditions hint at a more destructive aspect. He was born a god of human parents, the reincarnation of an older deity, Ling Chu-Tzu, the “intelligent pearl.” According to tradition, his father was Li Ching, who threatened to kill his mother because she claimed she was made pregnant by the mystical actions of a Taoist priest who told her she was to bear the child of a unicorn. Na Cha is said to have fought in the Shang-Chou war on the side of the Chou dynasty circa 1027 BC. His chief adversary was the sea dragon king. Ultimately he became involved with the goddess Shih-Chi Niang Niang, accidentally killed her attendant and, in remorse, committed suicide....
Goddess name "NAMMU" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian / Iraq Chthonic creator and birth goddess. Nammu is identified in various texts as the goddess of the watery deeps. As a consort of AN she is the mother of ENKI and the power of the riverbed to produce water. Alternatively Nammu is the progenitrix of An and KI, the archetypal deities of heaven and earth. She also engendered other early gods and in one poem is the mother of all mortal life. She molded clay collected by creatures called sig-en-sig-du and brought it to life, thus creating mankind. She is attended by seven minor goddesses and may ultimately have become syncretized with NINHURSAG A....
Goddess name "NINURTA (lord plough)" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian / Iraq God of thunderstorms and the plough. Ninurta is the Sumerian god of farmers and is identified with the plough. He is also the god of thunder and the hero of the Sumerian pantheon, closely linked with the confrontation battles between forces of good and evil that characterize much of Mesopotamian literature. He is one of several challengers of the malignant dragon or serpent Kur said to inhabit the empty space between the earth's crust and the primeval sea beneath. Ninurta is the son of Enlil and Ninhursaga a, alternatively Ninlil, and is the consort of Gula, goddess of healing. He is attributed with the creation of the mountains which he is said to have built from giant stones with which he had fought against the demon Asag. He wears the horned helmet and tiered skirt and carries a weapon Sarur which becomes personified in the texts, having its own intelligence and being the chief adversary, in the hands of Ninurta, of Kur. He carries the double-edged scimitar-mace embellished with lions' heads and, according to some authors, is depicted in nonhuman form as the thunderbird lmdugud (sling stone), which bears the head of a lion and may represent the hailstones of the god. His sanctuary is the E-padun-tila. Ninurta is perceived as a youthful warrior and probably equates with the Babylonian heroic god Marduk. His cult involved a journey to Eridu from both Nippur and Girsu. He may be compared with Is”kur, who was worshiped primarily by herdsmen as a storm god....
God name "Na Cha" China Guardian god who takes pity on oppressed mortals and challenges both the undersea god and his own father in a fight on land, under the sea, and in the air. China
God name "Na Cha/ Li No Cha" Chinese / Taoist The guardian god that was born as a god of from human parents
Deity name "Na Ngutu" West Africa Guardian deity of warriors slain in battle. west Africa
God name "Na Ngutu" West / central African God of the dead. Essentially the guardian deity of warriors slain in battle....
"Na Pe" N American Created men from clay and women from the leftovers. Native American Lore
"Na Pe'/ Na Pe'/ Old Man" Blackfoot / W USA / Canada The creator who was not a very nice entity, rather human in his actions
Spirit name "Na Tuk Kong" Malaysia Are local guardian spirits in Malaysia.
Spirit name "Na'chitna'irgin (genuine dawn)" Chukchee / eastern Siberia spirit of the dawn. One of four beings responsible for the different directions of the dawn. The brother of WU'SQUUS, spirit of darkness.See also TNE'SGAN, MRATNA'IRGIN and LIETNA'IRGIN....
"Na'ininen" Koryak / Siberia A benevolent creator being
Spirit name "Na'ininen" Koryak / southeastern Siberia Creator being. Known as “outer one,” or “world,” he is perceived as a remote but benevolent spirit comparable to the Supreme Being, TA'YAN. Also Na'rninen (Chukchee)....
Spirit name "Na'nqa-ka'le" Koryak / southeastern Siberia Guardian spirit. He is one of the sons of QUIKINNA'QU and, according to tradition, sits in one place all the time painting his belly. He is, nonetheless, perceived as a strong and heroic figure....
