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God name "Malakbel" Pre - Islamic northern Arabian vegetation god. Mentioned as the brother of AGLIBOL on an inscription at Palmyra dated to AD 132....
God name "Malakbel N" Arabic , vegetation god Arabic
"Malamanganga'e" Polynesia Creator being who was a personification of light Polynesia
"Malamanganga'e (light eastward)" Polynesian Creator being. One of the two personifications of light who, with MALAMANGANGAIFO, engendered Lupe, the dove, whose consort is rock. From these primordial principles came several generations of supernatural beings whose descendants engendered mankind....
"Malamangangaifo" Polynesia The other creator being that was a personification of light
"Malamangangaifo (light westward)" Polynesian Creator being. See also MALAMANGANGA'E....
"Malambruno" Spain The giant, first cousin of queen Maguncia, of Canday'a, who enchanted Antonomasia and her husband, and shut them up in the tomb of the deceased queen. The infanta he transformed into a monkey of brass, and the knight into a crocodile. Don Quixote achieved their disenchantment by mounting the wooden horse called Clavileno.
Goddess name "Malhal Mata" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. One of seven SAKTIS who in later Hinduism became regarded as SAPTAMATARAS (mothers) of evil intent. Particularly known in Bengal as a bringer of disease....
Nymph name "Maliades" Greek nymphs who were worshipped as the protectors of flocks and of fruit-trees. The same name is also given to the nymphs of the district of the Malians on the river Spercheius. Greek
God name "Malik" Arabic Tutelary god, this name is found among other Semitic people and used as a designator for a god Arabic
God name "Malik (king)" Pre - Islamic northern Arabian Tutelary god. Known from inscriptions....
"Malimeihevao" Polynesia A supernatural being known through the oral traditions of the Tonga, Polynesia.
Goddess name "Malinalxochitl" Aztec Sorceress and goddess of snakes, scorpions and insects of the desert. Aztec
Goddess name "Mallina" Inuit Goddess of the Sun Inuit
"Malsum" Algonquin Destructive brother of Gluskap Algonquin
God name "Mam" Maya A god of evil
God name "Mam" Mayan God of evil Mayan
God name "Mam" Mopan Rain god Mopan
God name "Mam" Mayan / Yucatec, Mesoamerican / Mexico God of evil. A much-feared deity who lives beneath the earth and only emerges in times of crisis. Depicted in the form of a flat, life-sized piece of wood dressed as a scarecrow and set upon a stool. He is offered food and drink during Uayeb, the period of five unlucky days at the end of the year, after which the figure is undressed and unceremoniously thrown away. During Uayeb devotees fast and refer to the god as “grandfather.”...
Goddess name "Mama" Korea Goddess of healing Korea
Goddess name "Mama Allpa" Peru Goddess of the harvest Peru
"Mama Brigitte" Celtic Guardian of the Cemetary and of the Dead. Celtic
Goddess name "Mama Cocha" Inca Goddess Rain, wind and the ocean Inca / Peru
Goddess name "Mama Kilya" Inca Goddess of the moon Inca
Goddess name "Mama Pacha" Inca Goddess of autumn Inca
Goddess name "Mama Qoca" Inca Goddess of the ocean Inca
Goddess name "Mama Qoca (mother sea)" Inca / pre - Columbian South America / Peru, etc Goddess of the ocean. Originally a pre-Inca goddess of coastal regions who retained her influence under Inca rule. Invoked by all Indians who gain their livelihood from the sea. Today probably syncretized largely with the Christian Virgin Mary. Also Mama Cocha....
Goddess name "Mama Quilla" Inca Goddess of the moon Inca
Goddess name "Mama-Kilya (mother moon)" Inca / pre - Columbian South America / Peru, etc moon goddess. The consort of the Sun god INTI, she is important in the calculation of time and regulating the Inca festival calendar. The Indians consider that an eclipse of the moon is a time of great danger, caused by a mountain lion or snake eating the moon, and perform a ritual making as much noise as possible to frighten the predator off....
Goddess name "Mamaki" Buddhist Goddess Buddhist
Goddess name "Mamaki (greedy)" Buddhist Goddess. The SAKTI of RATNASAMBHAVA or AKSOBHYA. Also a BODHISATTVA or future buddha, originating from the blue mantra MAM. Color: yellow or blue. Attributes: cup, flowers, jewel, knife and staff....
