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Spirit name "White Lady" Prussia White Lady of the royal family of Prussia. A "spirit" said to appear before the death of one of the family.
Spirit name "White Lady" Scotland White Lady Of Avenel, a tutelary spirit. Scotland
"White Merle" Basques Of the old Basques. A white fairy bird, which, by its singing, restored sight to the blind.
Goddess name "Whope" Lakota The daughter of the Sun Wi and the moon, a goddess of peace and the wife of the south wind. Lakota
Goddess name "Whope" Sioux / USA Goddess. The daughter of WI, the Sun god, and consort of the south wind. She is credited with giving the Sioux Indian the pipe of peace through which (narcotic) they commune with the great spirit WAKAN TANKA....
God name "Wi" Lakota The Sun god of the Lakota.
Goddess name "Wi" Sioux / USA Sun god. The father of the goddess WHOPE, his sacred animal is the bison....
Goddess name "Widapokwi" Yavapai Goddess of health and whirlwinds Yavapai
"Widenostrils" French A huge giant, who subsisted on windmills, and lived in the island of Tohu. When Pantagruel and his fleet reached this island no food could be cooked because Widenostrils had swallowed "every individual pan, skillet, kettle, frying-pan, dripping-pan, boiler, and saucepan in the land," and died from eating a lump of butter. French
Goddess name "Wigan" Philippines Goddess of water Philippines
Demon name "Wihmunga" Canada A witch, or a female demon. First Nations
God name "Wiidigo" Ojibwa / Canada Ice god. A terrible being formed of ice who symbolizes the starvation of Winter. There are said to be many windigos, but they are always referred to in the singular. Cannibalistic, the windigo appears as an ice skeleton and a human being can be turned into one through possession....
"Wild Huntsman" German The German tradition is that a spectral hunter with dogs frequents the Black Forest to chase the wild animals. The English name is "Herne the Hunter," who was once a keeper in windsor Forest. In Winter time, at midnight, he walks about Herne's Oak, and blasts trees and cattle. He wears horns, and rattles a chain in a "most hideous manner". Another legend is that a certain Jew would not suffer Jesus to drink out of a horse-trough, but pointed to some water in a hoof-print as good enough for "such an enemy of Moses," and that this man is the "Wild Huntsman." Various
Goddess name "Wilden Wip" Germanic Goddesses of healing. Germanic
Spirit name "Will-O'-the-Wisp" Roman A spirit of the bogs, whose delight is to mislead belated travellers.
Spirit name "Will-o'-the-wisps" Europe In the mediaeval ages, the will-o'-the-wisps were known as elf lights, for these tiny sprites were supposed to mislead travelers; and popular superstition claimed that the Jack-o'-lanterns were the restless spirits of murderers forced against their will to return to the scene of their crimes. Northern Europe
God name "Willow Pattern" s The tradition. The mandarin had an only daughter named Li-chi, who fell in love with Chang, a young man who lived in the island home represented at the top of the pattern, and who had been her father's secretary. The father overheard them one day making vows of love under the orange-tree, and sternly forbade the unequal match; but the lovers contrived to elope, lay concealed for a while in the gardener's cottage, and thence made their escape in a boat to the island home of the young lover. The enraged mandarin pursued them with a whip, and would have beaten them to death had not the gods rewarded their fidelity by changing them both into turtle-doves. The picture is called the willow pattern not only because it is a tale of disastrous love, but because the elopement occurred "when the willow begins to shed its leaves."
"Winifred" s Patron saint of virgins, because she was beheaded by Prince Caradoc for refusing to marry him. She was Welsh by birth, and the legend says that her head falling on the ground originated the famous healing well of St. Winifred in Flintshire. She is usually drawn like St. Denis, carrying her head in her hand. Holywell, in Wales, is St. Winifred's Well, celebrated for its "miraculous" virtues.
