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God Name and Meaning

List of Gods  : "creator"

"Aakuluujjusi" Inuit The great creator mother among the Inuit people.
God name "Abassi" Efik The creator God of the Nigerian Efik people. On the suggestion of his wife Atai Abassi created the first humans; to prevent them from exceed his wisdom, he ordered the first humans to neither procreate nor labor. This prohibition lasted some time, but eventually the first couple did have children and work, for which crime Abassi slew them and set their children against each other.
God name "Abira" Antioquia Creator God. Antioquia
"Aditi" Hindu Hindu supreme creator of all that has been created
God name "Adroa" Africa A God of the Lugbara people of central Africa. Adroa has two aspects: one good and one evil. He is the creator of Heaven and Earth, and he appears to those about to die. Adroa is depicted as a tall, white man with only half a body – one eye, one arm, one leg, one ear. Africa
Goddess name "Aebhel Afekan" Melanesia/ New Guinea The creator Goddess
Goddess name "Afekan" Melanesia/New Guinea Creator Goddess. Melanesia/New Guinea
"Ahura Mazda" Persia An exalted divinity of ancient proto-Indo-Iranian religion that was subsequently declared by Zarathustra (Zoroaster) to be the one uncreated creator of all. Persia
God name "Ajbit" Mayan One of the thirteen creator Gods who helped construct humanity from maize. Mayan
God name "Ajtzak" Mayan One of the thirteen creator Gods who helped construct humanity from maize. Mayan
God name "Akongo" Ngombe Supreme and creator God. Ngombe
Deities name "Alatangana" Africa With Sa, one of two creator Deities he created land from swamp and placed vegetation on earth. He then eloped with the Sa's daughter and fathered seven boys and seven girls. Kono - Eastern Guinea, West Africa
Deities name "Alatangana Kono" Africa One of the two creator Deities, this god created land from swamp Africa(west)/Guinea
Deities name "Alom" Mayan Sky god and one of the creator Deities who participated in the last two attempts at creating humanity. Mayan
Supreme god name "Amayicoyondi" Peru Goddess of the sky and the wife of Niparaja, the omnipotent Supreme God and creator of heaven and earth. Peru
Goddess name "Amma" Africa Creator god. He first created the sun from a clay pot and coils of copper and the moon using a clay pot and brass. Black people were created from sunlight and white from moonlight. He then proceeded to circumsise the earth Goddess, whose clitoris was an anthill and their first offspring was a jackal. She then got pregnant by rain and produced plants. He then became the father of mankind. Dogon Mali, West Africa
God name "Amma" Dogon/ Mali The creator God with a novel story
God name "Amotken" Salish Creator God of the Salish, a kind, elderly man who lives alone in heaven. He created five women from five hairs from his head and asked them what they wanted to be. Each gave him a different answer: wickedness and cruelty, goodness, mother of the Earth, fire, water. Amotken did as they asked and declared that wickedness would rule Earth for a time, but goodness would win in the end.
Goddess name "Amponyinamoa" Ghana Creator Goddess of Ghana. She carries a head and a brass pan.
God name "Ananse" Ashanti Creator of the sun, stars, day, moon and night who often intercedes between Gods and mortals Ashanti
God name "Ananse Ashanti" Africa The creator of the sun, stars, day, moon & night who often intercedes between Gods & mortals
Goddess name "Anulap" Micronesia A god of magic and knowledge in the mythology of Micronesia, who teaches these things to humanity. He is the husband of the creator Goddess Ligobubfanu, and may be a creator deity himself.