Angel name "Naaa" Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Angel name "Naamah" Canaan A succubus and fallen angel, and is generally regarded as an aspect or relation of Lilith. Naamah is said to have engaged, like Lilith, in intercourse with Adam. Canaan
"Naas" Gnostic Uses several tactics, including sexually pleasuring both Adam and Eve, to gain power over and destroy Adam and Eve. Naas is said to have "had Adam like a boy". Naas' sins were called arsenokoitai. This suggests arsenoskoitai refers to a male using superior power or position to take sexual advantage of another. Gnostic
"Naas" Ireland wife of Lugh who died in county Kildere. Ireland
"Naastrand" Norse Naastrand [The shore of corpses]. A place of punishment for the wicked after Ragnarok. Norse
King name "Nabo or Nebo" Babylon One of the divinities of the Assyrians, supposed to be the moon. Many of the kings of Babylon assumed the name.
Deity name "Nabongo" Kenya The Father of all and the supreme deity of the Abaluyia. Kenya
God name "Nabu" Mesopotamia God of wisdom and writing, worshipped by Babylonians as the son of Marduk and his consort, Sarpanitum, and as the grandson of Ea. Nabu's consort was Tashmetum. Mesopotamia
God name "Nabu" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian God of writing and wisdom. The son of MARDUX and ZARPANITU(M), his consort is TASMETU(M). He is symbolized by the inscribing stylus. A major deity in neo-Babylonian times from the eighth century BC onward, with an important sanctuary at Borsippa, near Babylon, known as the Ezida. He is considered a god of mountain regions, described as the “firstborn son of Marduk” and his image is closely involved in the New Year akitu festival. Also NEBO (Vetus Testamentum)....
Goddess name "Nabudi" Oceania Goddesses of illness. Oceania
God name "Nachunde" Elamite A Sun god
God name "Nachunde" Elamite / Iran Sun god. Nagakumara...
God name "Nacon" Maya He is the god of war
Goddess name "Naeeeegaaei (slayer of alien gods)" Navaho / USA God of war. The most powerful of the Navaho war gods. The son of the Sun god TSOHANOAI and the fertility goddess ESTSANATLEHI. According to tradition, he vanquished a race of giants who had nearly destroyed the human race. He is a benevolent god, ready to help mankind in times of trouble. He also cures diseases brought about through witchcraft. Said to live at the junction of two rivers in the San Juan valley, he is invoked by warriors preparing for battle. His priest wears a buckskin bag mask, painted black and adorned with five zigzag lightning streaks, the eye and mouth holes covered with white sea shells. He also wears a fox skin collar, a crimson cloth around the hips and a leather belt with silver ornamentation, but is otherwise naked. No depictions are made of this deity....
Goddess name "Naenia" Roman A dirge or lamentation such as was uttered at funerals, either by relatives of the deceased or by hired persons. At Rome Naenia was personified and worshipped as a goddess, who even had a chapel, which, however, as in the case of all other gods in connection with the dead, was outside the walls of the city, near the porta Viminalis. The object of this worship was probably to procure rest and peace for the departed in the lower world. Roman
King name "Naga" Hindu serpents; the king of them is Sesha, the sacred serpent of Vishnu. Hindu
Goddess name "Nagadya" Uganda Goddess who causes the Rains to fall, allowing food to grow. Uganda
God name "Nagakumara" Jain One of the group the gods with the title of bhvanavasi who were associated with Rain and thunder Jain
Deities name "Nagaraja" Hindu A Sanskrit word from naga (snake) and raj (king) meaning king of Snakes. It is applied to two main deities, Vasuki and Takshak. Vasuki and Takshak are brothers, children of Kashyap and Kadru, who are the parents of all snakes. Hindu
Deities name "Nagaraja" Hindu Snake god. The generic title of a deity equating with the terms mahoraga (great serpent) or nagadeva. Such deities were worshiped in India as early as the Indus Valley civilization (prior to 1700 BC)....