Goddess name "Winonah" Ojibwa Daughter of the goddess Nokomis and the mother of Hiawatha. Ojibwa
"Wintersmith" Discworld The personification of Winter. At his core he is the elemental personification of ice. Originally just a shape in the snow, with two violet eyes, he later formed a "snowman" out of all the elements that make a human body. He creates snowflakes and icebergs, and also the patterns of ice on windows. Discworld
Spirit name "Wiradyuri" Australia The ancestor and patron god of the Kamilaroi, as well as being an important creator spirit or culture hero of the Eora, the Darkinjung, the Wiradjuri, and several other eastern Australian language groups.
Spirit name "Wisaaka" s A spirit that figures prominently in their storytelling, including the story of the world's creation and is the Ojibwe trickster figure and culture hero.
God name "Wisagatcak" Cree A trickster god in Cree mythology, similar to Nanabozho in Ojibwa myth and Inktonme in Assiniboine myth. His name means "the Flatterer." He is generally portrayed as being responsible for a great flood which destroys the world originally made by the Creator, as well as the one who creates the current world with magic, either on his own or with powers given to him by the Creator for that specific purpose.
"Witch Hazel" Europe A shrub supposed to be efficacious in discovering witches. A forked twig of the hazel was made into a divining-rod for the purpose. Europe
Ghost name "Witch of Endor" Hebrew A divining woman consulted by Saul when Samuel was dead. She called up the ghost of the prophet, and Saul was told that his death was at hand. \
Demon name "Witches' Sabbath" European The muster at night time of witches and demons to concoct mischief. The witch first anointed her feet and shoulders with the fat of a murdered babe, then mounting a broom-stick, distaff, or rake, made her exit by the chimney, and rode through the air to the place of rendezvous. The assembled witches feasted together, and concluded with a dance, in which they all turned their backs to each other.
God name "Wiu" Nuer / Sudan God of war. The word means spear....
Spirit name "Woan-no-mih" Shawnees A sacred spirit. Shawnees
Deity name "Wodan" Anglo-Saxon The deity in Anglo-Saxon polytheism corresponding to Norse Odin, both continuations of a Proto-Germanic deity, Wodanaz. Other West Germanic forms of the name include Dutch Wodan, Alemannic Wuodan, and German Wotan.
God name "Woden" Germanic The Old English name as used by the Anglo-Saxons for the Germanic god Woden, known more commonly as the Norse god Odin.
"Wokey" Britain Wicked as the Witch of Wokey. Wookey-hole is a noted cavern in Somersetshire, which has given birth to as many weird stories as the Sibyls' Cave in Italy. The Witch of Wokey was metamorphosed into stone by a "lerned wight" from Gaston, but left her curse behind, so that the fair damsels of Wokey rarely find "a gallant." Britain
"Wolaro" Australia The creator of the sky of heaven and earth and of everything that walks, crawls, swims or flies. Australia
God name "Wollunqua" Australia A snake-god of Rain and fertility. Australian Aboriginal
Supreme god name "Wonajo" Melanesia The supreme god and the leader of the mythological snake people. Rossel Island, Melanesia
Spirit name "Wondjina" Australia Cloud and Rain spirits. Australian Aboriginal
God name "Wonekau" New Guinea The all-seeing and all-hearing supreme celestial god. New Guinea
God name "Wong Taisin (the great immortal Wong)" Chinese God. Probably an incarnation or avatara of the god HUANG TI (the yellow emperor), he is considered benevolent. Closely associated with a district in Kowloon which is named after him. His cult arrived in Hong Kong in 1915 from Kwangtung in the form of a painting brought by a man and his son. It was installed in a small temple in Wanchai. In 1921 a larger sanctuary was built, from public funds, facing the sea and backed by Lion Rock....
"Wonomi" California The benevolent supreme being and creator of the world. The Maidu, California
"Wood Maidens" European Northern European Elves.
Goddess name "Wopeh" Lakota Goddess of happiness and pleasure. Lakota
Goddess name "Wosret" Egypt Localized guardian goddess. With a cult center at Thebes, Wosret is, according to some inferences, an early consort of the creator god AMUN and was superseded by MUT. She is identified with the protection of the young god HORUS. Also Wosyet....