"Mamaldi" Amur / Siberia She is the co-creator of earth but she was killed by her husband for creating Asia, for spite she created souls for at the magicians he built
"Mamaldi Amur" Siberia Co-creator of earth but she was killed by her husband for creating Asia, for spite she created souls for at the magicians he built Siberia
Goddess name "Mami" Babylon Mother goddess, created humankind Babylon
Goddess name "Mami" Sumeria Goddess of drunkenness and midwives Sumeria
Goddess name "Mami" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian Mother goddess. Identified in the Atrahasis texts and other creation legends and probably synonymous with NINHURSAG A. She was involved in the creation of mankind from clay and blood. The name almost certainly came into use because it is the first word that a child formulates. Also Mama; Mammitum....
Deities name "Mami Wata" Africa A pantheon of ancient water spirits or deities of the African diaspora.
Goddess name "Mami/ Mama" Sumeria A goddess of drunkenness & midwives
Goddess name "Mamitu" Akkadia Goddess of treaties and oaths, as well as a judge in the underworld Babylon / Mesopotamia / Akkadia
Goddess name "Mamitu" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian Goddess of oaths and treaties. One of the consorts of NERGAL and subsequently identified as a chthonic underworld deity. Also Mammetu....
Goddess name "Mamlambo" Zulu The mother goddess and the goddess of rivers. Zulu
Goddess name "Mamlambo" Zulu / Natal, South Africa River goddess. Considered to control all the rivers running through Natal. Also a patron of beer-makers, who are usually women....
God name "Mammon" Syriac The god of this world. Mammon was the Syrian god of wealth, similar to Plutus of Greek and Roman mythology. Syriac
"Man of Brass" Crete Talos, the work of Heph?stus. He traversed Crete to prevent strangers from setting foot on the island, and threw rocks at the Argonauts to prevent their landing. Talos used to make himself red-hot, and hug intruders to death.
"Man of Sin" Roman The Roman Catholics say the Man of Sin is Antichrist. The Puritans applied the term to the Pope of Rome; the Fifth-Monarchy men to Cromwell; many modern theologians apply it to that "wicked one" (identical with the "last horn" of Dan. vii.) who is to immediately precede the second advent.
"Mana" Oceanic A concept of an impersonal force or quality that resides in people, animals, and inanimate objects and that instills in the appreciative observer a sense of respect or wonder. Oceanic
Spirit name "Mana uDmuta" s Mana and his Likeness, or Likeness of spirit. Relates to the Mother of Life, coutnerpart of the Living spirit in Mani's system. Early Nazorean
Spirit name "Manabozho aka Nanabush" Ojibwa Manabozo, a spirit trickster figure and culture hero. He was the son of a human mother and Bangishimog, a spirit father. Nanabozho most often appears in the shape of a rabbit and is characterized as a trickster. He was sent to earth by Gitchi Manitou to teach the Ojibwe, and one of his first tasks was to name all the plants and animals. Ojibwa
"Manabozo/ Nena bu shu Menonemi" US / Canada A redeemer & a trickster who a rabbit on earth under a bowl
Goddess name "Manah" Aribic One of the three chief goddesses of Mecca. The goddess of fate and the oldest of the three "Daughters of God". Aribic
"Manang Jaban" Bali A Medicine man or woman, a witch doctor or wizard. There are both terrestrial and celestial Manang. Bali.
King name "Manannan" Manx Is believed to have three legs and his form of walking was to roll in a circular motion on his three legs like a wheel in order to get from place to place. Manx
God name "Manannan (Mac Lir)" Celtic / Irish / British Sea god. Extensively worshiped. From the name is derived the “Isle of Man” where, according to tradition, the god is buried. He rules the “Isle of the Blessed” and determines the weather at sea. Father of the Irish hero Mongan. Also Manawyddaw (Welsh)....