Goddess name "Nagawonyi" Uganda Goddess who, along with Nagadya, causes the Rains to fall, allowing food to grow. Uganda
"Nagini" Harry Potter A snake and the pet of Lord Voldemort, a Parseltongue, who is capable of communicating with her.
"Nagini" India Snake beings worshiped throughout India as divinities who provide protection from dangers.
Goddess name "Nagini" Jain / India Goddess. The counterpart of the Hindu goddess MANASA....
"Naglfar [Nail-ship]" Norse A mythical ship made of nail-parings. It appears in Ragnarok. Norse
God name "Naguai" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Tutelary deity. A generic name for a personal god. A nagual generally takes the form of an animal and it may be adopted either by a mortal being or by another deity....
God name "Nah-hunte" Elamite God of the Sun. Elamite
God name "Nahi" Arabia The patron god of Thamud, in northern Arabia.
God name "Nahi" Pre - Islamic northern Arabian Guardian god. Generally of benevolent nature....
"Nahual" Aztec From the Nahuatl word nahualli which was used to refer to practicioners of harmful magic. In the aztec belief system the day of a persons birth caluclated in the Tonalpohualli would determine the nature of the person - each day was associated with an animal which could have a strong or weak aspect.
Deities name "Nahui Ehecati" Aztec / mesoamerican / Mexico Minor water god. One of the group of deities belonging to the TLALOC complex. Also (4)Ehecatl....
God name "Nahui Oiiin (earthquake sun)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Creator god. According to most of the codices, at the time of the Spanish conquest there had been four previous world ages, each represented by a Sun and terminated by a cataclysm. Ollin, the fifth Sun, was created at Teotihuacan and at the conquest was just under 2,000 years old. It is presided over by the god TONATIUH. Each creation is considered to last 2028 x 52 terrestrial years and the present one is destined to be destroyed by a great earthquake. Tradition has it that Ollin was originally a sickly or humble deity named NANAHUATL (the diseased one). Also (4)Ollin; Ollintonatiuh....
God name "Nahuti Ehecatl" Aztec The god Ehecatl sacrifices all the gods, and then with a powerful wind makes the Sun begin to move. Aztec
God name "Nahuti Ollin Tonatiuh" Aztec ("Movement of the Sun";) was the Sun god. The Aztec people considered him the leader of Tollan, their heaven. He was also known as the fifth Sun, because the Aztecs believed that he was the Sun that took over when the fourth Sun was expelled from the sky. Aztec
God name "Nahuti Ollin/ Ollin/ Ollintonatiuh" Aztec A creator god
Supreme god name "Nai" Gan / Accra, Ghana, West Africa God of the ocean. The second-in-command to the supreme god ATAA NAA NYONGMO. His eldest daughter is the goddess ASHIAKLE....
God name "Nai Gan" Ghanna A god of the ocean
God name "Nai No Kami" Japan God of earthquakes. Japan
Deities name "Nai-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan earthquake god. One of the RAIJIN deities responsible for thunder, storms and Rain. His worship began in AD 599....
Nymph name "Naiad[s]" Greek Any nymph who presided over brooks , springs or fountains
Spirit name "Naiades" Greco - Roman Animistic water spirits. Female personalities assigned the guardianship of fresh waters by the great gods, and invoked locally at sacred pools and springs. They were also regarded as minor patrons of music and poetry....
Nymph name "Naiads" Greek nymphs who presided over brooks, springs or fountains. Greek
"Naigameya" Hindu That child of fiery splendour, who was the leader of an octad of armed Goat-heads, appears to represent the eight Vasus as reflexes of their leader. Hindu
God name "Naigameya" Hindu God. Either the son or the brother of the god SKANDA. Generally depicted with the head of a goat....
God name "Naijok" Sudan The benevolent god of fate and the supreme being of the Lotuko. Sudan
Spirit name "Naimuena" Colombia / Ecuador A great ancestral spirit worshipped as a supreme being, the creator, and a vegetation god. The Uitoto, Colombia and Ecuador
"Naininen" Koryak The Universe, world, Outer one. Koryak
God name "Nainuema" Uitoto Indian / South America Creator god. He created the earth from his own imagination and stamped upon it until it was flat. He then engendered the Forests and other living things from his saliva....