God name "Wotan" Germanic God of inspiration and magic germanic
God name "Woto" Oto / Shongo A god of fire
Goddess name "Woyengi" Africa Creator Goddess who shaped humans from clay dolls. Africa
Ghost name "Wraith" Scotland The ghost of a person shortly about to die or just dead, which appears to survivors, sometimes at a great distance off. Scotland
Spirit name "Wrath's Hole" Britain The legend is that Bolster, a gigantic wrath or evil spirit, paid embarrassing attention to St. Agnes, who told him she would listen to his suit when he filled with his blood a small hole which she pointed out to him. The wrath joyfully accepted the terms, but the hole opened into the sea, and the wrath, being utterly exhausted, St. Agnes pushed him over the cliff. cornwall, Britain
God name "Wu" Ewe / Benin, West Africa Sea god. His priest, the Wu-no, invokes the god whenever the weather is too severe for the fishing boats to land. He is propitiated with offerings delivered from the shore and in past times was occasionally appeased with human sacrifice taken out to sea and thrown overboard....
King name "Wu Guan" Chinese king of the fourth hell. Chinese
Spirit name "Wu'squus" Chukchee / eastern Siberia spirit of darkness. The personification of the night and the sibling of NA'CHITNA'IRGIN, the spirit of the left-hand dawn....
God name "Wu-tai Yuan-shuai" China God of musicians. China
God name "Wulbari" Africa The Creator god who made heaven to close to earth and was uses as a towel and sniffed by dogs. Africa
"Wulleb" Micronesia Was born in an oyster shell from between Loa's legs. When he lifted the top half of the shell, it became the sky, while the bottom became the earth. Micronesia
God name "Wuluwaid" Australia A Rain god. Australian Aboriginal
Supreme god name "Wuni" Africa Supreme god of the Dagamba, Ghana. Africa
"Wuragag" Australia First man. Australian Aboriginal
Goddess name "Wuriupranili" Australia Solar goddess who carries a torch that is the Sun. Australian Aboriginal
Goddess name "Wuriupranili" Australian aboriginal Sun goddess. The position of Wuriupranili in the godly hierarchy is unclear, but mythology explains that she carries a burning torch made from tree bark and that she travels from east to west each day before descending to the western sea and using the embers to light her way through the underworld beneath the earth. The colors of the Sunrise and Sunset are said to be a reflection of the red ocher body paints with which she adorns herself....
Hero name "Wurrunna" Australia A culture hero. Australian Aboriginal
Goddess name "Wuruntemu" Hatti land 'Sun Goddess and mistress of the Hatti lands, the queen of heaven and earth.
Goddess name "Wurusemu" Hittite Goddess of the Sun of Arrina. Hittite
Goddess name "Wurusemu/ Wuruntemu" Hittite The Sun goddess of Arrina
"Wyaukeiiarbedaid" Shawnees Mythical personage. Shawnees
Demon name "Xai" Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
"Xamaba" Africa The supreme being of the Heikum of South Africa. Creator of all things, including mankind, he is a benevolent figure who is invoked for help when ill and when traveling. and is said to provide the Rain. South Africa.
God name "Xaman Ek" Aztec The god of the North Star merchants, business, economy, trade. Aztec
"Xanthe" Greek One of the daughters of Oceanus. Greek
"Xanthippe" Greek wife of Pleuron and the mother of Agenor, Sterope, Stratonice, and Laophonte. Greek
"Xanthippus" Greek One of the sons of Melas, who revolted against Oeneus, and were slain by Tydeus. Greek
"Xantho" Greek One of the Nereides. Greek
"Xanthos" Greek Achilles' wonderful horse. Being chid by his master for leaving Patroclos on the field of battle, the horse turned his head reproachfully, and told Achilles that he also would soon be numbered with the dead, not from any fault of his horse, but by the decree of inexorable destiny. Iliad, xix.
God name "Xanthus" Indian A large shell like those ascribed to the Tritons. The volutes generally run from right to left; and if the Indians find a shell with the volutes running in the contrary direction, they persist that one of their gods has got into the shell for concealment.
Goddess name "Xatel Ekwa" Hungary Goddess of war and the Sun. She who rode through the air on three horses. Hungary
Spirit name "Xaya Iccita" Yakut / central Siberia mountain spirit. The owner or master of the mountains....
