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God name "Sokar" Egypt Chthonic underworld god. Guardian deity of the necropolis at Memphis with possible fertility connotations and with strong links to OSIRIS beside whom he is also perceived as a restored god of the dead. He is also syncretized with the Memphis creator god PTAH in the Old kingdom (circa 4500 BC), where he may have originated as a god of various crafts associated with the manufacture of funerary trappings. He is depicted either as a hawk on a boat, or in human form with the head of a hawk and an elaborate atef crown (see Osiris). Sokar also enjoyed a major cult at Thebes where, in an annual festival celebrating the healthy continuation of the Divine kingship, he was conveyed in an elaborate barque. Also Sokaris (Greek)....
"Sokmimer" Norse Sokmimer [Mimer of the deep]. A giant slain by Odin. Norse
Deity name "Soko" Nigeria A rather vague and abstract concept, referring more to a mysterious impersonal power than to a personified deity. Nupe, Nigeria
God name "Soko" Nupe / Nigeria, West Africa sky god. The name refers specifically to the dark sky at the beginning of the Rainy season which stimulates the growth of crops....
God name "Soko Nupe" Nigeria The sky god, specifically the dark sky that precedes the beginning of the Rainy season
"Sokvabek" Norse A mansion where Odin and Saga quaff from golden beakers. Norse
"Sol" Norse Daughter of Mundilfare. She drives the horses that draw the car of the Sun. Norse
God name "Sol" Roman A god of war & the Sun
God name "Sol" Roman God of war and the Sun. Roman
Supreme god name "Sol (1)" Roman Sun god. Known by the full title of Sol Indiges, meaning “the indigenous Sol,” which may suggest a purely Roman cult on the Quirinal Hill, but there are also inferences that this deity is of more ancient origin. Coins from southern Italy depicting the god with a radiate image date back to circa 200 BC but he rose to particular prominence during the republican period. His festival was celebrated annually on August 9. Nero had a huge statue of himself, as Sol, erected in Rome and the emperor Aurelian elevated Sol to supreme god in the Roman pantheon when Jupiter Conservator gave way to Sol Invictus (the unconquered Sun). Sol may sometimes be linked with AURORA, the goddess of dawn....
Goddess name "Sol (2)" Nordic / Icelandic Sun goddess. One of the AESIR goddesses. The daughter of Nubdilfaeri (Mundilferi). She drives the horses which draw the Sun chariot across the sky....
Goddess name "Solbon" Slavic A goddess of the morning star & the evening star
Goddess name "Solbon" Slavic Goddess of the morning star and the evening star Slavic
Goddess name "Solntse" Slavic Goddess of the Sun. Slavic
Planet name "Soma" Hindu The moon, born from the eyes of Atri, son of Brahma; made the sovereign of plants and planets. Soma ran away with Tara (Star), wife of Vrihaspata, preceptor of the gods, and Buddha was their offspring. Hindu
God name "Soma" Scandinavian To drink the Soma. To become immortal. In the Vedic hymns the Soma is the moon-plant, the juice of which confers immortality, and exhilarates even the gods. It is said to be brought down from heaven by a falcon. Scandinavian
"Soma" Vedic A plant, ritual, intoxicating drink and divinity among Vedic and greater Persian cultures.
Deities name "Soma (essence)" Hindu / Vedic, Epic / Puranic Minor god. The deification of the sacred yellow drink soma. Also the consort of SURYA. Regarded in later Hinduism as the dikpala of the northern direction and as one of a group of VASU deities answering to the god INDRA. Attributes: hook, lotus and prayer wheel.See also CANDRA....
God name "Somasaaida" Hindu / Epic / Puranic God. Aspect of the god SIVA. Of uncertain origin, but possibly representing a composite trio of Siva with his consort UMA (PARVATI) and his son SKANDA (as a boy). Four-armed. Attributes of Siva: ax, corpse and hatchet. Attribute of Uma: lotus. Attributes of Skanda: Book, headdress, mango fruit and ornament....
