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God name "Satrughna (destroyer of foes)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor god. The brother of LAKSMANA and a half-brother to the god RAMA. His mother is Sumitra. He may be depicted holding a fly whisk in each hand.See also LAKSMANA....
God name "Saturn" Roman God of Agriculture, seeds, astronomy, Saturn, education. Roman
God name "Saturn/ Saturnus" Roman A god of Agriculture, seeds, astronomy, Saturn, education
"Saturnia" Roman A daughter of Saturnus, and accordingly used as a surname of Juno and Vesta. Roman
King name "Saturnus" Italy A mythical king of Italy to whom was ascribed the introduction of Agriculture and the habits of civilised life in general.
Planet name "Saturnus" Roman Astral god. Identified with the planet Saturn, but thought to have originated as an agricultural deity concerned with sowing of seed. A sanctuary existed on the Roman forum from as early as 450 BC, also functioning as the imperial treasury. Saturnus was celebrated in the Saturnalia festival (December 17-19) during which masters and slaves exchanged roles and candles were given as gifts to symbolize the Winter darkness....
Goddess name "Satyabhama" Dravidian Goddess Hindu / Dravidian / Tamil
Goddess name "Satyabhama (with true luster)" Hindu - Dravidian / Tamil Goddess. Known particularly from southern India as the second consort of KRSNA, who stands on her left; also as the secorid consort of V ISNU. Attribute: a flower....
"Satyan Nasti Paro Dharmah" Sanskrit There is no religion higher than truth. Rajas of Benares. Sanskrit
God name "Satyr" Greek Generic term for woodland gods and Divine beings Roman / Greek
God name "Satyr" Greco - Roman Woodland god. Generic term for an assortment of Divine beings with a human torso and the legs, hair and horns of a goat. They include the god PAN and the demigod Silenus who raised the adolescent BACCHUS....
"Satyrus" Greek The name of a class of beings in Greek mythology, who are inseparably connected with the worship of Dionysus, and represent the luxuriant vital powers of nature. In their appearance they somewhat resembled goats or rams. Greek
Goddess name "Saubhagya-Bhuvanesvari (buddha of good fortune)" Buddhist Goddess of good fortune. A gentle and benevolent deity. Color: red. Attributes: red lotus, and waterjar with jewels....
Angel name "Saucp" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Goddess name "Saule" Baltic The Sun goddess
Goddess name "Saule" Baltic Goddess of the Sun Baltic
God name "Saule" Lithuania God of war Lithuania
Goddess name "Saule" Pre - Christian Latvian Sun goddess. Also having agricultural links, she is perceived as living on a heavenly farm atop a mythical mountain and invoked to induce fertility and ripening among crops. Her consorts are the sky god DIEVS and the moon god MENESS....
"Saunatonttu" Finland Tutelary of the sauna.
Goddess name "Sauska" Mesopotamia Goddess of healing Mesopotamia
Goddess name "Saus”ka" Hittite / Hurrian Fertility goddess. Of Hurrian origin, Saus”ka was adopted by the Hittite state religion. She is also identified with war and is particularly renowned as a goddess of healing. She is depicted in human form with wings, standing with a lion and accompanied by two attendants. Saus”ka is known in detail only because she became the patron goddess of the Hittite king Hattusilis II (1420-1400 BC)....
God name "Savaki" Tungus Fish-eyed god of Tungus
Goddess name "Savari" Buddhist Goddess of terrifying appearance, or so it is said Buddhist / Tibet
Goddess name "Savari" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Goddess of terrifying appearance. One of a group of gauris. Color: white. Attributes: holding the mountain known as Meru....
Goddess name "Savati" Hindu Minor benevolent goddess of fortune. Hindu
God name "Savea Si'uleo" Polynesia God of the dead Polynesia
God name "Savea Si'uleo" Polynesian God of the dead. The brother of SALEVAO, god of rocks....
God name "Savitar" Hindu / Vedic A god of war & the Sun
Goddess name "Savitar (impeller)" Hindu / Puranic Sun god. The original Vedic list of six descendants of the goddess ADITI or ADITYAS, all of whom take the role of Sun gods was, in later times, enlarged to twelve, including Savitar. The god of the rising and setting Sun. Color: golden. Attributes: club, prayer wheel and two lotuses....