Demon name "Xbalanque" Mayan A son of Hun-Hunahpu and Xquic, the daughter of one of the lords of the underworld. His twin is Hunahpu. Together, the twins outwitted arrogant demons, their jealous half-brothers and the lords of the underworld. Mayan
Deity name "Xbaquiyalo" Maya A Maya deity. wife of Hun-Hunahpu, she was mother to the Monkey twins.
Demon name "Xcz" Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
Demon name "Xdz" Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
"Xenea" Greek A Naiad who fell in love with Daphnis and made him promise never to form a connexion with any other maiden. Greek
"Xenia" Greek And the masculine Xenios, are epithets of Athena and Zeus, describing them as presiding over the laws of hospitality, and protecting strangers. Greek
"Xenocleia" Greek A Delphian priestess, who refused to give an oracular response to Heracles before he was purified of the murder of Iphitus
Nymph name "Xenodamus" Greek A son of Menelaus and the Cretan nymph Cnossia.
"Xenodice" Greek 1. A daughter of Minos and Pasiphae.
"Xenodice" Greek A daughter of Syleus, at Aulis, was slain by Heracles, together with her father.
God name "Xevioso" Dahomey A god of thunder in the So region. He is the twin brother of Gun, and is one of the children of Mawu and Lisa. Dahomey
God name "Xewioso" Ewe Thunder god. [Benin, West Africa]. Depicted as a ram accompanied by an ax, he is also perceived as a fertility deity whose thunder and lightning are accompanied by Rain....
Angel name "Xgazd" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Angel name "Xgzd" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Spirit name "Xhindi" Albanian Put scissors and broomsticks under your baby's mattress to keep these invisible spirits away. Albanian
Goddess name "Xi He" Chinese Goddess of Light and Mother of the Ten Suns. Chinese
Goddess name "Xi Shi" Chinese Beautiful Goddess of Face Creams, Cosmetics and Perfumes. Chinese
Goddess name "Xi-Wang-mu" Chinese Goddess of immortality. Chinese
Spirit name "Xian" Chinese A spiritually immortal, transcendent and super-human celestial being. Chinese
God name "Xiaowu" China The god of prisons. China
Demon name "Xibalba" Mayan Also known as Xibalba or Xibalbay, is a dangerous underworld ruled by the demons Vucub Caquix and Hun Came. The road to it is said to be steep, thorny and very forbidding. Mayan
Demon name "Xii" Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
God name "Xil Sga'nagwai" Haida Indian / Queen Charlotte Island, Canada Medicine god. Said to appear as a raven....
"Xiling Shi" China A legendary Chinese Empress wife of the Yellow Emperor who discovered silk and invented the silk loom. China
Goddess name "Xilonen" Aztec A goddess of food and produce, especially maize and, by extension, a goddess of fertility. Aztec
Goddess name "Xilonen" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor vegetation goddess. An aspect of the maize goddess Chicomecoatl, personifying the young maize plant....
God name "Xipe" Totec / Aztec A god of Agriculture, plants, seeds, fertility, jewelers, sacrifice & springtime
God name "Xipe Totec" Aztec our lord the flayed one, was a life-death-rebirth deity, god of Agriculture, the west, disease, spring, goldsmiths and the seasons. He flayed himself to give food to humanity. Aztec
"Xiuhtecuhtli" Aztec The personification of life after death, warmth in the cold, light in darkness and food during famine. He was usually depicted with a red or yellow face and a censer on his head. His wife was Chalchiuhtlicue. Aztec
God name "Xiuhtecuhtli" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mex ico Astral god. The ruler of the first or lowest of the thir teen heavens known at the time of the Spanish conquest, Tlalticpac (on the earth)....