"Somaskanda" Hindu A particular form of representation of Shiva with his consort Uma, and Skanda as a child. Hindu
God name "Somhlth" Ireland / Scotland / Manx God who had no corporeal incarnation apart from pure masculine energy. Ireland / Scotland / Manx
Goddess name "Somius" Roman Minor god of sleep. He equates with the Greek god HYPNOS. According to legend he is one of the two sons of NYX, goddess of night, and lives in a remote cave beside the Lethe river. He is depicted by Ovid dressed in black but with his robe scattered with stars, wearing a crown of poppies and holding a goblet of opium juice. His attendant is MORPHEUS and he oversees the spirits of dreams and nightmares. Particularly noted from the art of the Lacedaemonians who placed statues of Somnus and MORS side by side....
God name "Somnus" Greek The personification and god of sleep, the Greek Hypnos, is described by the ancients as a brother of death and as a son of night Roman
God name "Somtus" Egypt God of Dendara. Egypt
God name "Somtus/ Harsomtus" Egypt A god
Angel name "Soniznt" Enochian A sub-angelic Watchtower leader in the North.. Enochian
"Sopdet" Egypt The bringer of the New Year and the Nile flood. She was depicted as a human woman with a star on her head. Egypt
God name "Sopedu" Egypt Guardian god of the eastern border Egypt
God name "Sopedu" Egypt Guardian deity. A god who protects the eastern border, usually depicted as a falcon or a Bedouin with a headdress of tall plumes. His cult was followed chiefly at Saft el-Henna in the Nile delta. Sopedu is linked in Pyramid Texts with the hawk god HORUS. He also acted as a patron deity of the turquoise mines in the Sinai with inscriptions at Serabit el-Khadim. Also Sopdu....
"Sophia" Greek / Gnostic Christian The primordial female force of the cosmos
"Sophia Achamoth" Gnostic In the Gnostic Pistis Sophia, the second or inferior Sophia, the personification of the productive force in nature. Gnostic
Goddess name "Sophrosyne" Greek Goddess of temperance and moderation. Greek
God name "Sopona" Yoruba God of smallpox Yoruba
God name "Sore-Gus" Hottentot / S Africa The Sun / sky god
God name "Sore-Gus" Hottentot / Namibia, southern Africa sky god. The Sun god, embodied in the shape of a golden ram with long fluffy wool....
God name "Sore-Gus Hottentot" Africa God of the Sun / sky Africa(south)
"Sororia" Greek A surname of Juno, under which an altar is said to have been erected to her in common with Janus Curiatius, when Horatius, on his return home, had slain his sister, and had been purified of the murder. Greek
God name "Sors" Roman God of luck Roman
Goddess name "Sors" Roman God of luck. Derived from the Greek model of TYCHE, he is less prominent in the pantheon than the goddess FORTUNA....
"Sosiosh" Zoroastrianism Soshyos, the deliverer of the world, who shall come on a white horse in a tornado of fire. Zoroastrianism
"Soteira" Greece The personification of safety or recovery was worshipped as a divinity in Greece, and had a Temple and a statue at Patrae.
Goddess name "Soteira" Greece the saving goddess, occurs as a surname of several female divinities in Greece, e. g. of Artemis at Pegae in Megaris, of Persephone in Laconia, of Athena of Eunomia.
"Soter" Greek I. e. "the Saviour" occurs as the surname of Zeus in Argos. Greek
Goddess name "Sothis" Egypt Hellenic The astral goddess that heralds Arias of the Nile
Goddess name "Sothis Egypt" Hellenic Astral goddess who heralds Arias of the Nile Hellenic
Goddess name "Sothis [Greek]" Egypt Astral goddess. She heralds the Nile inundation as the personification of the star Sirius which rises coincidentally in the dawn sky in July. She is depicted as a nude figure wearing the conical white crown of Lower Egypt surmounted by a star. Late in Egyptian history she becomes largely syncretized with ISIS. Also Sopdet (Egyptian)....