Deity name "Savitri" Hindu Vivifier, stimulator; an aspect of the Sun deity. Hindu
Spirit name "Savpayanjiha" Buddhist God, a spiritual meditation buddha Buddhist
God name "Saxnot" Christian Tutelary god, at one time required to be denounced at Christian baptism Saxon
Deities name "Saxnot" Saxon Tutelary god. He is mentioned beside Woden and Thunor as one of the deities to be renounced at Christian baptism. As Saxneat he was allegedly the founder of the Saxon royal dynasty in Essex. The name may derive from the word sahsginot meaning “companion of the sword.” He may also equate with the German god Tyr....
God name "Say" Egypt Minor god of destiny Egypt
Goddess name "Say" Egypt Minor god of destiny. Depicted wholly in human form. Say is mentioned in the Ani papyrus as being present at the ritual of the weighing of the heart, in company with funerary goddesses including Meskhenet, SEPSET and RENENUTET. In Greco-Roman times he was syncretized with the snake god Agathodaimon....
Goddess name "Scabies" Roman Goddess invoked to cure skin diseases Roman
"Scaeus" Greek One of the sons of Hippocoon.
God name "Scamander" Greek An Oceanid, son of Oceanus and Tethys and the god of the river Scamander, in Troas, was called by the gods Xanthus. Being insulted by Achilles, he entered into a contest with the Greek hero but Hera sent out Hephaestus to assist Achilles, and the god of fire dried up the waters of Scamander, and frightened Scamander, until Hera ordered Hephaestus to spare the river-god. By Idaea, he fathered Teucrus.(Theogony 345.) Greek
"Scamandrius" Greek 1. The son of Hector and Andromache, whom the people of Troy called Astyanax, because his father was the protector of the city of Troy.
"Scamandrius2" Greek A Trojan, a son of Strophius. Greek
"Scathach" Ireland She Who Strikes fear. She lived on the Isle of Shadow in the Hebrides and trained the greatest of Ireland's warriors. Ireland
Angel name "Scheliel" Christians angels of the Mansions of the moon.
Goddess name "Schetewuarha" Brazil Goddess Rain Brazil
Angel name "Scmio" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God name "Scniitic Bel" Babylon A Sun-god who rules among the shades below. Babylon
Goddess name "Scotia" Egypt Once a mother Goddess in Egypt.
Goddess name "Scotia" Scotland A bloodthirsty sorceress and a goddess of battle and the slain. Scotland
King name "Scylla" Greek And Charybdis, the names of two rocks between Italy and Sicily, and only a short distance from one another. In the midst of the one of these rocks which was nearest to Italy, there dwelt, according to Homer, Scylla, a daughter of Crataeis, a fearful monster, barking like a dog, with twelve feet, six long necks and mouths, each of which contained three rows of sharp teeth. The opposite rock, which was much lower, contained an immense fig-tree, under which there dwelt Charybdis, who thrice every day swallowed down the waters of the sea, and thrice threw them up again: both were formidable to the ships which had to pass between them. Greek
Deities name "Seb" Egyptian One of the older Egyptian deities, the son of Shu and Tefnut, brother and husband of Nut, father of Osiris and Isis, Set and Nephthys.
Deities name "Sebek" Egyptian Sebeq or Sebeq-Ra, the crocodile-headed deity. In The Book of the Dead Sebek is named together with three other deities as dwelling on the mount of Sunrise, helping Horus to be reborn daily. He is represented as giving the eyes to the deceased and assisting the pilgrim to be reborn. Egyptian
God name "Sebitti" Akkadia Collective name for the minor war gods Babylon / Mesopotamia / Akkadia
God name "Sebitti" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian Group of minor war gods. The children of the god ANU who follow the war god ERRA into battle. They are, in alternative traditions, of good or evil influence. In Greek tradition they become the Pleiades....
Goddess name "Secia" Roman Goddess of stored seeds Roman
Goddess name "Securita" Roman The guardian goddess invoked to ensure continuing stability of the Roman Empire
Goddess name "Securita" Roman Guardian goddess. She was invoked to ensure the continuing stability of the Roman empire....
God name "Sed" Egypt The guardian god that was popular as a personal deity
God name "Sed" Egypt Guardian god. Popular as a personal deity and often identified on protective amulets....