God name "Xiuhtecuhtli/ Otontecuhtli/ Huehueteotl" Aztec The god of fire
Goddess name "Xiwangmu" Chinese The Daoist Goddess of Immortality, owner of the heavenly Peach Garden, and the queen of Paradise. Chinese
God name "Xixarama" Colombia Principal god and father of the Sun and the moon. Colombia
"Xmucane" Mayan And this is the grandmother, the daykeeper, Diviner who stands behind others: Xmucane is her name. Mayan
God name "Xmucane, Xpiyacoc, Xumucane,Ixpiyacoc" Maya The mother and father gods. They agreed that animals should be created. This was accomplished, and they next turned their attention to the framing of man. They made a number of mannikins carved out of wood. Popol Vuh, Kiche
Angel name "Xnilr" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
God name "Xochipili" Aztec The god of love, games, beauty, dance, flowers, maize, and song. Aztec
Goddess name "Xochiquetzal" Aztec Goddess of Agriculture, fertility, love, sensual pleasure, sex, happiness, the moon and weavers. Aztec
Goddess name "Xochiquetzal" Aztec A goddess of flowers, fertility, games, dancing and Agriculture, as well as craftsmen, prostitutes and pregnant women. She was originally a moon and love goddess. Aztec
Goddess name "Xochiquetzal" Aztec / classi cal Mesoamerican / Mexico Goddess of fertility and childbirth. The mother of the demigoddess (unnamed) whose consort was Piltz intecuhtli and who engendered the first mortals Oxomoco and CIPACTONAL. One of the group classed as the TETEOINNAN complex. A popular deity among Aztec women, the goddess is invoked particularly to make a marriage fruitful. The bride plaits her hair and coils it around, leaving two “plumes” representing the feathers of the Quetzal which is sacred to Xochiquetzal. Pottery figurines are adorned with plumes of feathers. Worshiped at various sites, including Tula (Hidalgo). Also recognized as the patron goddess of weavers....
Goddess name "Xochiquetzal-Ichpuchtli (maiden)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor fertility goddess. One of the group classed as the TETEOINNAN complex. Depicted as a youthful deity associated with sexual love, flowers and pleasure....
God name "Xocotl" Aztec A stellar god who presided over fire. He is identified with the Aztec and Toltec god Xolotl. Aztec
Deity name "Xolas" Tierra del Fuego The supreme deity. At birth he is said to place the soul into every body, receiving it back after death to await rebirth. Tierra del Fuego
Goddess name "Xoli Kaltes" Hungary Goddess of warriors and of the dawn. She baked her suitors. Hungary
God name "Xolotl" Aztec The god of lightning and a psychopomp who aided the dead on their journey to Mictlan, the afterlife. He also worked part time as the god of fire and of bad luck. Aztec
God name "Xolotl (monster)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Monstrous deity. He performed the role of executioner when the gods sacrificed themselves to create mankind. He then sacrificed himself. In alternative tradition he tried to evade his own fate, but was himself executed by EHECATL-QUETZALCOATL. Also one of a pair of twins in the group classed as the XIUHTECUHTLI complex, regarded as patron of the ball game....
Deity name "Xolotl Naaiahuatl (rumour)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Monstrous deity. One of the group classed as the XIUHTECUHTLI complex, described as a twin of XOLOTL and co-patron of ball games....
Demon name "Xom" Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
Demon name "Xoy" Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
Demon name "Xpa" Enochian A cacodemon. Enochian
Angel name "Xpaxn" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Angel name "Xpcn" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
"Xpiyacoc" Mayan This is the grandfather, this is the master of the coral seeds: Xpiyacoc is his name. Mayan
"Xpuch & Xtah" Maya The worlds first heavenly servants, prostitutes
"Xpuch and Xtah" Mayan And the two maidens, Xtah and Xpuch, were sent to the river, to the bathing place of Tohil, Avilix, and Hacavitz. This is what was decided by all the tribes. They went at once, well adorned, and they were truly very beautiful when they went there where Tohil was bathing, so that they would be seen, when they were washing. When they went, the lords were happy because they had sent their two daughters. Mayan
Angel name "Xrinh" Enochian A minor angel. Enochian
Goddess name "Xtabay" Maya A goddesses of seduction
Supreme god name "Xucau" Ossetians The supreme god of the Ossetians, who ruled over all the heavenly spirits.