"Naionuema Uitoto" S America Created the earth from its own imagination South America
Goddess name "Nair" Ireland Goddess best known for escorting High king Crebhan to the Otherworld Ireland
Goddess name "Nairamata" Buddhist Goddess Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Nairamata (no soul)" Buddhist / Mahayana Goddess. An emanation of AKSOBHYA. A SAKTI of HERUKA and a personification of knowledge. She bears five or six arms in different gestures and often stands upon a corpse. Color: blue or black. Attributes: arrows, club, cup and knife. Three-eyed....
God name "Nairyosangha" Iran God of fire Iran
Nymph name "Najade" Slavic These are water nymphs
Goddess name "Nakawe" Huchol Goddess of the earth Huchol
Angel name "Nakeer and Munkar" Arabic Two black angels of appalling aspect, the inquisitors of the dead. The Koran says that during the inquisition the soul is united to the body. If the scrutiny is satisfactory, the soul is gently drawn forth from the lips of the deceased, and the body is left to repose in peace; if not, the body is beaten about the head with iron clubs, and the soul is wrenched forth by racking torments.
Goddess name "Nakiwulo" Africa Goddess of justice Africa
Goddess name "Naksatara[s]" Hindu A group of astral goddesses
Goddess name "Naksataras" Hindu Group of astral goddesses. Hindu
Goddess name "Naksatra(s)" Hindu Generic title for a group of astral goddesses. Stars or constellations which became personified as deities, accounted as twenty-seven daughters of DAKSA and consorts of CANDRA or SOMA. They can exert benign or evil influence....
"Nal or Naal" Norse [Needle]. Mother of Loke. Norse
"Nalima and Tellima" Dara The female and male halves of the creative power. Dara
Angel name "Nama" Greek A daughter of the race of man, who was beloved by the angel Zaraph. Her one wish was to love purely, intensely, and holily; but she fixed her love on a seraph, a creature, more than her Creator; therefore, in punishment, she was condemned to abide on earth, "unchanged in heart and frame," so long as the earth endureth; but when time is no more, both she and her angel lover will be admitted into those courts "where love never dies." Hebrew
"Namasangiti" Buddhist One of the important manifestations of Manjushree. Buddhist
God name "Namasangiti (the chanting of the name)" Buddhist God. A form of AVALOKITESVARA, but also a distinct emanation of VAIROCANA. The personification of a sacred text. He stands upon a lotus. Color: white. Attributes: club, lotus, sword, half-staff and waterjar....
Goddess name "Nambi" Masai A goddess of love & of sexuality
Goddess name "Nambi" Masai Goddess of love and of sexuality. Masai
Goddess name "Nambi" Uganda sky goddess who came to earth and married Kintu, the first man. Uganda
"Name" Origin Description
God name "Namea" Greek 1. Mamea was the nymph of the springs of the town of Nemea in Argos and a daughter of the local river-god Asopos. 2. Nemea was possibly identical to Pandeia, a daughter of Zeus by Selene. Greek
Goddess name "Nammu" Sumeria Goddess of the primeval sea that gave birth to An (heaven) and Ki (earth) and the first gods. Sumeria
Goddess name "Namrus" Greek Nimrus, another name for Ruha. Possibly derived from the Greek for Law, meaning Torah goddess. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Namtar (fate)" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Messenger god(dess). A go-between and either minister or maid-servant of the underworld goddess ERES KIGAL, who brings death to mankind at the appropriate time....
Demon name "Namtaru" Mesopotamia A hellish deity, god of death, and the messenger of An, Ereshkigal, and Nergal, considered responsible for diseases and pests. It was said that he commanded sixty diseases in the form of demons that could penetrate different parts of the human body. Mesopotamia
God name "Nan chi Hsien wang" China Nan chi Hsien wang, "Old Man of the South Pole". God of longevity. China
God name "Nan chi Hsien weng" China The god of longevity
God name "Nan-Sgrub" Buddhist God, a form of Yama Buddhist / Tibet
God name "Nan-Sgrub (the black one)" Buddhist / Tibet God. Possibly a counterpart of the Hindu god KALA. In Lamaism he is a form of YAMA. He stands upon a man. Color: dark blue. Attributes: cup and knife....