Goddess name "Souconna" Roman / Celtic River goddess who was the guardian of the river Saone. Roman / Celtic
God name "Soului" Hua / W Africa A benevolent vegetation god also in charge of Medicine & music
God name "Soului" Hua / southeastern Ghana, West Africa vegetation god. A benevolent deity who can bestow wealth as well as good harvests. He is also god of Medicine and of the sounds of music. His devotees wear white and daub white chalk on their faces. His symbol is the cowrie shell....
God name "Soului Hua" Africa Benevolent vegetation god also in charge of Medicine and music Africa(west)
Goddess name "Souoonna" Roman / Celtic / Gallic River goddess. Guardian of the river Saone and known chiefly from inscriptions at Chalon....
Goddess name "Soxspita" Roman That is, the "saving goddess," was a surname of Juno at Lanuvium and at Rome. Roman
Goddess name "Spadareamet" Armenia Chthonic goddess concerned with fertility of the earth and death, the Christians equate her name with hell Armenia
Goddess name "Spandaramet" Pre - Christian Armenian Chthonic goddess. Concerned with the fertility of the earth and with death. Under Christian influence, her name equates with hell....
"Sparta" Greek A daughter of Eurotas by Clete, and wife of Lacedaemon, by whom she became the mother of Amyclas and Eurydice. From her the city of Sparta was believed to have derived its name. Greek
Nymph name "Spartaeus" Greek A son of Zeus by the Rhodian nymph Himalia. Brother to Cronius, and Cytus.
"Sparti" s the sown men; the armed men who sprang from the dragon's teeth sown by Cadmus, and were believed to be the ancestors of the five oldest families at Thebes.
"Specter" Latin Spectre. Any apparition, although most commonly associated with the dead. Latin
"Speio" Greek One of the Nereids. Greek
God name "Spercheius" Greek A river god
God name "Spercheus" Greek A Thessalian rivergod, became the father of Menesthius by Polydora, the daughter of Peleus. (Apollodorus iii. The History of Herodotus VII). Greek
Goddess name "Spermo" Greek The goddess of grain. She was one of the Oenotropae and had the ability to change anything into seed or wheat. Greek
Goddess name "Spes" Roman the goddess of hope, associated with gardens
Goddess name "Spes" Roman Goddess of hope. Foundations of a sanctuary were commenced by the emperor Tiberius, linked with a similar building dedicated to the god JANUS. She is associated with gardens and depicted as a young woman bearing a bunch of flowers....
"Sphinx" Greek A monstrous being of Greek mythology, is said to have been a daughter of Orthus and Chimaera, born in the country of the Arimi, or of Typhon and Echidna, or lastly of Typhon and Chimaera. Greek
Nymph name "Sphragitides" Greek A surname of a class of prophetic nymphs on mount Cithaeron in Boeotia, where they had a grotto. Greek
God name "Spiniensis" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. Mentioned by the writer Fabius Pictor, he is the deity responsible for the uprooting of thorn bushes....
God name "Spiniesis" Africa Agriculture - This poor minor god is charged with responsibility of uprooting thorn bushes
"Sraddha" Hindu The personification of faith, trust, reverence and loyalty. Hindu
God name "Sraddha-deva" Hindu An epithet of Yama, the god of death and king of the underworld. Hindu
Goddess name "Sravana" Hindu Minor benevolent goddess of fortune Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Sravana (lame cow)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor goddess of fortune. A benevolent NAKSATRA; daughter of DAKSA and wife of CANDRA (SOMA). Also Srona....
Goddess name "Sravistha" Hindu Minor benevolent goddess of fortune i Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Goddess name "Sravistha" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor goddess of fortune. A benevolent NAKSATRA; daughter of DAKSA and wife of CANDRA (SOMA)....