King name "Xuthus" Greek A son of Hellen by the nymph Orseis, and a brother of Dorus and Aeolus. He was king of Peloponnesus, and the husband of Creusa, the daughter of Erechtheus, by whom he became the father of Achaeus and Ion (Apollodorus i). Greek
"Y" Greek Y, called the Pythagorean letter because the Greek letter upsilon was taken represent the sacred triad, formed by the duad proceeding from the monad; and also because it represents the dividing of the paths of vice and virtue in the development of human life.
God name "YAW (enemy)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Omnipotent god. A universal and generally malevolent deity. One of the group classed as the TEZ CATLIPOCA complex....
"Ya Rba" Nazorean Ya Rba - One of the names of the Great Sealing of the Mighty Sublime Life. Early Nazorean
Spirit name "Ya'china'ut (moon woman)" Koryak / southeastern Siberia moon spirit. The personification of the moon....
Spirit name "Ya'halan (cloud man)" Koryak / southeastern Siberia Guardian spirit. The son of the supreme being TENANTO'MWAN, his consort is YINE'ANE'UT. In alternative tradi tion he is the son of the supervisor being, INA'HITELAN. He is a protector of young couples, and youths beat a sacred drum invoking the spirit to turn the heart of a girl....
Spirit name "Ya'halna'ut" Koryak / southeastern Siberia Guardian spirit. Yajna (sacrifice)...
God name "Ya'qhicnin" Koryak / southeastern Siberia Creator god. The name given to the Christian god by the Koryaks to distinguish him from their own supreme being, TENANTO'MWAN....
God name "Yacacoliuhqui (curved nose)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor god of commerce and merchants. One of the group classed as the YACATECUHTLI complex....
Goddess name "Yacahuiztli (nose spine)" Aztec / Mesoamer ican / Mexico underworld goddess. With her consort YACATECUHTLI she engendered the night in Aztec cosmogony. One of the group classed as the MICTLANTE CUHTLI complex....
God name "Yacapitzahuac (sheep-nose)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico Minor god of commerce and merchants. One of the group classed as the YACATECUHTLI complex....
God name "Yacatecuhtli" Aztec He Who Goes Before, the patron god of commerce and travelers, especially merchant travelers. Aztec
God name "Yacatecuhtli (nose lord)" Aztec / Mesoamerican / Mexico God of commerce and merchants. Head of the group classed as the Yacatecuhtli complex....
Monster name "Yacu-mama" Indian Mother of waters. A fabulous sea-snake, fifty paces long and twelve yards in girth, said to lurk in the lagunes of South America, and in the river Amazon. This monster draws into its mouth whatever passes within a hundred yards of it, and for this reason an Indian will never venture to enter an unknown lagune till he has blown his horn, which the yacu-mama never fails to answer if it is within hearing. By this means the danger apprehended is avoided. South America
"Yadatan" Nazorean One of two beings who bequeath wings of glory and open heavenly doors for the ascending elect. See Adatan. Early Nazorean
"Yagastaa" Carrier Indians He who dwells on High is my father. He sent me down to help you because your village was so unhappy, your women always weeping for their lost children. The Carrier Indians
King name "Yagrenat" Hindu Yagrenat "Land of the king of the world," an Avatar of Vishnu. Hindu
Deity name "Yagute" Arabian A deity depicted in the form of a lion. Arabian
God name "Yah" Egypt moon god. Yah may have been an import to Egypt brought by Semitic immigrants who based his profile on the Mesopotamian god SIN. He is mentioned largely from the twentieth century BC onward and is depicted in human form, but can also be represented by the falcon and the ibis....
Angel name "Yaha-Yaha" Nazorean angels which come against those who send the evil eye against the Baptized. Early Nazorean
"Yahia-Yuhana" Nazorean John the Baptist. Early Nazorean
"Yahoo" s A savage; a very ill-mannered person. In Gulliver's Travels the Yahoos are described as brutes with human forms and vicious propensities. They are subject to the Houyhnhnms, or horses with human reason.
God name "Yakista" Athapascans The God of the sky and the Light. Athapascans
Spirit name "Yaksas" Hindu Tree spirits. Generic title for animistic beings mentioned circa fifth century BC by Panini....