"Sedena" Inuit Sea-mother and provider of food for the Inuit people. She was the patron of fisherman and hunters.
Demon name "Sedna" Inuit queen of the monsters and demons of the underworld. Inuit
Goddess name "Sedna" Inuit / Baffin Land Sea goddess. The mother of all the creatures of the sea and invoked by fishermen....
"Seemurgh" Persian The wonderful bird that could speak all the languages of the world, and whose knowledge embraced past, present, and future events. Persian
Goddess name "Sefkhet-Abwy" Egypt Local goddess, concerned with libraries and writing Egypt
Goddess name "Sefkhet-Abwy (she who has seven horns)" Egypt Local goddess of libraries and writing. Probably a form of the goddess SESAT. Depicted in human form bearing a seven-pointed star or rosette on her head below a bow-shaped object....
Monster name "Segesta" Roman The Trojan Phoenodamas (others call him Hippotes, Ippoteus or Ipsostratus) had three daughters. When he was to be compelled by Laomedon to expose one of them to the marine monster which was ravaging the country, he called the people together and induced them to compel Laomedon, whose guilt had brought the monster into the country, to expose his own daughter Hesione. Roman
Goddess name "Segeta" Gaul Goddess of healing of springs Gaul
"Segetia" Roman A Roman divinity, who, together with Setia or Seja and Semonia, was invoked by the early Italians at seed time.
God name "Segomo" Celtic God of war. Celtic
God name "Segomo/ Cocidius" Celtic A war god
Goddess name "Sehu" Cherokee Goddess of grain. Cherokee
"Seker" Egyptian Seket. One of the aspects of Ptah, also the name of Osiris in Memphis, especially in his character of Lord of the underworld. Egyptian
God name "Sekhem" Egyptian A shrine or sanctuary or the gods of the shrine. Egyptian
Goddess name "Sekhet" Egypt Goddess of justice, beer, war. Egypt
Goddess name "Sekhet-Hor" Egypt The cow goddess of lower Egypt
Goddess name "Sekhet-Hor" Egypt / Lower cow goddess. The fostermother of the god HORUS and particularly invoked to safeguard cattle....
Goddess name "Sekhmet" Egypt The lioness-headed goddess of war and destruction, the sister and wife of Ptah, was created by the fire of Re's eye. Egypt
God name "Selardi" Armenia God of the moon Armenia
God name "Selardi" Urartian / Armenia moon god. The counterpart of the Mesopotamian deity SIN....
Goddess name "Selene" Greek Also called Mene, a female divinity presiding over the months, or Latin Luna, was the goddess of the moon, or the moon personified into a Divine being. She is called a daughter of Hyperion and Theia, and accordingly a sister of Helios and Eos (Theogony 371 ; Apollodorus; Argonautica) ; but others speak of her as a daughter of Hyperion by Euryphaessa, or of Pallas, or of Zeus and Latona, or lastly of Helios. Greek
Goddess name "Selene (radiant)" Greek moon goddess. The daughter of HYPERION (a TITAN) and sister of the Sun god HELIOS. The tutelary deity of magicians, she rides in a chariot drawn by two horses. According to legend she fell in love with the sleeping Endymion. She becomes largely syncretized with HEKATE and in Roman culture equates with the goddess LUNA....
Goddess name "Selene/ Mene" Greek The goddess of the moon & stars
King name "Selinus" Greek A son of Poseidon, was king of Aegialos and father of Helice. Greek
Goddess name "Selket" Egypt Goddess of scorpions, a protector of the embalmer's tent and helper of women in childbirth. Egypt
God name "Semargl" Slavic God of barley and family. Slavic
"Semargl" Slavic Simargl, Semargl-Pereplut, a griffin with the body of a dog. Slavic
"Semele" Greek A daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia, at Thebes, and accordingly a sister of Ino, Agave, Autonoe, and Polydorus. She was beloved by Zeus and Hera, stimulated by jealousy, appeared to her in the form of her aged nurse Beroe, and induced her to pray Zeus to visit her in the same splendour and majesty with which he appeared to Hera. Greek
Goddess name "Semele (earth)" Greco - Roman but probably of Thracian or Phrygian origin Mother goddess. According to legend she was the mortal daughter of Cadmos and became the mother of the god DIONYSOS (BACCHUS) after a brief liaison with ZEUS (JUPITER), also in mortal guise. Semele was burned to death on Olympus, unable to withstand the presence of Zeus in godly form, but was subsequently deified by him....