Goddess name "Sri(devi) (prosperity)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic (1) Goddess. An early name which was syncretized with that of LAKSMI to form Sri-Laksmi.(2) Goddess. Buddhist-Lamaist [Tibet]. One of a group of DHARMAPALA with terrible appearance and royal attire who protect the Dalai Lama. A manifestation of the goddess DEVI sometimes seen in company with VIS NU, when conventionally she stands on his right. Her breasts are covered by a narrow band of cloth. She may be invoked to provide wealth (see also Laksmi). Her retinue includes the goddesses of the seasons and her animal is a mule. Color: blue. Attributes: chiefly cup and staff but on occasion several other objects including a pink lotus. Three-eyed and may be three-headed. Also LHA MO.(3) Goddess. Jain....
Goddess name "Sri[devi]" Buddhist Goddess of terrible appearance and Royal attire Buddhist / Tibet
Goddess name "Sri[devi]" Buddhist / Tibet A goddess of terrible appearance & Royal attire
Goddess name "Sridevi" Hindu Goddess Hindu / Puranic / Epic
God name "Srikantha" Hindu Minor god and an aspect of Siva Hindu / Puranic / Epic
Deity name "Srikantha (beautiful throat)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor deity. One of a group of emancipated VIDYESVARAS (lords of knowledge) considered to be aspects of S IVA, in this instance referring to his darkish blue neck. Also one of the EKADASARUDRAS or eleven forms of RUDRA. Attributes: hatchet and trident....
Goddess name "Srivasumukhi" Buddhist Minor attendant goddess Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Srivasumukhi (excellent-faced)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. An attendant of VASUDHARA....
Goddess name "Srivasundhara (earth)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. An attendant of VASUDHARA....
Goddess name "Srividyadevi (of excellent knowledge)" Hindu Minor goddess. A deity of terrifying appearance. Attributes: necklace of bones, teeth....
Goddess name "Srividyavedi" Hindu Minor goddess who likes to wear a necklace of teeth and bones Hindu
God name "Ssu Cho" China Agriculture god China
God name "Ssu ma Hsiang ju" China God of wine merchants China
"St" George Michael, St. George, St. Margaret, Pope Sylvester, St. Samson (Archbishop of Dol), Donatus (fourth century), St. Clement of Metz, and many others, killed dragons.
"St. Florent" Roman killed a dragon which haunted the Loire.
"St. Martha" Roman killed the terrible dragon called Tarasque at Aix (la Chapelle).
"St. Patrick" Ireland Patrick and the serpent. According to tradition, St. Patrick cleared Ireland of its vermin; one old serpent resisted him; but St. Patrick overcame it by cunning. He made a box, and invited the serpent to enter it. The serpent objected, saying it was too small; but St. Patrick insisted it was quite large enough to be comfortable. After a long contention, the serpent got in to prove it was too small, when St. Patrick slammed down the lid, and threw the box into the sea. To complete this wonderful tale, the legend says the waves of the sea are made by the writhings of this serpent, and the noise of the sea is that of the serpent imploring the saint to release it.
"St. Philip the Apostle" Roman Philip the Apostle is said to have destroyed a huge dragon at Hierapolis, in Phrygia.
"St. Romain" Roman Romain of Rouen destroyed the huge dragon called La Gargouille, which ravaged the Seine.
God name "Stanitakumara" Jain Youthful appearing god Jain
Deities name "Stanitakumara" Jain / India God. One of the deities grouped under the general title of BHVANAVASI (dwelling in places). Of youthful appearance....
"Staphylus" Greek A son of Dionysus and Ariadne, or of Theseus and Ariadne, was one of the Argonauts (Apollodorus i). By Chrysothemis he became the father of three daughters, Molpadia, Rhoeo, and Parthenos. Rhoeo was beloved by Apollo, and Staphylus, believing that she was with child by some one else, locked her up in a chest and threw her into the sea. Greek
"Stata Mater" Roman A Roman divinity, who is probably identical with Vesta.