God name "Aondo" Africa Creator God who lives in the sky and sends the sun each morning. Central Nigeria, West Africa
God name "Aondo Tiv" Nigeria The creator God that lives in the sky
God name "Apap Teso" Uganda Creator God who as a benevolent sky god brings rain Uganda
God name "Ara" Borneo Primeval creator God, in the form of a bird, who created the heavens , and with Irik, created mankind from clay. The Sea Dyaks of Sarawak, Borneo
God name "Arabati" Africa Creator God worshipped by a pigmy tribe living along the banks of the river Ituri. Congo, West Africa
Goddess name "Aramazd" Armenia The father of all gods and Goddesses, the creator of heaven and earth. Armenia
Goddess name "Ararat" Anatolia The ancient creator Goddess
Goddess name "Arawa" Kenya Moon Goddess and the daughter of the creator god Tororut and his consort Seta. Kenya and Uganda
God name "Archons" Christian/Gnostic Primordial creator Gods. They include Uriel, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Shauil and Cassiel. Christian/Gnostic
God name "Armazd" Georgia Creator of the universe and the God of wisdom. Georgia
Goddess name "Asase Ya Ashanti" Ghana A Goddess of the earth, fertility & the creator of humanity
Supreme god name "Asis" Kenya/Uganda God of the sun. The younger brother of the Supreme God of heaven Tororut. In Nandi Asis becomes the supreme creator god. Kenya/Uganda
God name "Ataa Naa Nyongmo Gan" Ghana The creator God that controls the sun & the rain, call causes disasters as epidemics & and earthquakes if you don't follow his rules
God name "Ataokoloinona" Madagascar (What-A-Strange-Thing} son of Ndriananahary, the creator God, who was sent to Earth to look in to everything and to advise on the possibility of creating living beings. He never appeared again. Madagascar
God name "Aten" Egypt The creator of the universe in ancient Egyptian mythology, usually regarded as a sun God represented by the sun's disk. Egypt
"Atua Fafine" Polynesia Creator being Tikopia/Polynesia
"Atua Fafine Tikopia" Polynesia A creator being
Deity name "Atua I Raropuka" Polynesia Creator Deity(god) Tikopia/Polynesia
Deity name "Atua I Raropuka Tikpoa" Polynesia Another creator Deity(god)
Supreme god name "Awonawilona" Pueblo/Zuni "The One Who Contains Everything." The Supreme God, the Creator of All. Before the creation there was only Awonawilona; all else was darkness and emptiness. Both male and female, Awonawilona created everything from himself and taking form became the maker of light, the Sun. Pueblo/Zuni
Spirit name "Ayi' Uru'n Toyo'n" Yakut Yakut creator Spirit.
Goddess name "Baau" Phoenicia Creator Goddess. Mother of the first man. Phoenicia
God name "Bagadjimbiri" Australia Two brothers and creator Gods. They arose from the ground as dingos and made water-holes, sex organs from a mushroom and another fungus for the androgynous first people, and invented circumcision. Australia
God name "Bahyra" Brazil The creator God of the heavens and the earth who "expressed his wrath by thunder and lightning." The Apiaca, Brazil
"Baiamai" Australia He is considered by some to be the creator. Others believe he created his son, Burambin, who then created the world. Australia
Spirit name "Baiame" Australia The omniscient intangible great Spirit is self-created, lives in the sky, is the creator of all things. He is important in initiation rites; he "receives the souls of the innocent." His voice is the thunder, his will is manifest through the wind. The Kamilaroi, Wiradjuri, and Euahlayi, Australia
God name "Banaitja" Australia Banaitja is a creator God. Australia
"Bartsing" Formoza One of the creators of the sun, moon, and stars. the other was Dgagha. The Amia, Formosa
Goddess name "Bharati" Hindu/Vedic/Epic Is the first of the three great Goddesses of Hinduism, the other two being Lakshmi and Durga. Saraswati is the consort of Lord Brahma, the Creator. Hindu/Vedic/Epic
"Biame" Australia The "Great One," or creator. Australia
Deities name "Bitol" Mayan A sky god and one of the creator Deities who participated in the last two attempts at creating humanity. Mayan
God name "Bonchor" Tunisia God thought to be the creator deity Tunisia
Supreme god name "Brahma" Hindu Supreme god and creator of the cosmos. Hindu
God name "Brahma" Hindu Creator God, part of the main hindu trinity, the other two being Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is the unmoved, uncaused first cause, and he created everything. Hindu
Deity name "Brahmins" Hindu Their "tri-murti" is a three-headed Deity(god), representing Brahma (as creator), Vishnu (as preserver), and Siva (as destroyer).