Goddess name "Semframis and Ninus" Assyrian The mythical founders of the Assyrian empire of Ninus or Nineveh. Semiramis was the daughter of the fish-goddess Derceto of Ascalon in Syria.
God name "Semnocosus" Romano - Iberian God of war. Popular locally with troops of the Roman legions who occasionally sacrificed prisoners to him....
Goddess name "Senecta" Greek Goddess of old age Greek
God name "Sentanta, Lugh" Ireland Sentanta the Sun god, Lugh, who was a warrior-hero, a sorcerer and master of crafts. Tuatha De Danann
Goddess name "Sentia" Roman Goddess who heightens feelings Roman
God name "Senx" BC Canada God of the Sun who is the ruler of a lower heavens BC Canada
God name "Senx" Bella Coola Indian / British Columbia, Canada Sun god. The ruler of the lower heaven, Sonx, in which is situated the home of the gods, Nusmeta (the house of myths). The only deity to whom the Bella Coola pray and make offerings. Hunters throw small pieces of mountain goat or seal flesh into a sacrificial fire. Also Ta'ata (our father); Smai'yakila (sacred one)....
God name "Senx/ Ta'ata/ Sami'yaila" Bella Coola / BC Canada the Sun god that is the ruler of a lower heavens
God name "Seocosus" Roman God of war who was popular with various troops of the Roman legions Roman / Iberia
God name "Sepo Malosi" Savaii A war god and incarnate in a large bat, or flying-fox. Savaii
Goddess name "Sepset" Egypt Local funerary goddess from Memphis Egypt
Goddess name "Sepset" Egypt Local funerary goddess. Known chiefly at Memphis, where she appears as an attendant at the ritual of the weighing of the heart....
Goddess name "Sequana" British Goddess who lived beneath the rivers British
Goddess name "Sequana" Gaul Goddess of the Seine River Gaul
Goddess name "Sequana" Roman / Celtic / Gallic River goddess. The tutelary goddess of the Sequanae tribe. A pre-Roman sanctuary northwest of Dijon near the source of the Seine has yielded more than 200 wooden votive statuettes and models of limbs, heads and body organs, attesting to Sequana's importance as a goddess of healing. During the Roman occupation the site of Fontes Sequanae was sacred to her and was again considered to have healing and remedial properties. A bronze statuette of a goddess was found wearing a diadem, with arms spread and standing in a boat. The prow is in the shape of a duck, her sacred animal, with a cake in its mouth. Also found were models of dogs, an animal specifically associated with healing through its affinity with the Greco-Roman physician deity AESCULAPIUS....
Goddess name "Sequana/ Sequena" Britain A goddess who lived beneath the rivers
Angel name "Seraphim" Hebrew An order of angels distinguished for fervent zeal and religious ardour. The word means "to burn." Isaiah
Deity name "Serapis" Egypt The most important deity at Alexandria during the time of Ptolemy Soter, his worship spread throughout Egypt and into the Roman Empire. Egypt
"Serat" Koran The ordeal bridge over which everyone will have to pass at the resurrection. It is not wider than the edge of a scimitar, and is thrown across the gulf of hell. The faithful will pass over in safety, but sinners will fall headlong into the dreary realm beneath. Koran
God name "Serenator" Greek A surname of the god Jupiter
Goddess name "Serida" Mesopotamia Mother goddess Mesopotamia / Sumeria
Goddess name "Serida" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Mother goddess. Became known as AYA in the Akkadian pantheon....
Goddess name "Serket(-hetyt)" Egypt Minor mortuary goddess. Known from the middle of the third millennium BC, she protects the throne of the king in the guise of a scorpion. She is depicted in human form wearing a headpiece in the form of a scorpion with its sting raised. In the Pyramid Texts she is the mother of the scorpion god NEHEBU-KAU. In her role as a mortuary goddess she is partly responsible for guarding the jars containing the viscera of the deceased. Although she is never identified as warding off the effect of scorpion stings, her influence has been regarded as effective against other venomous attacks. Also Selkis (Greek)....