"Stator" Roman A Roman surname of Jupiter, describing him as staying the Romans in their flight from an enemy, and generally as preserving the existing order of things.
"Sterculius" Roman A surname of Saturnus, derived from Stercus, manure, because he had promoted Agriculture by teaching the people the use of manure. This seems to have been the original meaning, though some Romans state that Sterculius was a surname of Picumnus, the son of Faunus, to whom likewise improvements in Agriculture are ascribed. Roman
God name "Sterculius" Roman Minor god of Agriculture. Concerned with the manuring of the fields....
"Sterope" Greek 1. A Pleiad, the wife of Oenomaus, and according to Pausanias a daughter of Atlas.
Cyclop name "Steropes" Greek A son of Uranus and Gaea, was one of the Cyclopes. (Theogony 140, Apollodorus i) Greek
"Sthenela" Greek wife of Sthenelos.
Goddess name "Sthenias" Greek A goddess of physical prowess & strength
"Sthenius" Greek The powerful," or "the strengthening," a surname of Zeus, under which he had an altar in a rock near Hermione, where Aegeus concealed his sword and his shoes, which were found there by Theseus after he had lifted up the rock. Greek
Nymph name "Stilbe" Greek A nymph of the spring, well or fountain of the town of the Lapithai in Thessalia and a daughter of Peneius and Creusa. She became by Apollo the mother of Lapithus and Centaurus. (Argonautica) Greek
Goddess name "Stine Bheag O'Tarbat" Scottish A local mother Goddess. Scottish
"Stratonice" Greek 1. One of the daughters of Thespius, and by Heracles the mother of Atromus.
Goddess name "Strenua" Roman A goddess of vigor who gives energy to the weak and tired
Spirit name "Stribog" Slavic The god and spirit of the winds, sky and air. The ancestor of the winds of the eight directions. Slavic
God name "Stribog" Slav God of winds. Mentioned in the Chronicle of Nestor, and the euphemism “Stribog's grandchildren” refers to the winds....
Spirit name "Stromkarl" Norwegian A Norwegian musical spirit. The Stromkarl has eleven different musical measures, to ten of which people may dance, but the eleventh belongs to the night-spirit, his host. If anyone plays it, tables and benches, cups and cans, old men and women, blind and lame, babies in their cradles, and the sick in their beds, begin to dance.
God name "Strymon" Greek A son of Oceanus and Tethys, was a river god of Thrace, and is called a king of Thrace. Greek
Demon name "Stuhac" Serbian A demonic mythical creature in Serbian mythology.
"Stygna" Greek wife of Polyctor.
"Stymphalides" Greek The celebrated rapacious birds near the Stymphalian lake in Arcadia, whence they were driven by Heracles and compelled to take refuge in the island of Aretias in the Euxine, where they were afterwards found by the Argonauts. Greek
Nymph name "Styx" Greek Connected with the verb to hate or abhor, is the name of the principal river in the nether world, around which it flows seven times. Styx is described as a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, and as a nymph she dwelt at the entrance of Hades, in a lofty grotto which was supported by silver columns. Greek
Goddess name "Styx" Greek Chthonic underworld goddess. A daughter of OKEANOS and TETHYS, and mother of NIKE. The deity of the river Styx beside which the gods swear their oaths....
God name "Su" Egypt The primordial god of the air
God name "Su" Egypt Primordial god of the air. Egypt
Goddess name "Su" Egypt Primordial god of the air. According to the genealogy of the priests of Heliopolis, he is the first born of the creator Sun god ATUM and by his sister TEFNUT is the father of the chthonic god GEB and the sky goddess NUT. S u is typically represented in human form standing over the supine form of Geb and holding Nut aloft with his raised arms. He can also, as one of several manifestations of the “eye of RE,” be represented as a lion, as can his sister....
God name "Su God" Mahikari Defined contemporary troubles as an imbalance between good and evil. Furthermore, he designated 2000 AD as a deadline for the task. According to legend, if society does not succeed at this task, Su God has promised to incinerate the world at this time. Mahikari
"Suada" Greek The Roman personification of persuasion, the Greek Peitho.