God name "Cacoh" Maya A creator God
Deity name "Cagn Mantis" Africa According to the Hottentots and the Bushman the supreme Deity(god) and creator of the world whose loves are ‘pleasing’ and it is especially attached to the moon, having made it out of one of its old shoes. Africa
"Cagn Mantis/ Kalahari" Africa The creator
God name "Camaxtli aka Mixcoatl-Camaxtli" Aztec A God of hunting, war, fate and fire and one of the four creator gods, who made the Earth. He leads human sacrifices and warriors who have been slain in battle to the eastern sky, where they become stars. Aztec
God name "Chicoonahuiehecatl" Aztec Minor creator God. Aztec
God name "Chiuke Ibo" Nigeria Sky God who is also regarded as Creator god. Nigeria
"Cholmus" Siberia Creator of animals Siberia
God name "Chul Tatic Chites Vaneg" Maya A creator God thought by some to be the name of the Christian God
God name "Chul Tatic Chites Vaneg," Mayan Creator God Mayan
Goddess name "Cihuacoatl-Quilaztli" Aztec Creator Goddess who helped Quetzalcoatl create the current race of humanity by grinding up bones from the previous ages, and mixing it with his blood. Aztec
God name "Citalatonac" Aztec Creator God. Aztec
Goddess name "Citlalicue" Aztec Creator Goddess and the goddess of Milky Way. Aztec
"Cneph" Egyptian An Egyptian Creator of the world.
Planet name "Cosmiel" Kircher The creator of the world. He gave Theodidactus a boat of asbestos, in which he sailed to the sun and Planets. Kircher
God name "Coyote" USA Multifaceted deity. demiGod, creator, trickster. In Tongva Mythology Coyote challenges "The River" to a race. Coyote is victorious, but collapses from fatigue. The river laughs at him and takes the name "Hahamongna". USA
God name "Coyote/ Koyote" Pan-W USA A demiGod/ creator/ trickster
"Daramulum" Australia Lunar being and mediator between the creator and humans. Australia
"Demurge" Gnostic "artisan" or "craftsman" the Creator or Maker of the world. Gnostic
Goddess name "Diang" Sudan Cow Goddess and the wife of the first human, Omara, sent by the creator god. Her son is Okwa, who married the crocodile goddess Nyakaya. Shilluk, Sudan
"Djamar" Australia The supreme being and creator, the giver of the moral laws and of initiation rites. He was responsible for the first bull-roar.
God name "Dyaus Pitar" Hindu/India/Vedic Creator God. Hindu/India/Vedic
Goddess name "E Alom" Mayan Primeval creator Goddessess, literally, those who conceive and give birth Mayan
God name "E Quhalom" Maya/ Quiche A primeval creator God
"Eka Abassi" Africa Creator of life Africa
"Elkunirsha" Hittite Creator Of The Earth. Hittite
God name "Elkunisra" Canaan Creator God. Canaan
God name "Ellil" Akkadia Creator and air God Babylon/Akkadia
God name "Emeli" Sudan Creator God and generic term meaning Lord, Sudan/Tuareg
God name "Emeli Hin Tuareg" Sudan A creator God & generic term meaning Lord
God name "Enki/ Ea" Sumeria/ Mesopotamia A creator God, water, cunning & fertility
God name "Es Ket" Siberia Creator God who fashioned humans from clay. Siberia
Goddess name "Estsanatlehi" Navaho Vegetative, fertility and creator sky Goddess. Navaho
Goddess name "Ewauna" Coquille Creator Goddess. Coquille
God name "Fidi Mukullu Bena Lulua" Zaire A creator God
God name "Gainji" New Guinea Creator God of the Papuan Keraki people. New Guinea.
Supreme god name "Gamab" Africa Supreme god and creator of the world who lives beyond the stars Africa
Supreme god name "Gamab/ Ganna/ Gawa/ Gaunab Damaras" Africa The Supreme God & creator of the world who lives beyond the stars
"Gavur li yalyal" Micronesia The beneficent supreme being and creator of the world. Micronesia
Spirit name "Gitche Manitou" Algonquin The Great Spirit, the Creator of all things and the Giver of Life. Algonquin
"Gluskap/ Glooscap" Algonquin The creator force
Ghost name "God" Christian The deity held by Christians to be the supreme reality and the sole creator of life, the universe and everything. A triple deity made up of four parts: God the Father, God the Son, God the Son in human form and the Holy Ghost.