Goddess name "Serket[-hetyt]" Egypt A minor mortuary goddess
Goddess name "Serkethetyt" Egypt Minor mortuary goddess Egypt
Goddess name "Serqet" Egypt Goddess of the morning star Egypt
Goddess name "Ses'at" Egypt Goddess of libraries and the art of writing. Known from 2500 BC, or earlier, until the end of Egyptian history circa AD 400. She is depicted anthropomorphically bearing a seven-pointed star or rosette on her head, sometimes atop a wand and below a bow-shaped object. Early in her career she was associated with the ritual of “stretching the cord” during which boundary poles were rammed into the ground by the king before measuring out the foundations of a sanctuary. As a scribe she recorded the lists of foreign captives and their tributes. At Karnak in Upper Egypt and at Dendara she recorded the royal jubilees on a notched palm stem.See also SEFKHET-ABWY....
God name "Sesa" Hindu Snake god, he is at the Great serpent who lies in the primeval sea and encircles the world Hindu / Puranic / Vedic / Epic
God name "Sesa(naga) (remainder)" Hindu / Vedic, Epic / Puranic Snake god or naga. The great serpent lying in the primeval sea and encircling the world. The son of KASYAPA and KADRU. A many-headed attendant on VIS'NU who uses the snake as a couch on which to rest between cycles of the universe. Its many hoods overshadow and protect him. Not technically a deity but important enough in literature to be included here. Also Adisesa; ANANTA....
God name "Sesa[naga]" Hindu / Epic / Vedic / Puranic A snake god / Naga, he is at the Great serpent that lies in the primeval sea & encircles the world
Goddess name "Sesat" Egypt Goddess of Books and knowledge Egypt
Goddess name "Sese" Ngbandi / Democratic Republic of Congo, central Africa Chthonic goddess. One of seven deities invoked at Sunrise each day....
Goddess name "Sese Ngbandi" Zaire Chthonic goddess who is invoked at Sunrise every day Zaire
King name "Sesha" Hindu king of the serpent race, on which Vishnu reclines on the primeval waters. It has a thousand heads, on one of which the world rests. The coiled-up sesha is the emblem of eternity. Hindu
Goddess name "Seshat" Egypt Goddess of writing and measurement, also the patroness of mathmatics, architecture and record-keeping. Egypt
Goddess name "Sesmetet" See also SAKHMET Egyptian goddess. Seta...
"Sesrumner" Norse Freyja's large-seated palace. Norse
Goddess name "Sessrumnir" Germanic Goddess of fertility. Germanic
"Set" Egypt The son of Seb and Nut, is the brother of Osiris, Isis, and Nephthys; and the father of Anubis by Nephthys. Set stole the light from the Sun, resulting in autumn and Winter. Egypt
Goddess name "Seta" Pokot / Suk / Kenya A goddess of the Pleiades as well as a fertility goddess
Goddess name "Seta Pokot" Kenya Goddess of the Pleiades as well as Goddess of fertility. Kenya
God name "Seth" Egypt Lord of Lower Egypt. Desert god associated with storms. Egypt
God name "Seven Macaw" Mayan God of the Big Dipper Mayan
God name "Seyon" Dravidian Creator god Dravidian / Tamil
God name "Seyon (the red one)" Dravidian / Tamil / southern India / Sri Lanka Creator god. An early deity associated particularly with hilly regions in parts of southern India and thought to live in trees. Also Muruga....
God name "Seyon/ Muruga" Dravidian / Tamil A creator god
God name "Sezmu" Egypt Minor god of one of the wine and oil presses Egypt
God name "Sga'na" Haida / PNW The sea god
God name "Sga'na" Haida Indian / Queen Charlotte Island, Canada Sea god. Embodied in the killer whale (Orca). The universe is believed to be inhabited by super natural beings called Sga'na Qeda's for whom the land was first created. Also Masset San....
God name "Sga'na Haida" PNW / Pacific Northwest Coast of North America God of the sea
God name "Shaal" Kulthea God of the Sea. Kulthea
God name "Shadanana-SSbraahaanya" Hindu / Puranic Form of the god KARTTIKEYA. The form possesses six heads and twelve arms. According to legend, the six heads arose because the fire god AGNI had an adulterous relationship with the six consorts of the risis (astral gods) who all needed to suckle the offspring. Like Karttikeya, he is usually depicted riding on a peacock....