"Subhadra" Hindu An important character in the Mahabharata. She is the half-sister of Krishna, wife of Arjuna, and mother of Abhimanyu. Hindu
Goddess name "Subhadra (very splendid)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Goddess. The daughter of VASUDEVA and sister of KRSNA. She may appear standing beside JAGANNATH....
"Subhaga" Buddhist The best of all auspicious persons. Buddhist
Goddess name "Subhaga" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. An attendant of BUDDHAKAPALA....
Deities name "Subhamekhala" Buddhist One of the attendant deities. Buddhist
Goddess name "Subhamekhala (with a marvellous girdle)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. An attendant of BUDDHAKAPALA....
God name "Subrahmanya" Tamil The God of war and the patron deity of the Tamil.
Deity name "Subrahmanya" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor warrior deity. A form of KARTTIKEYA which is depicted with six heads and twelve arms. Also SHADANANASUBRAHMANYA; see also SKANDA....
God name "Sucellos" Celtic The God of the Mallet. God of abundance, success, strength, authority, protection, regeneration, dogs, trees and ravens. Celtic
"Sudarsana" Sanskrit The chakra or circular weapon of Vishnu-Krishna, a flaming weapon called the disc of the Sun. Sanskrit
"Suddhodana" Buddhist Primordial data who was the father of Buddha's line Buddhist
God name "Suddhodana (having pure rice)" Buddhist Primordial god. The father of the BUDDHA. The deified king of the Sakya tribe from which the Buddha descended; his consort is MAYADEVI....
Spirit name "Sudice" Poland spirits of judgement that meted out fortune, destiny, judgement and in some cases, fatality, when a child was born. Poland
"Sudre" Norse A dwarf who presides over the south region. Norse
God name "Sudrem" Afghanistan weather god created from the breath of the god Imra. Afghanistan
Supreme god name "Sudrem" Kafir / Afghanistan weather god. Little is known of this deity. He was created from the breath of the supreme god IMRA. Alternatively he sprang from a juniper branch. His wife is the goddess NangiWutr and he is the father of the major fertility goddess DISANI. He is depicted as a great golden buck with horns reaching to the sky. As a deity specifically concerned with Rain, he lives in a sacred lake, Sudrem Sur, at which all wild animals must drink once to survive. Also Sujum; Sudaram; Sataram....
Goddess name "Sudurjaya" Buddhist Goddess who was good at overcoming difficulties. Buddhist
Goddess name "Sudurjaya (very difficult to conquer)" Buddhist / Vajrayana Minor goddess. One of several deified BHUMIS recognized as different spiritual spheres through which a disciple passes. Color: yellow. Attributes: emerald and staff....
King name "Sugriva" Hindu The younger brother of Vali, the ruler of the vanara or monkey kingdom. Hindu
God name "Sugriva (beautiful strong neck)" Hindu Monkey god. The son of the Sun god and leader of the monkey army which, according to epic tradition, supported RAMA....
God name "Suhhab" Babylonia One of the seven great gods, each of whom produced a race of men. Babylonia
Goddess name "Suijin" Shinto / Japan Collective name for water gods. These deities are worshiped at shrines at the sources of irrigation canals, lakes and ponds. They are depicted as snakes, eels and fish and invoked particularly by women. Chief among them is the goddess MIZU-HA-NO-ME....
God name "Suijin-sama" Japan The god of water. Japan
Goddess name "Suk" Uganda Creator goddess. Uganda
"Suka" Hindu The bright one; applied to several Hindu mythological characters.
Goddess name "Sukarasya" Buddhist Minor goddess with the face of a sow. Buddhist
Goddess name "Sukarasya (face of a sow)" Buddhist Minor goddess. Sukla-HTara...