Goddess name "Nana" Anglo-Saxon Nanna. A pan-cultural cognomen. "Her place as queen of heaven goes back to remote antiquity. She is Venus and appears as Ashtarte (or Easter in the Anglo-Saxon), Nana and Anunitu. She is goddess of fertility and worshipped everywhere. She is daughter of Sin and also of Anu. She is also associated with Sirius. She is goddess of sex and appropriates the attributes of Ninlil and Damkina and as daughter of Sin and from her descent to Hades she is represented by temple prostitution. The lion, normally the symbol of Shamash is associated with her as is the dove. In this sequence, she becomes then associated with Tammuz or Dumuzi, as the bringer of new life in the spring cults." The Golden Calf
Goddess name "Nana" Armenia Mother goddess. Armenia
Goddess name "Nana" Babylon Yet another goddess of spring. Babylon
Nymph name "Nana" Greek A nymph of Sangarius, a river located in present-day Turkey. She became pregnant when an almond from an almond tree fell on her lap. The almond tree had sprung where Agdistis, a mythical being connected with the Phrygian worship of Attes, was slain. Agdistis was a son of Cybele, the Mother of all things. Nana abandoned the baby, who was adopted by his grandmother, Cybele. The baby, Attis, grew up to become Cybele's servant and lover. Greek
Goddess name "Nana" Yoruba One of the names of the creator god / goddess. Yoruba
Goddess name "Nana" Pre - Christian Armenian Mother goddess. Her cult became widespread and she may be equated with the Phrygian goddess KYBELE....
Supreme god name "Nana Buluku Fon" Africa Supreme god Africa
Goddess name "Nana Buruku" Cuba Goddess of earth and water Cuba
God name "Nanabohozo" Ojibwa / USA / Canada A god that influences the success or failure of hunters
God name "Nanabohozo Ojibwa" N America God who influences the success or failure of hunters Canada / USA
God name "Nanabozho" Ojibwa / Canada Heroic god. A god of hunters who directly influences the success or failure which determines whether individuals survive or perish. His brothers are the four winds which exert changes in the seasons and weather. Nanabozho gained control over them to ensure good hunting and fishing for the Ojibwa tribe....
Spirit name "Nanabush" Algonquin Creator and good spirit Algonquin
Spirit name "Nanabush/ Manabozho/ Wisaaka/ Glooscap" Algonquin The creator & good spirit
Deities name "Nanahuati (rumor)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Creator god. In cosmogony, when on the fifth day of creation the gods sat in judgment to elect the new Sun god, Nanahuatl and TECCIZTECATL cremated themselves in the sacred fire. The heart of Nanahuatl ascended to become the new Sun and that of Tecciztecatl became the moon. Tradition suggests that Nanahuatl is diseased and impoverished but of great courage, while Tecciztecatl is wealthy and a coward. In an alternative tradition, in which Nanahuatl is the son of QUETZALCOATL and Tecciztecatl is the son of TLALOC, both deities are hurled into the fire by their fathers. NOTE: eventually all the gods sacrificed themselves so that mankind might be engendered from their remains. Also Nanahuatzin....
God name "Nanahuatl" Aztec Creator god Aztec
Deity name "Nanai" Sumeria Stellar deity Sumeria
Goddess name "Nanaja" Akkadia war and goddess of fertility Babylon / Mesopotamia / Akkadia
Goddess name "Nanaja" Mesopotamian / BabylonianAkkadian Fertility goddess. She is also a war goddess who became syncretized with the Babylonian TAS METU....
God name "Nanan Bouclou" Ewe God of herbs and Medicine Ewe
God name "Nanautzin" Aztec God of disease Aztec
Goddess name "Nandi" India Goddess of happiness and joy India
God name "Nandi(n) (rejoicing)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Bull god. Generally associated with S IVA as a bull-vehicle and an embodiment of fertility. Color: white. The image usually stands in an anteroom of the temple guarding the place where the statue of S iva is located. A S iva devotee touches the image's testicles on entry to a shrine. In anthropomorphic form he may be known as Nandisa....