Spirit name "Yaksha" Hindu Well-meaning natural spirits, guardians of buried treasure. Hindu
Deity name "Yalafath" Micronesia A mighty and benevolent deity, who sits in the sky and views placidly the work of his hands and the operations of the multitudes of kan (also called yan), or genii, mostly evil and malevolent, each busy in his own sphere of activity., Micronesia
God name "Yaldabaoth" Gnostic Christian Creator God. The so-called “prime parent” of Gnostic cosmogony, engendered by PISTIS SOPHIA out of the nothingness of chaos, provided with form and given charge over the substance of the cosmos. Yaldabaoth is, at first, unaware of the existence of Pistis Sophia and, by his own powers, engenders seven androgynous beings, placing them in seven heavens. He decrees himself alone and allpowerful, whereupon Pistis Sophia names him SAMAEL (blind god). Of his offspring, the most significant is SABAOTH, who stands against his father and on the side of Pistis Sophia. When she eventually reveals herself to Yaldabaoth as pure radiant light, he is humbled....
God name "Yaluk" Mayan The chief lightning god, and ruled over the lesser ones, such as Cakulha. Mayan
"Yaluz-Yaluz" Nazorean A Divine Being associated with Baptism and mentioned in the Nazorean Credo. "Joyful and Rejoicing" Early Nazorean
God name "Yam" Ugaritic Yamm, Ya'a, or Yaw, God of rivers and of the sea. In some myths he is one of the 'ilhm (Elohim) or sons of El. Ugaritic
King name "Yama" Hindu Son of the Sun, king of justice and the prince of the Patriarchen. As a judge of the underworld he sorts the souls of the dead and sends them to Swerga (the first sky), or Narak (the region of the queues). He owns a mirror of fire and golden scales, which show him the deeds of all men and weigh the souls of the dead. Hindu
Goddess name "Yama (1) (twin; alternatively the restrainer)" Hindu / Vedic God of death. The son of Vavasvan and Saranju, or of SURYA and SANJNA, his consort is DHUMORNA or YAMI. Yama is also the judge of the dead and the twin sibling of Yami, goddess of death. When KRSNA is perceived as the embodiment of the cosmos, his eye-teeth are Yama. He evolved into a dikpala or guardian of the southerly direction. His animal is a black buffalo. Color: black....
Deity name "Yama (2)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Guardian deity. One of a group of DHARMAPALA with terrible appearance and royal attire who guard the Dalai Lama. He stands upon a man. His colors may be red, blue, white or yellow. His attributes are most commonly a noose and staff, but may also be a club, a net, a shield, a sword, a trident and two tusks....
God name "Yama-No-Kami" Shinto / Japan mountain god. Specifically the deity who comes down to the rice paddies in spring and returns in autumn. The festival of Nolde-No-Shinji marks his descent....
Deities name "Yamadar Maraja" Hindu Collective name for the deities and spirits of the underworld. Hindu
"Yamadevtas" Hindu The servants of Yama, who escort sinners to Hell. The dying are looked up by two Yamadevtas and one messenger of Vishnu. Hindu
Goddess name "Yamaduti" Buddhist / Mahayana Messenger goddess. An attendant of YAMA. Her vehicle is a buffalo. Color: blue. Attributes: cup, fly whisk, knife and lotus....
God name "Yamandaga" Kalmuck One of the senior gods. Depicted with six hands, holding a scepter, a pair of ropes, two drinking vessels and an animal skin. Coloured blue with red palms and soles, he has snakes coiled around ankles and wrists and another forming a necklace; another necklace is made up of human heads. His crown is made of flowers and skulls. Kalmuck
"Yamanduga" Tibetan One of the Nadman-Dobshot, an emenation of Monsushari. He was changed into a horrible sight by Jakshiamuni so he could go against Tjotjitjalba. Yamanduga is depicted surrounded by flames, with a blue body, with ten heads, twenty horribly-beweaponed arms and twenty clawed feet dancing on a heap of tortured people. Tibetan
Deity name "Yamantaka (destroyer of Yama)" Buddhist - Lamaist / Tibet Guardian deity. An emanation of AKSOBHYA and one of a group of DHARMAPALA with terrible appearance and royal attire who guard the Dalai Lama. By tradition he stifled the great rage of YAMA. His SAKTI is Vidyadhara. He is also a dikpala or guardian of the easterly direction. He tramples a number of creatures including a man, and possesses thirty-two arms and sixteen legs. Color: red, blue, black or white. Attributes: many....