Goddess name "Sukkamielli" Finnish Goddess of fertility and jolly bonking. Finnish
Goddess name "Sukla-Tara" Buddhist / Mayhayana A goddess an emanation of all the meditation Buddhas
Goddess name "Suklang Malayon" Philippines The goddess and guardian of happy homes. Philippines
Planet name "Sukra" Hindu / Puranic / Epic This astral god was the personification of the planet Venus, he tutored demons on the side
Planet name "Sukra (bright)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Astral god. The personification of the planet Venus and the tutor of the demons. He may, on occasion, be represented as female, owing to the fact that he was once made to swallow his attendant Kaca and then restore him to life. Color: white. Rides in a golden or silver chariot drawn by eight or ten horses. Attributes: Book, prayer wheel, purse, staff, treasure and waterjar....
"Suksma" s We also find that the suksma-sarira is always in keeping with the sthula-sarira it adapts itself to. Thus, only a cat's suksma-sarira is present in a cat's body, and not a human suksma-sarira. Otherwise, the cat will not mew at you; it will talk to you, saying `Come on, it's morning. Get up! Puranic
Deity name "Suksma (very small)" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Minor deity. One of a group of emancipated VIDYESVARAS (lords of knowledge) considered to be aspects of S IVA. Attributes: hatchet and trident....
"Suku" Africa The supreme creator. Ovimbundu, Africa
God name "Suku" Ovimbundu / central Angola, West Africa Creator god. He created the sky, the rivers and mountains, and the people on earth....
God name "Suku Ovimbundu" Cent Africa The creator god sky at, the rivers, people, & mountains
God name "Sukuna-Hiikrna" Shinto / Japan God of healing. With the god O-KUNI-NUSHI-NO-MIKOTO, he established the various methods of healing diseases and the means for control of, and protection against, wild beasts, snakes, insects, etc. He is also worshiped as a tutelary god of traders, both maritime and on land. He is the KAMI of communications and, during the Japanese Empire period, was often installed by the authorities in the temples and shrines of conquered lands. He is worshiped in Buddhism as Yakushi-Bosatsu-Hyojin....
God name "Sukuna-Hikona" Japan / Shinto A god of healing that helped establish the methods of healing diseases as well as a means to control & protection against Bob beast, snakes, insects, et all
God name "Sukunahikona" Japan Dwarf deity who assisted in building the world and formulating protections against disease and wild animals. A god of healing, brewing sake and hot springs. Japan
Goddess name "Sul" Celtic A Goddess of hot springs who came to Brittany from Celtic Gaul.
Planet name "Sul-Pa-e The" Sumeria Astral and fertility god, a personification of the planet Jupiter Sumeria / Mia
Goddess name "Sul-pa-e (youthful radiance)" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Fertility and astral god. Identified as the personification of the planet Jupiter and, in one list, the consort of the mother goddess NINHURSAG A....
God name "Sul-utula" Mesopotamia Rather personal tutelary god Mesopotamia / Sumeria
God name "Sulanuth" Hebrew A monster in the sea ordered by God "to come up and go into Egypt, with arms ten cubits in length . . . and she went upon the roofs and uncovered the rafting and cut them and stretched forth her arm into the house and removed the lock and the bolt and opened the houses of Egypt and the swarm of animals destroyed the Egyptians" Book of Jasher
"Suleviae" Celtic Guardians of the Well. Also associated with crossroads. Celtic
Goddess name "Suleviae" Roman / Celtic / Gallic Goddesses of passage. Collective name for female deities associated with crossroads....
Goddess name "Sulini" Hindu Minor goddess appearance Hindu
Goddess name "Sulini" Hindu Minor goddess. Of terrible appearance. animal: lion. Attribute: trident....