God name "Manannan Mac Lir" Ireland / Welsh / Scots The god of the sea. He is often seen as a psychopomp, whose responsibility is to escort newly-deceased souls to the afterlife, and considered to have strong connections to the Otherworld islands of the dead, the weather, and the mists between the worlds. Ireland / Welsh / Scots
God name "Manannan Mac Lir[Llyr]" Irish / Wales He was a shape shifter & chief Irish sea god
Goddess name "Manasa" Hindu A naga and goddess of fertility. She is popularly known as the goddess of wish fulfilment and one who protects against snakebite. She is also associated with the earth and higher knowledge. Hindu
Goddess name "Manasa" Hindu Snake goddess. The daughter of KASYAPA and KADRU and the sister of the lord of serpents, Vasuki. She is also a gracious aspect of PARVATI. Known particuarly from Bihar, Bengal and Assam. She stands upon, or is shaded by, a seven-headed snake. Attributes: snake and waterjar....
Goddess name "Manasi" Indian The Goddess of Snakes. Indian
Goddess name "Manasi (spiritual)" Jain / India Goddess of learning. One of sixteen VIDYADEVI headed by the goddess SARASVATI....
Goddess name "Manasvi" Indian The goddess "That which controls mind". Indian
Goddess name "Manat" Arabic Goddess, a daughter of Allah Arabic
Goddess name "Manat (fate)" Pre - Islamic / Arabian Goddess. One of the socalled Daughters of ALLAH, she is primarily identified with a shrine (lost) between Mecca and Medina....
Goddess name "Manavi" Jain Goddess of learning Jain
Goddess name "Manavi (descended from Manu)" Jain / India Goddess of learning. One of sixteen VIDYADEVI headed by the goddess SARASVATI....
Goddess name "Manawat" Semitic Goddess of destiny Semitic(West)
Goddess name "Manawat" Western Semitic / Nabataean Goddess of destiny. Mentioned in a large number of inscriptions....
God name "Manawydan" Welsh God of the sea. Welsh
God name "Manawyddan" Welsh A sea god
God name "Manawyddan" Celtic / Welsh Sea god. The counterpart of the Irish god MANANNAN. He is the consort of RHIANNON and is regarded as a skilled craftsman....
God name "Manco Capac" Inca God of war and the Sun Inca / Quechua
Planet name "Manda" India Regent of the planet Saturn India
God name "Manda d-Hiia Mandaean" Christian / early this god is concerned with teaching of life, redemption & a savior / redeemer
Spirit name "Manda dHiia" s Manda-d-Hiya, the son of Nis'ibtun. Manda d Hiia means Gnosis of Life, or Temple of the Living Ones. A Savior spirit sometimes identified with Hibil. Looks out for humanity. Younger brother of Hibil-Ziwa. Sometimes Mani's Living spirit, but often Yeshu and Miryai. Identified with Yeshu when he was baptized by John. Manda dHiia and Mahzian appear to have originally been titles for the Living spirit, but ones attached to Yeshu later on. Early Nazorean
Planet name "Manda/ Sani" India he is the Divine and regent of the planet Saturn
Deities name "Mandah" Arabic Collective name of gods, guardian deities who took care of irrigation Arabic
Deities name "Mandah" Pre - Islamic / Arabian Collective name of gods. Guardian deities, whose chief responsibility is irrigation....
Deities name "Mandah/ Mundih" Arabic A collective name of gods, guardian deities that took care of irrigation
God name "Mandanu" Akkadia God of Divine judgment Babylon / Akkadia
God name "Mandanu" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian God of Divine judgment. Known from the neo-Babylonian period....
God name "Mandhata (thoughtful)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic God. Minor avatara of VISNU. One of the “lords of the universe.”...
God name "Mandulis" Greek God of the Sun Greek / Nubian
Goddess name "Mandulis [Greek]" Nubian Sun god. Mandulis was chiefly revered in a Greco-Roman cult. His most important sanctuary was at Kalabsha, close to the Aswan High Dam, and now relocated. A sanctuary was also constructed on the Greek island of Philae where he seems to have enjoyed an association with the goddess ISIS. Also Merwel (Egyptian)....
God name "Mandulis/ Merulis" Greek / Nubian a Sun god
Spirit name "Manes" Greek I.e. "the good ones" [mana], is the general name by which the Romans designated the souls of the departed but as it is a natural tendency to consider the souls of departed friends as blessed spirits, the name of Lares is frequently used as synonymous with Manes, and hence also they are called dii Manes, and were worshipped with Divine honours. Greek
Deities name "Manes" Roman Hearth deities. Technically souls separated from the body, these objects of ancestor worship became classed as guardian divinities in Roman households. Celebrated in the feast of Parentalia. Origin of the title on graves: Dis Manibus....