God name "God/ Deus/ Gott" Christian/ Anglo-Saxon/ Germanic/ Roman Claimed to be the creator God around 325 C.E., still in vouge by the Christian sect
God name "Gulu" Dinka Creator God Dinka
God name "Haapkemnas" Takelma The God from before time and the creator of all things. Takelma
God name "Habuiri" West Indies A creator and sky God who make plants grow. West Indies
Deity name "Hachacyum" Mexico The creator and principle Deity(god) of the Lacandon. Mexico
God name "Hachacyum/ Nohochacyum" Maya The creator the world who was helped by three other Gods
God name "Hahgwehdiyu" Iroquois The creator God; he planted a single maize plant in his mother's body. This single plant grew and was a gift to mankind. Iroquois
"Hatala" Borneo The creator of the earth which he poured out of head of Naga Busai, the serpent in the primeval water. Borneo
God name "Heammawihio" India A sky and creator God who taught his people to make arrow points, knives, bows and arrows, how to hunt, and to make fire. Plains Indians
God name "Heryshaf" Egypt An ancient ram-God and a creator and fertility god who was born from the primeval waters. He was pictured as a man with the head of a ram, or as a ram. Egypt
God name "Himerus or Phanes" Greek A mystic divinity in the system of the Orphics, is also called Eros, Ericapaeus, Himerus Metis, and Protogonus. He is said to have sprung from the mystic mundane egg, and to have been the father of all Gods, and the creator of men. Phanes means "Manifestor" or "Revealer," and is related to the Greek words "light" and "to shine forth." Greek
"Hintubuet" Melanesia The supreme being, the creator of the sky, earth and humanities granny Melanesia
Demon name "Hiranyagarbha" Hindu Creator god identified in the Rig Veda, the Demon King who proclaimed himself king of the universe Hindu/Vedic
"Huiracocha" Inca The creator of the world. Inca
Deity name "Huiracocha/ Viracocho" Inca The supreme Deity(god) accused of a virgin birth & creator of of the world
God name "Hun Hunapu" Mayan Creator God. Mayan
God name "Hunab Ku/ Itzamn" Maya The most important creator God & the greatest deity in the pantheon
God name "Hunapu" Maya Another creator God
God name "Huracan" Quiche Creator God who fashioned the first humans Quiche
God name "Huracan/ Hurucan/ Hurakan/ Hurukan" Quiche A creator God that fashioned the first humans
King name "Hutsipamamau'u Ocean Woman" Chemehuevis The Great Mother, the creator of all things who created the earth from her flaKing skin. Chemehuevis
"Huwe" Botswana Yet another supreme being and creator of all things, this time from Botswana.
God name "Ihoiho" Society Isl Creator God who created everything including the primeval waters Society Is.
God name "Ikvaku" Hindu/ Vedic An ancestral sun God, that creator god
God name "Il" Canaan Creator God Syria/Canaan/Lebanon
Supreme god name "Ilanzi" Tanzania The Supreme God and creator. Tanzania
"Illalei" Ethiopian Yet another supreme being and the creator humanity. Ethiopian this time
God name "Ilmarinen" Finnish Finnish creator God, also a sky and smith god. He is also protective deity of travelers
Goddess name "Ilmatecuhtli" Aztec The Goddess of the beauty and creator of the stars. Aztec
Deity name "Imana" Rwanda The Creator Deity(god) in Banyarwanda mythology in Rwanda.