God name "Nandi[n]" Hindu Bull god Hindu
God name "Nang Lha" Tibet Personal family guardian type of house god Tibet
God name "Nang Lha" Tibetan house god. A personal family guardian depicted with the head of a pig. He is propitiated with libations....
Goddess name "Nanna" Germanic A goddess of plants & flowers
Goddess name "Nanna" Germanic Goddess of plants and flowers. Germanic
Goddess name "Nanna" Norse A goddess of the moon
"Nanna" Norse Daughter of Nep (bud); mother of Forsete and wife of Balder. She dies of grief at the death of Balder. Norse
God name "Nanna" Sumeria God of the moon. Sumeria
God name "Nanna/ As-im-babbar" Mesopotamia / Sumeria / Iraq A moon god
"Nanook" Inuit Nanuq, the master of bears, meaning he decided if hunters had followed all applicable taboos and if they deserved success in hunting bears. Inuit
God name "Nanook/ Nanuq" Inuit The bear god
Goddess name "Nanse" Babylon A goddess of widows, orphans and the poor. She stood for social justice and turned no one away so long as they were worthy of help. Babylon
Goddess name "Nans”e" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Goddess of justice. A daughter of ENKI (or EA), she is linked with the interpretation of dreams. Mentioned sporadically in texts and most closely identified with the city of Lagas with a cult center at Sirara, but also the subject of a highly ethical hymn from Nippur. Also Nas, Nina....
Angel name "Nanta" Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Goddess name "Nantosuelta" Gaul A goddess of fire and fertility. Gaul
Goddess name "Nantosuelta (winding river)" Celtic / Gallic Goddess of water. Identified as a possible consort of the god SUCELLOS. She frequently holds a pole surmounted by a dove-cote. In addition she carries the cornucopia of a fertility or mother goddess, but is also a domestic guardian deity and is often depicted with ravens, which may suggest further links with the underworld....
Angel name "Naoo" Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
Angel name "Naooo" Nazorean A minor angel. Early Nazorean
God name "Napaeae" Greek nymphae, the name of a numerous class of inferior female divinities, though they are designated by the title of Olympian, are called to the meetings of the gods in Olympus, and described as the daughters of Zeus. Greek
Spirit name "Napaeae" Greco - Roman Animistic spirits of valleys. Female personalities assigned the guardianship of fertile green valleys by the great gods and invoked locally in small country shrines....
King name "Naphtha" Greek The drug used by Medea for anointing the wedding robe of Glauce, daughter of king Creon, whereby she was burnt to death on the morning of her marriage with Jason. Greek
God name "Napir" Elamite God of the moon. Elamite
God name "Napir" Elamite / Iran moon god. Known from inscriptions....
God name "Napir Elamite" Iran The moon god
God name "Nappatecuhtli" Aztec Minor god of mat makers. Aztec
Deities name "Nappatecuhtli (four-times lord)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor god of mat-makers. One of the group of deities belonging to the TLALOC complex generally associated with Rain, Agriculture and fertility....
Goddess name "Nappinnai" Tamil Local goddess who has hair surrounded by holy scent. Tamil
Goddess name "Nappinnai" Hindu - Dravidian / Tamil Local goddess. Consort of KRSNA. Mentioned in the Vaisnavite and Saivite literature, the Krsna-Nappinnai cult was prominent in Tamil-speaking areas of southern India in the seventh to ninth centuries. According to tradition Krsna wed Nappinnai after a bullbaiting contest during which he took on and defeated seven bulls. Nappinnai may be a localized form of Sri-Laksmi. Also Pinnai....
God name "Nara" Hindu / Puranic / Epic Minor incarnation of the god of Visnu
God name "Nara (man)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor incarnation(s) of the god VISNU. Some authorities place these as separate avataras, but they are usually linked....