God name "Shadanna-Subrahmanya" Hindu Form of the god Kattikeya Hindu / Puranic
"Shaddai" Hebrew The omnipotent, the Almighty. Hebrew
God name "Shagpona" Yoruba God of smallpox Yoruba
God name "Shahar" Canaan The god of the dawn and twin brother of Shalim. Canaan
God name "Shai" Egypt God of fate Egypt
God name "Shaii" Hindu / late Astral god and bringer of misfortune. The cult of Shani evolved in about the eighth century AD with the advance of Indian astronomy. He is propitiated frequently to ward off ill-luck and may be depicted sitting on a lotus or riding in a chariot. Attribute: a staff....
God name "Shaikpaia" Yoruba / Nigeria, West Africa Plague god. The son of SHANGO, he is credited with having once been a god of war who invaded the country (as a disease). He is particularly identified with smallpox. His symbol is the sesame plant which takes the form of a taboo and brings disease to those who take it into their house. A festival is held in September to propitiate Shankpana with sacrifices of animals and fruit....
Goddess name "Shait" Egypt Goddess of justice Egypt
Angel name "Shaitan" Koran An angel of high degree who was expelled from heaven because he refused to worship Adam at his Lord's command; often regarded as equivalent to Iblis. Koran
God name "Shakplana" Nigeria God of plague identified with smallpox Nigeria / Yoruba
God name "Shakti" Hindu Force, power or energy, the personification of God's female aspect, sometimes referred to as 'The Divine Mother'. Hindu
Spirit name "Shakuru" Pawnee spirit of war and the Sun Pawnee
"Shakya-thub-pa" Tibet Sakya the mighty one: a name of Gautama Buddha in Tibet
Goddess name "Shala" Canaan Goddess of storms Canaan
God name "Shalim" Canaan The god of dusk & of warriors
God name "Shamash" Assyrians / Babylonians Sun God and God of righteousness, law and divination.
God name "Shamash" Babylon God of war, justice, divination and prophecy. Babylon
God name "Shamish" Babylon God of the Sun and the god of justice. Babylon
God name "Shang Chien" China God of the neck. China
"Shang Kbo-SLao" Taoist / Chinese Immortal being. One of the “eight immortals” of Taoist mythology, tradition has it that he was embodied as a bat which achieved immortality in human form. His sacred animal is an ass. Attributes include drum and drumsticks.See also BA XIAN....
"Shang Kuo-Lao" China One of the eight immortal beings. China
God name "Shang Te" China Creator god and the supreme being. China
God name "Shang Ti" Taoist / Chinese Creator god. See also YU HUANG SHANG TI....
God name "Shang Ti/ Yu Hwang-Shang" China / Taoist He is a creator god
God name "Shango" Nigeria God of storms and thunder. Nigeria
God name "Shango" Yoruba A god of war, storms, thunder & fertility
God name "Shango" Yoruba God of war, storms, thunder and fertility. Yoruba
God name "Shango" Yoruba / Nigeria, West Africa Chthonic storm god. As an earth deity he was once a mortal man, the king of Oyo, who transformed himself into an immortal. According to tradition, during his life he breathed tongues of fire. He then ascended into the sky by climbing a golden chain and became the god of thunder and lightning. He is also god of justice, punishing thieves and liars. His consorts include OYA, Oshun and Oba. Cult followers of Shango are believed to be able to make lightning strike an adversary. In shrines to Shango, the image of the god is adorned with a ram's head. Also SANGO....
God name "Shani" Hindu Astral god who brought misfortune. Hindu
Goddess name "Shapash" Ugarit Goddess of war. Ugarit
Goddess name "Shapshu" Canaan Goddess of war and the Sun. Canaan
God name "Sharruma" Hurrian weather-god. Hurrian
Goddess name "Shashaya" Tanzania Goddess of the morning star. Tanzania
Goddess name "Shashti" Hindu Goddess of children and childbirth Hindu
Goddess name "Shaushka" Akkadia Powerful goddess Ishtar Hittite / Hurrian / Akkadia
"Shax" Christian A Judeo-Christian djinn and one of the 72 pillars of Solomon and has the power to away eyesight and hearing, and that of finding hidden treasure.