God name "Imra" Kafir/ Afghanistan A creator God that is still worshipped today
"Indeesa" Tanzania The creator gooddess who caused no afflictions and is invoked for inner reflection. Tanzania
"Ioskeha" Iroquois Creator of the first man and woman Iroquois
Spirit name "Irik" Borneo A primeval creator Spirit, in the form of a bird, who created the earth; with Ara, created mankind from clay. The Sea Dyaks of Sarawak, Borneo
God name "Irma" Peru An early coastal name of the creator God. Peru
God name "Isewahanga" Tanzania The creator God of the Zinza. Tanzania
God name "Ithuwa" Tanzania The sun and creator God. Tanzania
God name "Itzam Na/ Hun Itzamna/ Yaxcocahmut" Maya Another creator God, water, agriculture, drawing, healing, medicine & the moon
Goddess name "Ix Zacal Nok" Mayan Inventor of weaving as well as Creator Goddess Mayan
God name "Ixpiyacoc" Mayan One of the thirteen creator Gods who helped construct humanity. Mayan
God name "Izanagi" Japan Izanagi-no-Mikoto. "Male Who invites". Creator God, father god, man of men. Symbolizes magic. Japan
God name "Izanagi/ Izanagi No Kami" Japan/ Shinto One of the 17 creator Gods & the male primeval god
Goddess name "Izanami-No-Kami/ Izamnami" Japan/ Shinto A creator Goddess who died and giving birth to the fire god as well as the primeval female goddess
God name "Jacy" Brazilian Moon God and the creator of plant life. Brazilian
God name "Jehovah" Israel Creator God of Israel. A mix of of letters from Jhwh/Yhwh and Adonai - created so that people wouldn't utter the actual name. When Christians, unaware of the Jewish tradition, started to read the Hebrew Bible, they read it with the Masoretic vowels together with the consonants as written, and obtained Iehovah. Today this transcription is generally recognized as mistaken. Many religious groups continue to use the form Jehovah, because it is familiar and because the correct pronunciation is unknown.
"Juck Shilluck" Africa This is the creator of the world
Goddess name "Jugumishanta" New Guinea Creator Goddess and Mother of Earth. New Guinea
"Jukun" Nigeria The creator of the Shido and Chido people. Nigeria
God name "Julunggul" Aus A creator God that was the bringer of culture & identified with of the rainbow-snake
"Juok and" Bunzi The creator of all men
God name "Jupka" N American Creator God and teacher of the people. The Yahi, California
God name "Ka Tyeleo Senufo" Ivory Coast Creator God Ivory Coast
Goddess name "Kagaba" Uganda Sun Goddess, creator and mother of all. Uganda
God name "Kalahari aka Cagn Mantis" Africa a creator God of the people of the Kalahari in Africa and in particular Botswana. He is credited with having made all things (he made the moon from an old shoe), and is the god of natural phenomena. Omnipresent, he manifests himself in everything in the world, but especially in the mantis and caterpillar, which seem to be his favored animals. He has one wife, Coti, and, with her, two sons, Cogaz and Gewi. At one time, he lived on earth but he later moved his dwelling to the top of the sky.
God name "Kalisia" Pygmy/ Zaire/ Congo A creator God that is the guardian of hunters & the jungle forests
God name "Kalisia Pygmy" Congo Creator God who is the guardian of hunters and the jungle forests Congo/Zaire
"Kalunga Ndonga" Africa Creator of all things Africa(south)
Deities name "Kami-Musubi-No-Kami" Japan Third creator being in the primordial a list of Deities, this being was born alone in the cosmos and its presence remains hidden from humans Japan/Shinto
Demon name "Kando" Japan The Ainus consider the heavens to be three in number. The first in order is called Shi-nish kando, "the greatest skies;" this is supposed to be the home of the chief of the gods, i.e. the Creator. The second order of heavens is called Nochiu-o kando, "the skies which bear the stars;" the second order of gods is supposed to dwell here. The last or lowest heavens are named range kando or urara kando, i.e. "the hanging skies" or "the fog skies;" the lowest orders of gods and some of the Demons, especially the demons of thunder, are supposed to live here. Japan
God name "Karora" Australia A creator God. He was born in a lake and, after fathering many children, he returned there to slumber. Australia
"Katavul" India Ultimate creator all who exists in the world and able to judge humanity and to reward or punish India/Tamil/Sri Lanka
Supreme god name "Katavul Tamil" S India/ Sri Lanka Such a Supreme God that he was the ultimate creator all that exists in the world & able to judge humanity & to reward or punish at well
God name "Kazyoba Nyamwezi" Tanzania God of the sun-held to be the creator and tutelary deity of the tribe Tanzania
"Ketq Skwaye" Huron Creator Huron
God name "Khnum" Egypt Khnemu, one of the earliest Egyptian Gods, originally the god of the source of the Nile River. Since the annual flooding of the Nile brought with it silt and clay, and its water brought life to its surrounds, he was thought to be the creator of human children, which he made at a potter's wheel, from clay, and placed in their mothers' wombs. He was later described as having molded the other gods, and he had the titles Divine Potter and Lord of created things from himself. Egypt
"Khovaki" Siberia Creator of the world Siberia
"Khovaki/ Savaki" Tungus/ Siberia This entity is guilty of being in the creator of the world
Spirit name "Kiehton" Algonquin Great Spirit and creator. The Algonquin
Supreme god name "Kitchki" Manitou "The Great Spirit", "The Supreme God", "Father, Creator, universal Big Daddy." I'm sure you get the message. Manitou
Spirit name "Kneph" Egypt Was originally the breath of life, his name meaning soul-breath. Indeed, according to Plutarch and Diodorus, kneph was identical with the Greek pneuma. Kneph in this context was a Spirit that breathed life into things, giving them form. Egypt Kneph eventually became considered to be the creator god himself, in Elephantine, although his identity was finally assimilated into the more important god Amun.