"Nara-Narayana" Hindu Is broken down where Nara means human and Narayana means the Supreme divinity, or Vishnu. In the concept of Nara-Narayana, the human soul Nara is the eternal companion of the Divine Narayana. Hindu
God name "Naraaana" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Creator god. More or less synonymous with VIS'NU, but specifically describing the embodiment of the “abode of man.” He is said to have sucked his toe while sailing the primeval ocean on a banana leaf, until his own inspiration created the world. Often depicted supported by the bird god GARUDA.See also NARA....
"Narada" Hindu A Divine sage from the Hindu tradition
Deity name "Narada (giver of advice)" Hindu / Vedic, Epic / Puranic Minor but popular deity. Narada is depicted as a sage who is also a messenger and teacher. Born from the head, or throat, of BRAHMA, and alternatively a minor incarnation of V IS'NU. In various roles he is a guardian deity of women, a musician and a wanderer. Narada, often bearded, is generally depicted standing with the musical instrument which is his invention, the vina (lute). By contrast to his benign nature he is also described as a “maker of strife” and as “vile.” Also Kali-karaka; Pisuna....
"Naradatta" India Dwelling on Mount Himavat, remembering the wholesome words of his maternal uncle, came to the Sugata with his disciples, and the holy one admitted them all into the order of the Gina; then a woman named Sakti, and another named Kamala, pre-eminent in Brahmanical power, came to the Sugata and fell down at his feet, and then standing before him they were received by the saint, and made happy with the staff and begging-bowl. The Buddha-karita
Goddess name "Naradatta (daughter of Nara)" Jain / India Goddess of learning. One of sixteen...
God name "Narasinha" Hindu Another incarnation of the god Visnu. Hindu
Goddess name "Narasinha (man-lion)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Incarnation of the god Vis'nu. The fourth avatara of the god is depicted as a man-lion hybrid. According to legend, the demonic king Hiranyakasipu had taken on a dangerous invulnerability. To thwart this, VIS'NU took the form of Narasinha and hid inside a pillar of the king's palace whence he sprang, capturing Hiranyakasipu and tearing out his entrails. IconographicalIy, the scene is portrayed with the victim thrown across Narasinha's lap and the god's claws plunged into his body. Narasinha may also appear seated in a yoga position with the goddess LAKSMI on his knee....
Goddess name "Narasinhi" Hindu Mother goddess and one of the astamatara mothers. Hindu
Goddess name "Narasinhi" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. A SAKTI of NARASINHA who is one of a group of ASTAMATARA mothers. In another grouping, one of nine NAVASAKTIS who, in southern India, rank higher than the SAPTAMATARAS. Also CANDIKA....
Goddess name "Narasinhi/ Chandika" Hindu / Puranic / Epic A mother goddess
God name "Narayana" Hindu / Puranic / Epic A creator god thought to be synonymous with business
"Narcaeus" Greek A son of Dionysus and Narcaea, established a sanctuary of Athena Narcaea in Elis, and also introduced there the worship of Dionysus. Greek
Nymph name "Narcissus" Greek A son of Cephissus and the nymph Liriope of Thespiae. He was a very handsome youth, but wholly inaccessible to the feeling of love. The nymph Echo, who loved him, but in vain, died away with grief. One of his rejected lovers, however, prayed to Nemesis to punish him for his unfeeling heart. Greek
"Nare or Narfe" Norse Son of Loke. Loke was bound by the intestines of Nare. Norse
God name "Nareau" Islands Creator god. Gilbert Islands
God name "Nareu" Melanesia / Vanuatu Creator god. As in many comparable legends, he created the world inside the shell of a mussel. He engendered a son from sand and water who, in turn, created the Sun and moon from his father's eyes, rocks from his flesh and bones and mankind from his spine....
Goddess name "Narisah" Manichaean Goddess of light. The so-called “virgin of the light,” she may also be androgynous as the father of the virgins of light who equate with the twelve zodiac signs....
God name "Narkissos" Greek Minor god. The son of the river god Kephissos, he wasted away after falling in love with his own image reflected in water. The gods took pity on him and changed him into the flower of the same name. In Roman religion he becomes Narcissus....