Goddess name "Mang Chin i" China Goddess of the womb China
God name "Mang Shen" China Agriculture god China
God name "Mangala" Hindu Astral god Hindu
Goddess name "Mangala" Hindu A goddess, a form of Parvati
Goddess name "Mangala" Hindu Goddess, a form of auspicious bliss. Hindu
Goddess name "Mangala (auspicious)" Hindu (1) Astral god. Personification of the planet MARS. Depicted by a chariot drawn by eight red fire-horses. According to some authors Mangala is a form of the god S IWA in his cruel aspect. Attributes: club and lotus. Three-eyed.(2) Goddess. A form of PARWATI. She rides upon a lion and may bear up to ten arms, carrying arrow, mirror, moon disc, rosary, shield and sword. Three-eyed....
Planet name "Mangalla" India Stellar deity who rules the planet Mars India
God name "Mangalubulan" Batak God of thieves. Batak
God name "Mangar-kunjer-kunja" Australia A lizard god who created humans. He found the first beings, Rella manerinja, on one side of a hill; they were fused together and he separated them with a knife and cut holes for their mouths, ears, and noses, then gave them the knife, spear, shield, fire, boomerang, and the tjurunga, and lastly gave them a system of marriage. Australia
"Mani" Norse moon or Maane. Brother of Sol (the Sun, feminine), and both were children of the giant Mundilfare. Norse
God name "Mani" Germanic / Nordic / Icelandic moon god. He guides the chariot of the moon through the night sky and is involved in the downfall of the world at Ragnarok....
"Mania" Etruscan An ancient and formidable Italian, probably Etruscan, divinity of the lower world, is called the mother of the Manes or Lares
Spirit name "Mania" Etruscan An ancient and formidable Italian, probably Etruscan, divinity of the lower world, is called the mother of the Manes or Lares. As regards her being the mother of the Manes or Lares, the idea seems to have been, that the souls of the departed on their arrival in the lower world became her children, and either there dwelt with her or ascended into the upper world as beneficent spirits.
God name "Manibozho" Algonquin The Great Hare, a trickster god, and founder of their magical worship. He is also regarded as the inventor of fishing, hieroglyphs, and as the creator of the earth. Algonquin
Deity name "Manidhara" Buddhist Minor deity and Lokeshvara's attendant. Tibetan Buddhist
God name "Manidhara (holding a gem)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor god. An attendant of SADAKSARI. Attributes: jewel and lotus....
Goddess name "Manisha" Indian Goddess of mind; intelligence, desires and wishes. Indian
Deities name "Manito" Ojibwa / Canada Creator being. One of a number of very powerful beings all identified by the same title. These deities include the four winds, the thunderbirds, the underwater manitos and the heroic god NANABOZHO. They are the ultimate source of existence and are essential to the continuance of life. It is necessary for mankind to maintain close communication with them....
Spirit name "Manito/ Manitou/ Manitu" Lapiti / Algonquin / Lakota / Ojibiwa & other tribes The Great spirit
Spirit name "Manitou" Algonquin Manito, Manitu, in traditional Algonquian First Nations culture, is the Great spirit, the Creator of all things and the Giver of Life. "Manitou" is an Algonquin word for "spirit", and "Gitche Manitou" means "Great spirit".
Spirit name "Manitu" Algonquin Indian / USA Creator god. A vaguely defined being who controls all things and imparts knowledge to the tribe. He may be identified as the great spirit in the sky. Probably similar to MANITO....
"Manjughosa" Buddhist Speaks from the depths of Enlightened awareness and transforms wrong views into Wisdom. A Buddhist Bodhisattva
God name "Manjughosa (sweet sounding)" Buddhist God. Form of the god MANJUSRI and an emanation of AKSOBHYA. Attended by a lion. Color: white or gold. Attributes: arrow, bell, blue lotus, Book, bow, image of Aksobhya, staff and sword....
"Manjusri" Buddhist The bodhisattva of keen awareness. Buddhist
God name "Manm" Hindu / Vedic Primordial creator god. The son(s) of SURYA. The name given to the fourteen original progenitors of mankind during the mythical or heroic ages. According to tradition, the consort of Manu is Ida, who was engendered from milk and butter offered to S IVA as a propitiation....