Goddess name "Sulis" Roman / Celtic Goddess of healing who presided over sacred, healing springs. Roman / Celtic
Goddess name "Sulis" Roman / Celtic She was called Brigantia by the Britons; and later Saint Brighid (after Christianity). She is also a deity concerned with knowledge and prophecy. The tutelary Goddess of the thermal waters at Bath, England, she is closely linked with the Roman Goddess Minerva. Roman / Celtic
Goddess name "Sulis" Roman / Celtic Chthonic underworld goddess. Also a deity concerned with knowledge and prophecy. The tutelary goddess of the thermal waters at Bath, England, she is closely linked with the Roman goddess MINERVA....
God name "Sullat" Akkadia Minor god who was an attendant of God of the Sun Babylon / Mesopotamia / Akkadia
God name "Sullat" Mesopotamian / BabylonianAkkadian Minor god. An attendant of the Sun god S AMAS ....
God name "Sulman(u)" Mesopotamian / Babylonian - Akkadian / / western Semitic Chthonic and fertility deity. Also identified as a war god. Found in Assyria circa 1400 BC to 700 BC and known from Bronze Age inscriptions at Sidon....
God name "Sulman[u]" Mesopotamia / Babylon / Akkadia / W Semitic A chthonic war & fertility god
God name "Sulman[u] Mesopotamia" Semitic Chthonic war and fertility god Semitic
Goddess name "Sulmanitu" W Semitic The fertility goddess concerned with love & war
Goddess name "Sulmanitu" Western Semitic Fertility goddess. Concerned with love and war; also has underworld connections. Recognized chiefly at Sidon, but included in the Ugaritic pantheon. Thought by some authors to be the immediate derivation of the biblical “Shulamite woman” (Vetus Testamentum song of Solomon 6:13)....
Goddess name "Sulmanitu W" Semitic , Goddess of fertility concerned with love and war Semitic
Goddess name "Sulsaga" Sumeria Astral goddess Sumeria
Goddess name "Sulsaga" Mesopotamian / Sumerian Astral goddess. Sul-utula...
Goddess name "Sumalini" Buddhist Attendant minor goddess Buddhist / Mahayana
Goddess name "Sumalini (well-garlanded)" Buddhist / Mahayana Minor goddess. An attendant of BUDDHAKAPALA....
"Sumati" Buddhist Benevolent, kindness; devotion, prayer. Buddhist
"Sumati (very wise)" Buddhist Deification of literature. One of a group of DHARANIS. Color: yellow. Attributes: ear of rice and staff....
Goddess name "Sumbha" Buddhist Goddess who is the guardian of the downward direction Buddhist
Goddess name "Sumbha" Buddhist Goddess. A female dikpala or guardian of the nadir direction (her male counterpart is SUMBHARAJA). Color: blue. Attribute: snake noose....
God name "Sumbharaja" Buddhist God who is the guardian of the downward direction Buddhist
God name "Sumbharaja" Buddhist God. A dikpala or guardian of the nadir direction. Color: blue. Attributes: jewel, lotus, staff and sword. Three-headed....
God name "Sumiyoshi-No-Kami" Japan / Shinto Generic name of the sea gods who are guardians of seafarers. Japan / Shinto
Deities name "Sumiyoshi-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan Sea gods. A general name for guardian deities of seafarers, including fishermen, they include the three MUNAKATA-NO-KAMI. They are the focus of special worship by the Jingu-Kogo sect, whom they escorted to Korea. They are also patrons of poets and have a purifying role. The main sanctuary is the Sumiyoshi Taisha at Osaka....
Spirit name "Sumizome" Japan spirit of the Cherry Tree and the spirit of a murdered courtesan. Japan
God name "Summamus" Etruscan storm god. Specifically a deity responsible for lightning and thunderbolts. A sanctuary was dedicated to him in Rome....
"Summanus" Etruscan A derivative form from summus, the highest, an ancient Roman or Etruscan divinity, who was equal or even of higher rank than Jupiter
God name "Sumugan" Mesopotamia God of the River plains Mesopotamia / Sumeria
God name "Sumugan" Mesopotamian / Sumerian God of the river plains. In creation mythology he is given charge by the god ENKI over the flat alluvial lands of southern Mesopotamia....