God name "She chi" China God of Agriculture, grain, land and soil China
"Sheela Na Gig" Britain Figurative carvings of naked women displaying an exaggerated vulva. They are found on churches, castles and other buildings, particularly in Ireland and Britain, sometimes together with male figures.
Goddess name "Sheela Na Gig" Celtic / Irish Mother goddess. The primal earth mother closely associated with life and death. One of the rare depictions of Irish Celtic deities that have survived into the Christian era. She is shown naked, with large breasts, with her legs apart and holding open her vagina. The image frequently adorns walls of Irish churches. Also Sheila na Cioch....
Deity name "Sheela[Sheila] Na Gig" Irish She was most likely a protective or blessing deity
God name "Sheger" Babylon Supplies live sheep and cattle for the god Mot to feast upon. Babylon
God name "Shei Nuig" Chinese God of Agriculture. Known as the Divine farmer. According to tradition, during his lifetime he invented the plough and taught basic Agriculture and the use of herbs. In a more destructive aspect, he is also the god of the hot winds. He is depicted with the head of an ox and is regarded by some authors as a successor to NU KUA. Also Shen Nong....
God name "Shei-Lha-Odkhar" Bon / pre - Lamaist / Tibet God of light. In the ancient religion he is a creator deity from whom all other gods are engendered. In Lamaism he evolves into a god of wisdom....
Supreme god name "Shei-Rab" Bon / pre - Lamaist / Tibet Supreme god. In the ancient religion he is the remote and barely defined creator deity. Attributes include a lotus and swastika....
God name "Shen Hsui" China God of Medicine. China
God name "Shen Hsui Chih" China A god of Medicine
God name "Shen Nong" China God of Agriculture, plants and herbs. China
God name "Shen Nung" China A god of Agriculture
God name "Shen-Lha-Odkhar" Bon / Tibet he is the god of light
Supreme god name "Shen-Rab" Bon / Tibet The supreme god
Goddess name "Sheng Mu" China Goddess of witchcraft. China
God name "Shenya" Zaire The high god of the Angan. Zaire
Deities name "Shichi-uuku-iii" Shinto / Japan Gods of luck. The seven principal deities concerned with fortune: EBISU, DAIKOKU, BENTEN-SAN, BISHAMON, FUKUROKUJU, HOTEI and JUNROJIN. The group is often represented together on their treasure ship Takara-Bune, which carries various magical devices including a hat of invisibility, a roll of brocade, an inexhaustible purse, keys to the Divine treasure house and so on....
Deities name "Shichifukujin" Japan A deity of happiness, prosperity, longevity, and wisdom. One of the seven principal deities of luck, identified as Ebisu, Daikokuten, Bishamonten, Benzaiten, Fukurokuju, Jurojin, and Hotei. Japan
God name "Shici-Fuku-Jin" Japan / Shinto these are the seven principal gods of luck, there is a one female involved however
Deities name "Shiia-Tsu-Niko" Shinto / Japan God of winds. The most senior of his group of wind deities, he disperses the morning mists and brings soft rustling breezes. His consort is Shina-Tsu-Hime and the couple are extensively worshiped by farmers and seafarers. They were allegedly responsible for bringing about a miracle in the thirteenth century AD when they kept at bay, with off-shore winds, the army of Gengis Khan. They are honored in the main IseJingu temple of Shintoism but their chief sanctuary is at Tatta, a small town in Yamamoto. Also Shina-Tobe-No-Mikoto....
Spirit name "Shilup Chito Osh" Choctaw Great spirit Choctaw
God name "Shina-Tsu-Hiko" Japan God of the wind. Japan
God name "Shina-Tsu-Hiko/ Shina Tsu Hime" Japan A god of the wind
"Shing Li-Kuan" China One of the eight immortal beings. China
Goddess name "Shing-moo" China A nature goddess. She was the mother of perfect intelligence, and gave birth to a saviour son through an immaculate conception. China
Hero name "Shingebis" Indian A diver who dared the North wind to single combat. The Indian Boreas rated him for staying in his dominions after he had routed away the flowers, and driven off the sea-gulls and herons. Shingebis laughed at him, and the North wind went at night and tried to blow down his hut and put out his fire. As he could not do this, he defied the diver to come forth and wrestle with him. Shingebis obeyed the summons, and sent the blusterer howling to his home. American Indian