God name "Manmatha" Hindu God of love, represented as a young and handsome winged man who wields a bow and arrows. His bow is made of sugarcane with honeybees on it as the string and his arrows are decorated with five kinds of fragrant flowers. Its string is made of a chain of honeybees. Hindu
God name "Manmatha" Dravidian / Tamil Form of the god of carnal love. A local southern Indian form of Kama with similar attributes and genealogy, named in Sangam literature....
God name "Manmngal" Mesopotamian / Sumerian / Babylonian - Akkadian Chthonic underworld god. A minor deity, the consort of birdU....
"Mannheimar" Norse Mannheimar (plural) [Homes of man]. Our earth. Manheim. Norse
God name "Manohel-Tohel" Mayan Creator god. Mayan
God name "Manohel-Tohel" Mayan / Mesoamerican / Mexico Creator god. The deity concerned specifically with the creation of mankind, giving mortals body and soul and leading them from the caves into the light....
"Mansa, Matsya, Madya, Maithuna, Mudra" Hindu M. The five M's: Mansa, Matsya, Madya, Maithuna, and Mudra (flesh, fish, wine, women, and gesticulation). The five forms of Hindu asceticism.
God name "Mantchu Muchangu" Africa Strange but by teaching humans how to make clothes & covering their bodies he ended up being the god of dressmakers
"Mantius" Greek A son of Melampus, brother of Antiphates and the father of Cleitus. Greek
"Manto" Greek 1. A daughter of the Theban soothsayer Teiresias.
"Manto" Greek 2. A daughter of the soothsayer Polyeidus (Polyidus)
Spirit name "Mantra or Mintra" Persian A spell, a talisman, by which a person holds sway over the elements and spirits of all denominations. Persian
God name "Manu" Hindu Primordial creator god Hindu / Vedic
God name "Manungal" Akkadia Chthonic underworld god Babylon / Mesopotamia / Akkadia / Sumeria
Goddess name "Manuzi" Syria Goddess of mountains, part of the pair with the weather god Syria
Goddess name "Manuzi/ Liluri" Syria A mountain goddess, part of the pair with the weather god
God name "Manzasiri Kalmyk" Mongol Primeval god from whose body at the world of was formed Mongol
God name "Mao Meng" China God of astronomy, Jupiter, Mercury China
God name "Maponos" British Tribal god British
God name "Maponos" Celtic / Continental / European / British Tribal deity. A youthful god worshiped by the Brigantes tribe in Britain and probably assimilated with APOLLO in the Romano-Celtic period....
Goddess name "Mara" Buddhist Goddess of death or the evil principle Buddhist
"Mara" Norse Definitely a goblin to fear, he seizes males while in their beds & removes all speech & motion
"Mara" Norse Definitely a goblin to fear, he seizes males while in their beds and removes all speech and motion. Norse
Deities name "Mara (the destroyer)" Buddhist (1) God. An evil deity who puts obstacles in the way of the BUDDHA. The equal of the Hindu god Kama. In Buddhist tradition, the Hindu gods INDRA, BRAHMA, VIS NU and S IVA are maras who become vanquished by various Buddhist deities. Attributes: fish standard.(2) God. Hindu. An epithet of KAMA(DEVA)....
Angel name "Mara d Rabuta" Aramaic Mara-d-Rabutha-'laita, Aramaic word meaning Priest and king and angel.
"Mara d Rabutha" Aramaic Mara d Rabutha is the Lord of Greatness. Aramaic
Goddess name "Marama" Maori Goddess of the moon Polynesia / Maori
Goddess name "Marama" Polynesian / Maori moon goddess. She equates with the Tahitian goddess HINA, daughter of TANGAROA. Tradition has it that her body wastes away with each lunar cycle but is restored when she bathes in the sea from which all life springs....
God name "Maramalik" Kafir / Afghanistan Chthonic underworld god. No details known....
God name "Marawa" Melanesia God who made human beings mortal, supposedly only because he did not know how they were made Melanesia
"Marcassin" Italian The Prince of the Italian fairies.