Deities name "Yamari (enemy of Yama)" Buddhist / Vajrayana God. Probably influenced by the Hindu deities SIVA and YAMA. His vehicle is a buffalo, his color red and his attributes a club, a cup, a noose and a staff....
Deity name "Yamba" Nigeria Yemba. The supreme deity of the Kulu. Nigeria
"Yambe" Norse The queen of the underworld. Norse
"Yambuvan" Hindu An Avatar of Brahma in the form of a huge bear. In the war against Ravana, Yambuvan led an army of bears to Ceylon. Hindu
Goddess name "Yami" Hindu / Epic / Puranic Mother goddess. One of seven SAKTIS who in later Hinduism became regarded as of evil intent. Also CAMUNDA....
God name "Yamm" Ugarit A god of the sea
Deities name "Yamm" Semitic God of the ocean. A Syrian deity who is mentioned briefly in an Egyptian papyrus as an extortioner of tribute from other deities....
God name "Yamulla" Baltic A field God who received the souls of the faithful. His wooden statues stood in many places, and received sacrifices for the god in bowls made for that purpose. Baltic Sea coast
Goddess name "Yamuna" Hindu Minor river goddess. A daughter of SURYA and SANJNA and the sister of YAMA. She is described in Puranic texts and associated with the river Yamuna on which lies the city of Mathura. Color: blue....
Goddess name "Yamunia" Hindu River goddess of the eponymous tributary to the Ganges. Hindu
King name "Yang" China Is the brighter element; it is active, light, masculine, upward-seeking and corresponds to the day. Yin is often symbolized by water or earth, while Yang is symbolized by fire, or wind. China
Goddess name "Yang Chen" Buddhist Goddess of learning and teaching Buddhist
King name "Yang Dag Rgyal Po" Tibet The power-granting king and an epithet of the wish-fulfilling gem. Tibet
God name "Yangombi" Bantu God of creation Bantu
Goddess name "Yanguang Pusa" China Goddess of healing and eyes China
Goddess name "Yansa" Brazil Goddess of fire Brazil
God name "Yanwang" China God of death China
"Yao" Jewish The name of the demiurge in Gnostic scripture.
"Yao-Shih Fwo" China The Buddha of Medicine of the Master of Healing. China
Goddess name "Yaparamma" India Goddess of commerce. India
"Yaqhucnin" Siberia The supreme being and creator. Siberia
God name "Yarikh" Canaan God of the moon. Canaan
God name "Yarilo" Slavic God of fertility. Slavic
God name "Yaro" Kafa / Ethiopia Creator god. A sky god to whom sacrifice is still possibly enacted on hill tops and river banks in rural areas. Became largely syncretized with the Christian god. Also Yero....
God name "Yarovit" Slavic God of victory. Slavic
God name "Yarris" Hittite God of pestilence. Hittite
"Yasi" Bolivia The great chief was named Yasi (Moon), and he had a child. One day, a Jaguar was playing rough with the child, and bit it too hard on the head. The young child died, and when Yasi heard of his child's death, he wanted some answers. Yasi wanted to know who murdered his precious child, but none of the animals would tell. Yasi became so angry that he stretched the necks ofthe howler monkeys, put spines on the backs of porcupines, twisted the feet of the ant eaters, and threw the tortoise down so hard, that it could no longer walk fast. Bolivia
Goddess name "Yasodhara (preserving glory)" Buddhist Goddess. The daughter of Dandapani and the consort of the BUDDHA before he attained his full status....
"Yataa aka Yatala" Sierra Leone The Source of All Being who uses the chameleon as a messenger.