Goddess name "Kokyan" S America Creator Goddess; she created humans, plants, and animals Hopi
Supreme god name "Kulcan" Mayan The Mayan Supreme God. He was also a god of the four elements, the creator god, god of resurrection and reincarnation.
God name "Kumarbi[s]" Hittite/ Hurrian The creator/ father of the Gods
God name "Kumarbis" Hittite Creator/father of the Gods Hittite/Hurrian
God name "Kumokums Modoc" Oregon Creator God Oregon
God name "Latipan" Canaan A creator God, see Il for particulars
God name "Lesa" Africa Creator God Africa(south)
God name "Lesa SE" Africa A creator God
God name "Leza" Bantu/ Zimbabwe A creator God
God name "Leza Bantu" Zimbabwe Creator God Zimbabwe
God name "Libanza Upotos" Zaire Creator God Zaire
God name "Libanza Upotos/ Bangala" Zaire a creator God
God name "Lodur" Germanic Creator God mentioned in the creation myth. germanic
God name "Lodur[r]" Germanic A creator God mentioned in the creation myth
Supreme god name "Lumauwig" Philippines Lumawig The Supreme God and creator of all things. Philippines
Spirit name "Luonnotar" Finland Spirit of nature, feminine creator.
Goddess name "Madalait" Australia Creator Goddess and the sister-in-law of Wala, a sun goddess. Australia
Goddess name "Madder-Akka" Lapland Creator Goddess. Lapland
Deity name "Madumda" N American The creator Deity(god) of the Pomo, frequently identified with Coyote.
"Magbabaya" Philippines The highest and most powerful divinity, the creator and the sources of all life. Philippines
"Mahadara" Borneo The supreme being and creator of all things. The Ot-danoms, Borneo and Indonesia
"Mahaprabhu" India Singi-Arke. The supreme being and creator is generally benevolent but is known to cause fever and convulsions. His wife is Sita Mahalakshmi. The Bondo, India
God name "Mahapurub" India The creator God of the Raja Maria. Identified with Bhagavan. India
Goddess name "Mahaskti" India Divine mother, Goddess of war, passion, and wisdom, Supreme creator of the universe India
Goddess name "Mahaskti/ Mahesvari/ Mahakali/ Mahalkakshmi/ Mahasarasavati" India She is not only in the divine mother, Goddess of war, passion, & wisdom but she is the Supreme creator of the universe
Spirit name "Maheo" Cheyenne The void dwelling omnipotent Great Spirit and creator who created the water, light and air. With the help of Coot he made land by placing mud on the back of Grandmother Turtle, who then became the earth. Cheyenne Indians
God name "Maira-Monan" Brazil Maire-Monan. Among the Tupinamba, the creator God. Among the Tupi, a culture hero. Brazil
God name "Makila" Californoa The thunder God who gave the people knowledge and taught them hunting and fishing and the arts. With Kuksu, the creators. The northern Pomo, California
Supreme god name "Makonaima" British Makunaima. The Supreme God and creator who sent his son Sigu to rule over the earth. Among the Makushi he created the sky and earth, vegetation, animals and men. Among the Ackawoi and Caribs, he created birds, animals, and food plants, assisted by his son Sigu. British Guiana
"Makunaimma" Caribbean/ C America He is the creator of the heavens, humans, & animals in no particular order
"Malamanganga'e" Polynesia Creator being who was a personification of light Polynesia
"Malamangangaifo" Polynesia The other creator being that was a personification of light