Angel name "Marchocias" Europe Prince of the hellish realms, supposedly one of the angels who followed Satan. Medieval Europe
Angel name "Marchocias Medieval" Europe He is a prince of the hellish realmy, supposedly one of the angels that followed Satan
Goddess name "Marcia Proba" Britain A warrior queen goddess
Goddess name "Marcia Proba" British warrior queen goddess British
Goddess name "Marcia Proba" Celtic Goddess of justice Celtic
"Mardal" Norse Mardoll or Martholl. One of the names of Freyja. Mardallar gratr (the tears of Mardal), gold. Norse
God name "Marduk" Babylon God of fertility , the lord of all the gods Babylon / Mesopotamia
Supreme god name "Maret Jikky" Botocudo Supreme goddess Botocudo
Supreme god name "Maretkhmakniam" Botocudo Supreme god Botocudo
Goddess name "Margawse" British Mother, aspect of the goddess British / Welsh
"Marginen" Siberia A personification of the creative principle of the world. The Chukchee, Siberia
"Margutte" France A giant ten feet high, who died of laughter on seeing a monkey pulling on his boots. France
"Mari" Buddhist The deification of literature
"Mari" Buddhist Deification of literature Buddhist
Goddess name "Mari" Davidian / Tamil A Rain goddess & the goddess of smallpox
Goddess name "Mari" Dravidian Rain goddess and the goddess of smallpox Dravidian / Tamil
Goddess name "Mari" East Mother and goddess of the sea Middle east
Goddess name "Mari (1) (killing)" Buddhist (1) Deification of literature. One of a group of DHARANIS. Color: reddish white. Attributes: needle, thread and staff.(2) Mother goddess. Dravidian (Tamil) [southern India]. See also MARI MAI....
Goddess name "Mari (2) (queen)" Basque / Pyrenean region Supreme mother goddess. She is both a sky and chthonic goddess and her consort is MAJU. She is depicted dressed in rich clothing and jewels. Her home is within the earth but she also rides through the air in a chariot pulled by four horses or carried by a ram. She may breathe fire and is symbolized by the Rainbow. When she and her consort meet, a thunderstorm forms. Her symbol is a sickle which is still employed as a device to ward off evil....
Goddess name "Mari Mai" Hindu Plague goddess associated with cholera Hindu
Goddess name "Mari Mai (mother death)" Hindu Plague goddess. The sister of SITALA, associated with cholera. Her Tamil counterpart is MARIYAMMAN....
Goddess name "Mari/ Marian" Middle East A mother & sea goddess
Goddess name "Marian" Greek An ancient pagan Sea-goddess
Goddess name "Mariana" Belem A goddess of healing & protector of sailors
Goddess name "Mariana" Belem Goddess of healing and protector of sailors Belem
Goddess name "Mariana" Brazil Goddess of love Brazil
Goddess name "Marica" Etruscan Goddess of Agriculture. Etruscan
Goddess name "Marici" Buddhist Solar goddess Buddhist / China
Goddess name "Marici (shining)" Buddhist / Mahayana (1) Astral goddess. An emanation of VAIROCANA and also his female aspect or SAKTI. She is further identified as a buddha-designate or BODHISATTVA. She may also be the mother of SAKYAMUNI (a form of the BUDDHA). Considered by some to be the equal of the Hindu SURYA. She may be depicted in a three-headed form (as the Sakti of HAYAGRIVA), in which case her left head is that of a pig. She rides in a chariot drawn by seven boars. Color: red, yellow or white. Attributes: arrow, bow, fly whisk, horse's head image in the hair, needle, prayer wheel, staff, sword, thread and trident. Three-eyed.(2) Demiurge. Hindu. A product of the creator god BRAHMA....
Goddess name "Marie aim'e" Martinique Goddess of disease Martinique
Goddess name "Marina" Slavic Goddess of the moon Slavic
Goddess name "Marinette" Haiti An goddess of the earth Haiti
Goddess name "Marishi Ten" Japan Goddess of dawn and warriors Japan
Goddess name "Mariyamman" Dravidian Plague goddess with a bizarre form of penance Dravidian / Tamil
Goddess name "Mariyamman (mother of smallpox)" Dravidian / Tamil / southern India Plague goddess. A terrible goddess, one of the NAVASAKTIS and linked with the goddess KALI. She is honored in a ritual during which victims (in penance) are suspended from a rope and an iron hook through the flesh of the back and whirled around a pole. Also Mariyattal....