God name "Narkissos/ Narcissus" Greek A minor god that was rather enamored of himself
Goddess name "Nascio" Roman A Roman divinity, presiding over the birth of children, and accordingly a goddess assisting Lucina in her functions, and analogous to the Greek Eileithyia. Roman
Goddess name "Nastasija" Russia A goddess of sleep
"Nastrond" Scandinavian Nastrond [dead-man's region ]. The worst marsh in the infernal regions, where serpents pour forth venom incessantly from the high walls. Here the murderer and the perjured will be doomed to live for ever. Scandinavian
Goddess name "Nat" Norse night-goddess, daughter of Mimer (Wisdom) and sister of Urd (Fate). She brings to mankind refreshment and inspiration. Her lover is Delling, the red elf of dawn, and their son is Dag (Day). Norse
God name "Nataraja" Hindu The king of Dance, is the dancing posture of the Hindu god Shiva, who performs his Divine dance as a part of his Divine duties of creation and destruction. Hindu
Demon name "Nataraja (lord of the dance)" Hindu / Puranic Form of the god SI IVA. Emerging from AD 1200 onward, this form depicts SI iva as “lord of the dance” ringed by fire and with one foot on a demon in the form of a black dwarf. Nataraja arguably epitomizes the moving power in the cosmos. Largely seen in southern Indian bronzes which display the dance-form anandatandava....
"Nath" Sanskrit Natha, is the proper name of a siddha sampradaya (initiatory tradition) and the word itself literally means "lord, protector, refuge". The related Sanskrit term Adi Natha means first or original Lord, and is therefore a synonym for Shiva, Mahadeva, or Maheshvara, and beyond these mental concepts, the Supreme Absolute Reality as the basis supporting all aspects and manifestatons of consciousness.
God name "Natha" Buddhist / Sri Lanka A tutelary god
God name "Natha" Buddhist / Sri Lanka Tutelary god. One of four local emanations of the BODHISATTVA AVALOKITESVARA....
Demon name "Nathum" Etruscan An underworld demon or fury. Etruscan
Deity name "Natos" Indians Sun deity of the Blackfoot Indians.
Goddess name "Naueet" Egypt Primordial goddess. One of the eight deities of the OGDOAD representing chaos, she is coupled with the god NUN and appears in anthropomorphic form but with the head of a snake. The pair epitomize the primordial abyss. She is also depicted greeting the rising Sun in the guise of a baboon....
Goddess name "Naunet" Egypt Primordial goddess one of the eight Ogdoad. Egypt
"Nauplius" Greek A son of Poseidon and Amymone, of Argos, the husband of Philyra and a famous navigator, and father of Proetus and Damastor (Apollon. Rhod. i. 136). He is the reputed founder of the town of Nauplia, which derived its name from him. He is also said to have discovered the constellation of the great bear. Greek
King name "Nausithous" Greek A son of Poseidon with Periboea the daughter of Eurymedon, was the father of Alcinous and Rhexenor, and king of the Phaeacians, whom he led from Hypereia in Thrinacia to the island of Scheria, in order to escape from the Cyclopes. Greek
God name "Navadura[s]" Hindu Generic title for the nine forms of the god of Durga Hindu
Deities name "Navaduraa(s)" Hindu Generic title of a group of deities. The nine forms of the god DURGA. The common vehicle is a chariot shaped like a lotus. Each carries a wide assortment of attributes....
Goddess name "Navasakti(s)" Hindu Generic title of a group of goddesses. The nine MATARAS or mothers. In southern India they are considered virgin goddesses and are held in higher esteem that the comparable group of SAPTAMATARAS....
Spirit name "Navky" Slavic Were the spirits of children who had died unbaptized or at their mother's hands. Most often they appeared in the shapes of infants or young girls, rocking in tree branches and wailing and crying in the night. Slavic
Deity name "Nawandyo" Uganda deity concerned with healing and medicinal herbs. Uganda
Goddess name "Nayakaya" Sudan Goddess of crocodiles. Sudan
Goddess name "Nayakaya Shilluk" Sudan the crocodile goddess that reside in the Nile, Shillukscontinue to sacrifice to her