King name "Mark" Cornwall A mythical king of cornwall, Sir Tristram's uncle. He lived at Tintagel Castle, and married Isolde the Fair, who was passionately enamoured of his nephew, Sir Tristram. The illicit loves of Isolde and Tristram were proverbial in the Middle Ages.
God name "Marmalik" Kafir / Afghanistan A chthonic underworld god
God name "Marmalik Kafir" Afghanistan Chthonic underworld god Afghanistan
God name "Marnas" N Arabia A local tutelary god
God name "Marnas" Pre - Islamic northern Arabian Local tutelary god. Probably regarded as a fertility deity, his cult was centered at Gaza at the Marneion sanctuary and probably succeeded that of Dagon. He may have been the subject of a colossal statue attributed to ZEUS found near Gaza.See also DAGAN....
God name "Marnas N" Arabic , Local tutelary god Arabic
"Marpessa" Greek A daughter of Evenus and Alcippe. She was the wife of Idas and became by him the mother of Cleopatra, or Alcyone, wife of Meleager. Their daughter was called Alcyone because Marpessa was once carried off by Apollo, and lamented over the separation from her beloved husband, as Alcyon had once wept about Ceyx. Greek
God name "Marruni" Melanesia God of earthquakes Melanesia
God name "Mars" Roman An ancient Roman god, who was at an early period identified by the Romans with the Greek Ares, or the god delighting in bloody war, although there are a variety of indications that the Italian Mars was originally a divinity of a very different nature. Roman
"Marsyas" Greek Or Mapotfas, a mythological personage, connected with the earliest period of Greek music. He is variously called the son of Hyagnis, or of Oeagrus, or of Olympus. Some make him a satyr, others a peasant. Greek
"Martha" Christian Patron saint of good housewives, is represented in Christian art as clad in homely costume, bearing at her girdle a bunch of keys, and holding a ladle or pot of water in her hand. Like St. Margaret, she is accompanied by a dragon bound, but has not the palm and crown of martyrdom. The dragon is given to St. Martha from her having destroyed one that ravaged the neighbourhood of Marseilles. Christian
God name "Martu" Sumeria 'He who dwells on the pure mountain' and is sometimes described as a 'shepherd', a son of the sky-god Anu. Sumeria
God name "Martu" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Tutelary god. The patron god of the city of Ninab mentioned in the texts but never re-discovered. Probably not a true Sumerian deity but adopted from an unknown western Semitic culture. He is sometimes identified as a storm god....
Demon name "Maru" Polynesian / Maori God of war. One of the important deities revered by Maori clans in New Zealand in times of war, he may be represented in totems as an aggressive face with a prominent tuft of hair, staring eyes and tongue protruding, though these totems generally represent ancestors rather than deities. Maru may be invoked in the familiar Maori war dances and chants demonstrated popularly by the All Blacks before rugby matches all over the world....
King name "Marunogere" Kiwai Papuans After he taught them how to build their great communal houses he bored a hole in each woman to give her sexual organs and in the evening he was content to die after he felt the gentle rocking of the great house as the men and women were locked in the first sexual embrace. Kiwai Papuans
God name "Marunogere Kiwi-Papua" New Guinea A very popular fellow, he taught people to make their houses but most importantly he created the sexual parts of women, but not claimed to be a god
Deities name "Marutgana" Hindu Maruts, storm deities and sons of Rudra and Diti and attendants of Indra. The number of Maruts varies from two to sixty (three times sixty in RV 8.96.8. They are very violent and aggressive, described as armed with golden weapons i.e. lightnings and thunderbolts, as having iron teeth and roaring like lions, as residing in the north, as riding in golden chariots drawn by ruddy horses. Hindu
God name "Marutgana" Hindu / Vedic storm gods. The sons of RUDRA and attendants of INDRA. Also Maruts....
God name "Marutgana/ Maruts" Hindu / Vedic storm gods
Spirit name "Maruts" India This is a group of storm spirits
Goddess name "Marzana" Poland Goddess of Winter Poland
God name "Masauwu" Hopi God of fire, war, death, and the night Hopi
Goddess name "Masaya" Nicaragua Goddess of fire volcanoes and earthquakes Nicaragua
Angel name "Masgm" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian